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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    You are the proud owner of possibly the worst '99 Chev pickup ever built (over 4 months in the shop). You are not a Tundra owner.

    Now you are posting about Tacomas. Could you please attempt to stay on topic? Thanks.
  • According to the omniscient and infallible obyone, anybody who says a good thing about a Toyota must be lying or stretching the truth.

    I don't remember being asked any questions about a one star rating. If that's what my Truck has, so be it. I would still rather have a go-fourwheeling-anywhere workhorse of a truck that keeps going forever, refusing to die than your full size Chev in the shop.

    Just curious, how much towing did you do before your truck rolled over and died on you?

    Hey, I'll take a truck that can only do light towing over one that does NO towing, MUAHAHAHAAA!

    Seems to me like the Tundra owners are just as happy with their trucks as the Tacoma owners. Maybe you're so sour because of buyer's remorse.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Was anyone writing to you or asked for your off topic opinion? Reply when asked to dude. Other than that, what relevance has your post got to do with the topic? What a lamer.


    Your truck will continue to go as you say as long as its not impacted from the side. In which case the truck and you will most likely, and this is according to the NHTSA, have a 26% or greater chance of serious injury. Where a serious injury is considered to be one requiring immediate hospitalization and may be life threatening. Denial won't help you on this one. Continuing to drive your truck knowing this....well that says a lot about you, doesn't it?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Just a reminder, you are STILL posting about Tacomas in a Tundra topic. Shouldn't you go to a Chevy Lemons topic? You would be quite an expert there. Have a nice day.
  • And your never-ending praise for a truck that's already spent 4 months in the shop and received the industry's worst reliability/build quality issues certainly says a lot about you.

    Hey Einstein, since you are hooked on safety, here's something to consider. I would be worried sick if my wife and kid were driving in a POS Chevy (like yours) which may break down at any moment, leaving them stranded and at the mercy of others.

    If you want to continue your pathetic and comical attempt to bash Tacomas, why not go to the Tacoma boards?
  • Again, since you are so hooked on safety, why doesn't the Chevy's pitiful brakes have you concerned? Loaded Tundras outbraking empty Chevys? Amazing, especially considering the Chev has disk brakes on all corners, versus Tundra's rear drums. Wow, yet another wonderful option Toyota doesn't offer yet!

    I guess the fact you don't care about brakes also says a lot about you, Mr. Safety.

    Amazing you can't see the forest in the trees.
  • Pleading for forfeiture already? Just because you're losing the argument?

    Quad, you surrender faster than a French general in WWII.

    By the way, I estimate that there are more satisfied Tundra owners than Chev owners, based on the numbers I find in the classified ads. Everybody and their brother is unloading their new Chevrolet. Also, during these harder economic times, Toyota is enjoying an INCREASE in its truck sales. The domestics are experiencing a decrease. Yup, it's times like these when people become smarter consumers.
  • This board has lost all vestiges of usefullness to me. I've come to this discussion hoping to find comments by Tundra owners about their trucks. If I want to hear Tundra bashing, I'll go to one the many discussions that thrive on it. This is not the place. I'll look elsewhere for information. This inane bickering is ridiculous.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Unfortunately there are no Tundra topics which aren't continually bashed by a few unhappy Chev owners. I think they feel threatened by a high quality, reliable truck.

    When I go to Chev topics, I don't see Tundra owners there bashing Chevs.

    It is too bad that this topic couldn't be just Tundra owners rating their trucks. I have suggested that posts remain on topic to no avail. Oh well!

    I suggest going to for Tundra info without all of the inane bashing.
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    i may not have anything to add here, but why are you always antagonizing also state that you don't ever post in a chevy topic, but yet you did so a few days ago. not that your info about ABS was valid, but even so, everyone is entitled to post in any topic. just once, it would be nice to read through a series of posts (whether they be chevy or toyota) without the usual harassment of others.
    thank you in advance.
  • What TUNDRA bashing?

    You CAN have Tundra info right here. For example, you can talk about the safety recall affecting more than 70,000 2000-2001 Tundras for defective trailer wiring/brake controllers. Or you can talk about the TSB for warping rotors and defective drum brakes. You can talk about the progress Toyota has made addressing past omissions, like limited slip differential, or present omissions, like 4 wheel disc brakes, and towing equipment.

    Unfortunately, YOU constantly compare your truck to the Chevy Silverado, which YOU constantly bash in THIS topic because it's the best full size out there, the object of your revile. If you weren't distracted by full size envy, you would be able to stay on topic, rating your Tundra to your hearts content.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The post I made to the Chev topic was made in an effort to be helpful. The person who I was responding to thanked me for my assistance.

    Read some of the posts from non-Tundra owners to this topic. Most of them have nothing to do with the topic and are written purely to antagonize Tundra owners.

    I will be the first to admit that I have been extremely critical of Chev pickups. The posts that I made were in the Big3 vs. Tundra topic which was an appropriate place to post. That topic was cancelled because some posters insisted on personal attacks.

    If a few non-Tundra owners weren't in here posting bashes, they wouldn't have anything to get their feelings hurt about.

    I am like you - I would like to read through a series of posts to this topic without the usual harassment of others.
  • I see your point, but why not say it to O.B. also??? I don't get it, only directing it to one part of the conversation...

    I must say, I have know complaints with my Tundra... It has never been in the shop, and if it was, you can be darn sure I wouldn't be praising it...

    Hope all is well in Truckland...
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    but if the email address isn't avail., then i had no choice but to say it here. Obyone has his email address in view, so i did email him.

    to stay on topic though, i do value opinions about the tundra, and i hope at some point in time, that toyota gives the buyer more choices to the configurations.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    Anyone heard from Duckshooter lately?
    I hope you are still with us. And I hope everything is alright and you made it through the attack on the Pentagon without a scratch. Let us know.
    What a way to start a new job.

  • Thanks for worrying David - as my luck would have it, because of a meeting in another office, I happened to be right at ground zero when the plane hit... though one ring in, one floor up and about 100 feet over. It hit at a slight angle that nearly took the plane directly under our feet. Had my meeting been on the 1st or 2d floors ... well, there'd be one less Tundra owner to post here!

    As it was, we were tossed around a bit - felt like the floor was going to collapse under us. Fortunately the whole area where the plane hit was recently renovated and strengthened. Nobody that was in the meeting with me was hurt in the least... everybody got out safely. That area is all gone now from the fire and collapse.

    As you can imagine, we're pretty busy right now working on opening a can of wuppass... President Bush stopped by today to rally the bunch of us, but I couldn't get away to see him. We'll give it all we got.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    Thank God you are alright. I hadn't seen any posts from you since the attack, and I was praying that all was well with you.

    We lost the Tundra vs. Big 3 topic so I was looking for another topic that you might be looking at if you were still with us. Glad I found it, and glad you are alright.

    Recent events sure puts those Tundra vs. Silverado debates in perspective.......meaningless.

    So get the can opener ready buddy, you got my support.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You are correct in your last post. It was ALWAYS meaningless. Duckshooter, I'm glad you made it through intact. My deepest sympathy goes out to those that didn't.

    Bamatundra and Pluto-

    I responded to a challenge posted by Pluto and had not posted in this topic for 8 days prior to that. Can you figure the reason why?

    #777 of 796 For some good posts, read #15 and #18 (obyone, that goes for you too) by plutonious Sep 16, 2001 (11:51 am)
    Here are two prior Ford and Chevy guys who actually know what they're talking about and do some heavy towing. Anybody who says Toyotas can't be worked has their head in the sand.

    Obyone, I'd appreciate an intelligent argument from you for once. Let's see you rebuke those guys. Looks like you're out of your league...

    I could really care less that you drive something less than fullsized OR a truck with a one star sideimpact rating. I wouldn't/couldn't let any family member drive a truck with a one star side impact rating. One of the mechanics at the Chevy dealership was tboned in his Tacoma. He said the only thing that saved his life was the nerf bars. Had it not been for the nerfs, in his opinion, he wouldn't be here today. As it was he suffered severe back injuries and was out of work for 9 months. He now drives a '00 2500 Silverado.

    Don't really care what you post regarding your truck. Just remember that you know about the trucks one star rating. Regardless of my trucks past service record, my concious is clear and we know which truck is safer to be in if there was an accident. Your argument is a moot point. There is no discussion regarding safety issues. IF the NHTSA gave the silverado a one star rating for anything, the truck would be history in a heartbeat. Is there something about safety that you don't understand? Cause I for one don't understand why you continue to drive a truck with that kind of safety rating?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I seem to notice that Bamatundra is the resident troll. Everything mellowed after that fateful day. Posts here were at a minimum and between Pluto and Bama, another war seemed to have started here. To me, that says a lot about those two.

    Test drove a 1500HD, hopefully, Toyota can make something similar. If they do, I'd seriously consider buying one cause by that time I'll have at least 100K miles on my current one.
  • Glad to hear you're ok after the attacks. I was not aware you were at the Pentagon. Thanks for your service and be safe Duck.
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