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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I know that you are really proud of that luxurious back seat that your truck has. I'm happy for you.

    For me, the size of the back seat was not that big of a deal. I needed a truck - not an SUV. I have not had any complaints from any of my passengers. If they don't like my wheels, they can walk.(The ingrates!)

    I considered all full size trucks before buying my Tundra. I drove a Chevy but it had lots of wind and road noise - numerous rattles, clunks and other noises and it was somewhat sluggish off of the line. Once rolling it was fine - but it seemed to have no grunt down low. I like vehicles that have a lot of low end torque. The Tundra even though it is a smaller engine had much more low end torque. Drive one - you'll see.

    The salesman told me the rattles, clunks and wind noise were normal - "They all do that." I also did not like the cheesy plastic interior - cheap looking. It did have a nice back seat though.

    Here are my reasons for choosing the Tundra:

    1) I did not like the styling of the Chevy. If I wanted a pickup with 3 box, '70s styling - I would buy a '70s truck - not a new one. In the Chevies case a '70s truck would be higher quality and more reliable.

    2) I did not like the fact that Chevy was ranked 26th in initial quality by J.D. Powers. If I wanted a truck with Hyundai quality - I would want to pay Hyundai prices. I think the Chevy is probably worth about 15 - 20K to me. It must be worth more to you - you paid it.

    3) Consumer reports is already ranking the '99 Silverado as a used vehicle to avoid. The ranked the 2000 as -90% predicted reliability - off of their charts. They ranked the 4WD even worse if that is possible.

    4) The engine in the Tundra has been in production for 9 years. It is out of the Landcruiser - a proven bulletproof vehicle.

    The Silverado was a first year engine - and we all know Chevies track record with new designs. Chevy saves money by trying out their new designs on the unsuspecting truck buyer. Their engines were redesigned after two full years of production to stop knocking when cold due to excessive main bearing clearances. Typical Chevy lack of quality.

    5) The Tundra front seats had more room and felt more comfortable (I have captains chairs - highly recommended). I sit in the front seats - not the back.

    6) Toyotas reputation for quality. The Tundra won the J.D. Powers award for initial quality in full size pickups. This was in their first year of production. The '96 Toyota T100 won J.D Powers 2000 award for most dependable full size pickup. This was the result of a 5 year study. Quite a contrast with Chevy.

    I have nothing against Chevy - if they ever build a full size truck with Toyota levels of quality and reliability - I might consider one. Judging by the current Silverados they ought to have all of the major bugs worked out in 4 or 5 years. They are heavily bracing the flimsy frame this year. Maybe they can get it to run without knocking on regular gas next year. Of course, by they will then come out with a new model even worse than the current one.

    Maybe Chevy will continue on their current course and go bankrupt or be bought out by Toyota in a few years. That would be nothing but good for the quality of their trucks. I hope this doesn't happen because then we would be talking of Ford being the only domestic auto maker left. That would be a shame.

    There is only so far that Chevy can string along their zealots. Todays truck buyers do not expect business as usual. They expect quality. They don't want to become intimately familiar with the service department of their local Chevy dealer.

    Good Luck with your Silverado. If it were me - I would sell it quick before the word gets out about the consumer reports rating. That can't be good for your resale. Maybe some sap will buy it because it has a big back seat.
  • Its getting deep in here!
  • Good luck on this one now!
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Well I guess about the only thing we agree on is the bike rack!! Maybe you tested a bad chevy, I am happy with the performance of mine. Pulling from a stop light today - up ahead about 1/4 block the lanes went from 3 down to 2. The guy in the next lane in his Lexus SC thought he would cut me off. I hammered the gas - not only burns rubber in 1st but also got a good squeal when I hit second gear. The locker kicked in and the Lexus was in my rear view. Does the Lexus have a limited slip or was all that squealing coming from just one tire? The Lexus finally did catch up - I let off at 50MPH - and let him - he looked a little bit embarrassed. AS he went by I noticed it was the SC400 - I assumed it would be an SC300. But then who knows maybe he had 2,000 pounds of golf clubs in his trunk.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    If you were planning on writing a Masters dissertation, you could hide it as it is excessively long with a couple of repetitions.

    Quote “1) I did not like the styling of the Chevy. If I wanted a pickup with 3 box, '70s styling - I would buy a '70s truck - not a new one. In the Chevies case a '70s truck would be higher quality and more reliable.”

    I guess you no longer wear Angel flight pants and tie dyed tshirts. LOL!!
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    When I changed my oil in my Tundra, I used plastic grocery bags (brought home in the Chevy of course) to catch the oil and filter. Just take about 3 and put them inside each other and then put them around the entire oil filter, then twist it off. I didn't spill a drop.
  • dman9dman9 Posts: 4
    I only got 16mpg on my first tank with my 2wd tundra. do you really get ~19mpg? What should I look at if this continues? Did anyone else get the "metallic" color. It was raining when I bought the truck and I thought it was grey, now it looks like there is a hint of purple in the truck, who the f would buy a purple truck? I'm thinking of painting it already!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    bama, you just blew it! Its obvious you know nothing about trucks or hp/torque curves. The Tundra doesn't have more low end torque than a Ford/Dodge/Chevy. But, I find this with most Toyota owners, they look at one thing only, HP.
    Tundra doesn't even have an LSD! Keep telling yourself the backseats don't matter, maybe they will get bigger.. they do matter, they are uncomforable.
  • dman9dman9 Posts: 4
    did anyone else get the cd/tape package? CDs that don't skip in my crappy cd player in my Acura, skip in this player.
  • Good luck on this one now!
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Dman, what color is your truck supposed to be? What year is it? If it's a 2000, you're probably talking about platinum, which looks silver but has a tint of blue in it. In 2001, platinum was replaced by silver sky, which is more gray without the blueish tint.

    Vince8, I don't know exactly what the hp and torque curves are for the trucks, but I know the plenum on the Tundra gives it more low end torque than a normal DOHC 4 valve engine. You say most Toyota owners go by horsepower? So when I was shopping for a truck, I automatically go for the one with the least hp? Chevy w/5.3L-285 hp; Ford w/5.4L-260 hp; Dodge w/5.9L-245 hp; Tundra w/4.7L-245 hp. It would look to me like the Chevy has the most power of them all. Torque matters a lot too. But the most important to me is drag race times. In any magazine you find, the Tundra will be one of the fastest trucks against the big 3's. If an LSD rear differential is so important to you, there are aftermarket companies that make them for the Tundra. Also, the Supercharged TRD Tundra seen at the SEMA Auto Show has an LSD, so I'm sure it's on its way to production. About the backseats, I usually sit in the front seat to drive the truck.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    What about your passengers rooster? Dont you have any feelings for them?

  • dman9dman9 Posts: 4
    it's a 2001, I guess it's silver sky, it is definately grey at certain angles, but at other angles and light it looks somewhat purple. It just pisses me off because when I bought it it was raining and the salesman assured me it was grey. I also can't stand the cd player that came with it, all my cd's skip. I'm also thinking about buying the flair sides separate, do you know where I can get those other than the dealer?
  • Sounds like ya got tricked into gettin that limited one for sure. That factory be trickin lots of folks on em, this just be the way it is with em. Best trade on up too a big3 one quick, get ya one with some haul in it. Good luck on this one now!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I give up!
  • dman9dman9 Posts: 4
    what about the flair sides? Is there anywhere I can get those cheaper than the dealer
  • It's manifestly obvious from post #471, Bama is still recounting his ballots, and he will continue recounting his ballots until he gets the outcome he wants, a full size truck!
  • Engine in the '99 Silverado was not a first year engine. It descended from the LS1 in the 97 C5, (Corvette 345 hp), and the 98 thru current F-bodys, Camaro, Firebird.
  • Those engines are all aluminum. For truck duty, GM went to cast iron block with 6 bolt mains, aluminum heads. Strike the chord Bob Seger, Silverado...THE TRUCK!
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    6 bolt mains with incorrect bearing clearances causing cold engine knock.
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