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Pontiac Solstice New Owners Reports



  • rosey6rosey6 Posts: 4
    We live in Iowa and the Solstice sat in the garage last winter and will again this winter. I did drive it in the snow a couple of times just because I got caught out and it started to snow, it held the road OK on my short (2 mile) drive home. I was a nervous wreck!!! This car is so low that if you had much snow or had to drive before the roads were plowed I think you would be in trouble.
  • marpmarp Posts: 1
    I'm in the same situation as Ken. Live in Michigan and my wife is crazy about the GXP. The obvious main concern is the rear wheel drive and handling in the snow/ice... Any other brave MI Solstice owners out there with opinions/experience?
  • I live in Indiana and drive my GXP year-round. There are 4 or 5 days during the winter when I have to park it and take my 1980 K-10. The biggest issue is ground clearance or lack thereof. The ice/slush builds up in the center of the road from normal traffic and hammers the front valence. 3 or more inches of snow is pretty much the max it will take.
    With rain, I drop my speed about 10 MPH and watch for standing water. I do stay dry inside however, even with heavy downpours.
  • Exterior accent fender vent covers and backup light covers.

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