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Ford Explorer Electrical Problems



  • ahoronahoron Posts: 30
    Don't know about the 03. But if it is a pedal try to lift the pedal up Had a similar problem on a 1998 the pedal just wasn't coming all the way up when you release the brake.
  • The switch is located on front of engine, drivers side. A little above and left(drivers side) of crankshaft pulley. Wire harness comes down front of engine and single wire branches off to sensor. Sort of hidden behind lower radiator hose.
  • The O/D off light started blinking on the dash cluster. There is no problem with the Tranny, it runs in OD rather well. Please help me solve this problem. Thanks
  • I have a 97 XLT and I want to purchase the Information Message Center Console. Is this compatiable for the XLT, and will the console plugs work on this model. Help Thanks
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That is your warning light telling you that your transmission is in trouble. It may not act funny now, but it will go out soon if you don't service it NOW!!! Trust me, I know what I'm talking about, and you probably only have about 500 miles left before it starts slipping.....
  • bitt1bitt1 Posts: 2
    I've had this problem for quite a while. When in 2WD, 4x4 lights will blink in unison and power windows won't work. This may happen several times and then everything is fine. Recently I've heard a short bzzz in the dashboard and then the 4x4 lights start blinking and windows don't work. I've read several posts about the 4x4 blinking issue, and many relate it to an actuator motor or GEM module, however nothing about the windows. Maybe a short somewhere or a bad ground? Any ideas?
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    while wife was driving, get rid of that part.
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    My 04 Explorer, at one time 5000 mile ago the ABS light was solid and the 4x4 light was blinking, then went away never happened again, last summer my power windows didn't work unless you keep messing with the window buttons over and over and then they work fine. Then when it gets cold out engine makes noise, but then went away. All these problems self corrected and I have never been to the dealer. Same with my ranger, fords are self correcting just give them time to heal.
  • grizzantgrizzant Posts: 1
    I have the same deal with my 97 Explorer, the voltmeter just dropped, radio went dead, and the interior lights dimmed while i was driving, i havent tried turning the A/c on though. let me know what you find out.

  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk with consumers who have had issues with their batteries going dead for unexplained reasons. Please reply to no later than Tuesday, March 13, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • derelddereld Posts: 1
    you have to go into the dashboard computer.
    >system reset first
    >system setup second
    >says new oil?
    >hold reset when you see it
    >takes a few trys to get it but it does work.
    Dont disconnect the battery it messes with the computer!
  • Just recently. 1992 ford explorer xlt 4x4. the o/d stopped working. When I took it to the Transmission shop, they were adament that I needed a rebuilt. Can the o/d just be fixed? need help asap as I am moving.

  • jmacnjrjmacnjr Posts: 1
    I was got a message center from a junk yard and thought it would work with my XLT. As it turned out the XLTs do not have the proper wiring harness to hook up the message center. However there may be a way to hot wire this baby into the vehicles computer system. My vehicle is a 96 Ford Explorer XLT with a 5.0 engine all wheel drive. Hope this helps.
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Posts: 10
    Did you ever resolve problem, my 2006 Explorer is cutting out and same deal Ford cannot find codes.This is becoming quite scary.Has been happening since Feb 2007
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Posts: 10
    Did you ever resolve my 2006 Explorer has been cutting out since Feb 07, getting quite scary and no codes coming up when I take to Ford.
    They rewired the alarm system 2 days ago thinking that may be the problem, but it has cut out twice since.
  • no we did not, nothing could be seen. We don't drive the Explorer anymore, it sits out front. A pity really but the resale value isn't that great because of the gas prices right now. Good luck with yours.
  • hjshadowhjshadow Posts: 2
    Yes, the Ford dealership replaced the throttle and then reprogrammed the computer and it has not happened since. Maybe they could try that?
  • tharrisontharrison Posts: 2
    95 Ford Explorer,When starting motor interior lights turn off correctly upon ignition, when turning engine off, interior lighting stays on & wind up disconnecting battery until next use, ignition switch is new. what can I do?
  • vurbanicvurbanic Posts: 1
    If this happens've got problems. I was off to an out of town wedding when this occured. There were no strange noises so I decided to continue (about a two hour drive) and tend to it when I got there. Wen I got was too late. I ended up with a rebuilt tranny from a cost of about 5 grand!!!
  • One night,driving home from work,just as I got on to the highway,the windows and the radio was working,then all of a sudden,the radio went out,and then when i went to put the windows down,that wasn't working.The next day,I changed the Fuses,and it still doesn't work-what's the deal with that?
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