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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sorry about the delay in responding. I must have goofed on the subscription function.

    As far as I know, the 2002 will be pretty much unchanged. Current rumor is that we will have a second, more powerful V8 coming within the next two years but I have no details. I'll post them here when I lean more.

    I also suspect we will have a double cab but that is only a guess and not something I've heard from official sources. I would doubt we will get a longer frame before the new engine is out.
  • Tginoc, they do build a 4x4 Regular cab Tundra. I have sold 4 of them since 2001 models were built so far. I order build them for folks and they arrive within about 90 days. It can be done.

    (the same Dianne with
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    I have a question about the Tundra's stainless steel exhaust. How come it rusts? I do know about the different grades of stainless. A stainless with a grade such as 430, is magnetic and will rust. A 304 grade is not magnetic and won't rust. Does the Tundra have the higher grade stainless? Mine is rusting, but I don't blame it for all the salt and water it gets hit with. For a comparison, I looked at a brand new 2001 Ford F-250 dually at the local Ford dealer today. It had a nice price tag of $41,900. I looked at the exhaust and it was rusting all over. Just wondering.
  • amyg1amyg1 Posts: 1
    I have tentatively worked out a deal to purchase a 2000 Tundra V8 4x4 with 6,000 miles for $24,300.00. This is more than Edmunds guide says I should pay but significantly less than the prices I am seeing in the classifieds. What do you think of the price? I am also trading in a 1990 4 Runner V4 4x4 with 193,000 miles and significant rust. I just had to put $1000 in it to replace the rear brake line. The same dealer wants to give me $900.00 as trade in on the Tundra. This is less than Edmunds trade-in amount when I entered info on the poor condition and high miles. What do you think of the trade-in amount? I am signing papers on Wednesday and would appreciate feedback from anybody before then. amyg1
  • duckcallerduckcaller Posts: 107
    I traded a 1990 4Runner with 98,000 miles on it for a 2000 Tundra - they gave me 7,000 on the trade in, but my 4Runner was a V6, loaded and in perfect condition. I "negotiated" (if you can call it that) a final price of 28,750 for my 2000 Tundra V8 Limited 4x4 with a small handful of options. Tundras just don't have a lot of negotiating room because the novelty is still there.

    900 dollars seems low to me unless the 4Runner is in terrible shape - though you did say "V-4" and I'd assume it was a 4x2. 24,300 seems to be a reasonable (not great) price on the Tundra IF it's free of all dings, scratches, etc... that is, IF it looks like new.

    900 dollars is not worth messing around with the dealer over (in terms of a monthly payment). You could certainly do better selling it yourself - take your time and somebody would probably give you more.

    I'd say close the deal on the Tundra and sell the 4Runner yourself.
  • I agree with duckcaller -- selling yourself will always net you more, but it sounds like he lowballed you even more than normal. Kelley book trade-in value ought to be at least $2000. If you can't get him up, sell it yourself.

    However, look around and see if you can still find a NEW 2000 Tundra. I just bought a new 2000 V8 4x4 Tundra LTD for $26.5K (MSRP $31.2K). I just made him an offer assuming $2200 depreciation ($1500 per year) taken from invoice price (approx $28K).

    For some good car buying/selling advice, visit
  • frankno1frankno1 Posts: 68
    Was over at the Toyota dealer this morning getting a refund on my 75,000 mile warranty policy and was in the business offfice talking to the accountants. I told them I did not want to trade my Tundra off for a larger truck but it would not pull a reasonable size trailer (7000#). He told me I should have waited because Toyota was coming out with a one-ton diesel this next year. Well this was news to me and I have looked all over this internet for Toyota upgrades and have never found one. Its to late now as I had already taken delivery on a F250 Ford with a V10. Sometime being secretive can also hurt you.
    I don't know if what he told me was true but it sounded good. Keep on trucking.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The dealer was messing with you. I know that Toyota is developing a larger gas V8 which should be out in about 2 years but have heard nothing about a diesel. I also asked my district manager about a 3/4 ton and he hasn't heard anything about that, but I wouldn't rule it out with the bigger engine.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    From what I have read here on Edmunds many Tundra owners got a better deal than the one you are considering on a new truck. (or so they claim).

    If you are financing the deal be careful - the interest rate on a used car (truck) loan will be higher than the rate on a new truck loan. Which means you could pay more for a new one and your payment would be about the same. Based on the way you are being treated I would guess they will also try to screw you on the interest rate.

    Why does someone buy a new truck and then trade it in after only 6,000 miles? Always makes me wonder. Was it a lemon? Did it have the shake problem? or maybe the owner could not afford the payments. The only way I would buy a truck with 6,000 miles is if the deal was very good, for the price you are being ask to pay you may as well get a new one.
  • horsegalhorsegal Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a Tundra. I was planning on getting a Ford truck, but my husband (my mechanic) wants me to get a Toyota. I am worried about towing my 2 horse trailer with 2 horses with a Tundra. Have been driving my 3/4 ton Chevy since 1985, but need a new truck now! Most of the time I drive on country roads without towing, but need to tow up to the mountains in summer. Any ideas from horse people?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The Tundra will pull a 7000 lb load as well as any other 1/2 ton pickup. It sounds like you really wanted a 3/4 ton.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Tundra will handle a 2 horse trailer quite well. It isn't a 3/4 ton truck and shouldn't be used for one but I suspect your total trailer weight should come in under 5000 pounds and the 1/2 ton Tundra will handle that with no problems. The Tundra should also be much more comfortable during your normal driving without the trailer.
  • frankno1frankno1 Posts: 68
    I really wanted a Tundra and bought one, but what I really needed was a 3/4 or 1 ton you are right. I loved the Tundra because of the smooth engine quiet and comfortable ride and no maintenance problems. But GVCR was 11,800 lbs and right now I am bumping 14,500 lbs and I decided there wasn't any use in destroying a perfectly good truck by overloading and burning it out. Pleasant dreams to all and to all a good night. Woops is not XMAS yet.
  • Over 500 posts- wow... I am looking to buy a '01 Tundra 4x4 SR5 with convenience package. Some one back me up, or set me straight. I don't plan on towing much or hauling tons of stuff. Just your normal day to day driving to work and weekend homeowner's chores. TRD package worth anything? Am I going down the right path? Tundra owners let me know and tell me what sold you! Other sites out there to help?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I personally like the TRD package, even if you are not doing any off roading. I lust think you get better tires and shocks, plus the fog lights are nice.

    I'll give you one other site to check out but a word of caution is in order. is a great source for Tundra owners and shoppers. There are hundreds of people who post there who are very happy with their trucks. There are a few who are not. Even some of the happy ones have had a few problems. This site is a resource for Tundra owners to resolve some of those problems.
  • markg92markg92 Posts: 21
    You'll be happy with any of the 1/2 tons out there, at least initially. If you are concerned about your truck lasting more than 3 years, most discussion groups place Dodge dead last, followed in order by GM, and Ford, with Toyota at the top. I've owned them all and I agree. Buy yourself a Tundra TRD -- you'll be very happy with it.
  • toddstocktoddstock Posts: 268
    I bought a brand new 2000 Tundra 4x4 V-8 Access Cab... Has bedliner, tape and cd player, running boards, the alloy wheels, automatic everything, sliding rear window, upgraded battery,heater.... Doesnt have the TRD... I traded in my 1999 Honda Odyssey with 30k on it for 25,800... I only paid 26,500 for it in 99, but I paid the full MSRP of 29,500 for the truck.. Think that was a good deal? I am very happy with it... I have 900 miles on it and I got almost 19mpg... Does anyone that has gotten a bed cover for it have any recommendation's... Not sure if I should go hard or soft, or what brand to get... Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.. Also, wanted to get a bug guard for it, but the toyota one looks really crappy on it... Anyone find a bug guard you like that look's good on it? TIA
  • I am considering buying a 5 speed v6 Tundra access cab. Anyone have one? Happy? How many miles per gallon?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I would suggest getting the V8 auto. The price difference in the two trucks is not that much, the resale will be better, and if you later decide you need more payload/towing capacity - you will be set.

    The V8 runs like a watch, is torquey and runs like a bat out of He**. You will not be disappointed.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    "I am considering buying a 5 speed v6 Tundra access cab. Anyone have one? Happy? How many miles per gallon?"

    I have a 5 speed regular cab. It averages between 16 to 20 miles to a gallon. It averages 11.5 to 13.8 when towing my camping trailer. The price difference is close between the V6 and the V8 access cab models as bamatundra said above. However, if you want the manual, I would get the V6. If you plan to tow(over 4800 lbs.)in the future, I would spend the extra money and get the V8. However, if extreme towing is not in your future, I would get the V6. You may have a slight problem in finding one though. My V6 model was a no-brainer when I bought mine in July 99. I paid 16,300 for it.
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