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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • I am planning on purchasing a 4 door pickup and I am looking at the Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150, or Chevy Silverado.
    Does anyone have any helpful information about the 4 door Toyota Tundra?
    We have a 1989 Toyota pickup that has almost 250,000. We have never had any trouble with it, but it is just not big enough for our family. I just usually drive it to/from work.
    We have 2 young children and an looking for something big enough for the 4 of us, with plenty of leg room. My husband is pushing for a Toyota Sienna van, but I really want a 4 door pickup.

    Just looking for some helpful information about the 4 door Toyota Tundra.
  • I just recently traded my 2004 Sienna for a four door dual cab Tundra. My main reason for the trade was the tires on the Sienna, which were the worst tires I have ever owned, Bridgstone Turenzas, 17". Only 24000 Km. and were worn out, also the poorest traction tires, I beleive Tirerack rates them 30th out of 32. Could not find a suitable replacement as very few tire manufacturers made the tire size required. I understand their maybe some more available now. Yes I would buy a Sienna again, once the tire manufactures catch on the demand for the tire size. I like my dual cab Tundra and since we have a cottage and a boat the cargo bed for carrying things is appreciated. I rarely used the third row seats in the Sienna and they were folded down most of time. I have a six foot 15 year old and he thinks there is more room in the back seats of the Tundra then what was in the Sienna. Since the Tundra is a v8 it sure uses a lot more gas, but I expected that. The traction was very good considering the terrable tires but the AWD on the Tundra has been a blessing with this past winter. Cosmectically the Sienna's interior is much more modern and appealing as the Tundra needs to be brought up to date ie. automatic climate control, electrophonic and dimming mirrors, gated gear shift intregrated into the centre consal, auto up and down window etc. If you need seating for more then five the Sienna is the way to go. It comes down to personal requirements. Test drive both and this may help make your mind up as the Sienna in my opinion has made great strides in the mini van segment and is a great vehicle. You cannot go wrong with either the Sienna or the dual cab Tundra. Hope this helps in some way.
  • surfdogsurfdog Posts: 2
    Hello I am searching for an 05 Tundra Access Cab 4X4 Limited.The dealer here in Northern Calif. says they are not available.Not made. All the on line & print literature shows it as an option.I want the leather seats etc, & dont want a double.
    Anyone know if there is another state that has em?
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    There's plenty of 05 Tundra Access Cab 4X4 in Southern California. You may want to look up Longo Toyota (the largest Toyota dealer in the nation). They are in LA.

    Ok, do I get a $50 finders fee?
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Anyone know the pricing and details of this new option? It has leather seats, 18 or 20 inch chrome wheels, among other stuff. Edmunds doesn't have anything on it yet. I've seen lots of commercials on TV here in Orlando. has some info. if you go through their "build it" links. And there's some basic info. about it at
  • surfdogsurfdog Posts: 2
    There are plenty of Access Cab 4X4s here too but not the "Limited".Dealers here in Ca. are apparently offering only the SR5. The nice options such as limited w/leather buckets and Navigation are only available in the double cab.I don't understand why it would be available in the literature, and not on the ground.
    The trend in trucks is bigger and bigger while the reality of gas prices are making me want to go smaller,not bigger.The next Tundra will be bigger yet so I want one now.I am willing to buy out of state if need be. Thanks!
  • olddogolddog Posts: 2
    please explain, I am very interested in your opinion.
  • You lucky rascal! Why cant I have some luck like that?
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I am interested in buy either a new 05 Tundra V8 or a slightly used 04 model (if I can find a good deal). I read somewhere that the 05 Tundra has a new engine that produces 280 Hp. I think the 04 Tundra V8 produced either 240 or 245 Hp. Is the extra horspower very noticable? Does it also increases towing ability. I am not going to do any serious towing anyway.
  • Both engines tow the same amount of weight, the 05's have a 5spd auto, vs the 04's 4spd. Its supposed to be 1mpg better on fuel.
  • I have the 04 Tundra Access cab, I love it, pretty good on gas, the new engine has more power and a 5spd auto. I'm not sure if the Ford bed is available longer than 5.5 feet, you might keep that in mind. Its a personal choice, you might find the seats in the Ford or GM more comfortable, depending on what you are used to.

    Another tip, get the dealer to throw in running boards, anybody under 6 feet or so will have to hop into the cab. My mother is 5'2" and I had to give her an up turned bucket to stand on, or should wouldn't have made it inside. Kids have difficulty too, especially in winter, because of snow getting on their knees.
  • shhendrishhendri Posts: 7
    Hey guys, just got a 4dr 4whl sr5 tundra, and I love it, could have asked for anything more in a pick up (I would have liked to get the sunroof though). Besides the dealer accessories, has anyone found any good looking accessories to add to the tundra? i.e. nerf bars, grill guards, tail light protectors.
  • Here are a few sites for you:
  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    I'm looking at trading in my '99 Exploder on a '00 Tundra SR5 4x2 access cab with 57k miles on it. My Ford is a 4x4, but I haven't had much luck with it. It's let me down several times in wet grass, so I don't think a 4x2 would be much worse. Also the gas mileage on the Ford is the same as the 4x2 V8 Tundra, 15/18.

    My question is, what problems have been known for these trucks? I've seen transmission and brake issues named. Anything else? I noticed some rust on the one I'm looking at, is that common thing as well? Inside the front bumper on either side of the license plate bracket there is rust. I also noticed some rust stains (or else red mud stains) on the carpet inside the truck. The dealer says it's a Toyota Certified used truck, but it looks to me a lot like a flood victim.

    I was very impressed with the ride and drive of the truck. The price they want is $15,990. Carfax showed 2 previous owners, but was clean. Any advice? Thanks,
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    $15,900 for a used 2000 Tundra? You better run FAST! You can get a brand new 2005 Tundra access cab for $20,500 on sale.
  • victor3victor3 Posts: 15
    I am not happy with the "suicide" doors on my 2005 Tundra v-6, automatic, RWD, Access model. I would prefer the full double cab. What would a fair trade-in amount be? Original MSRP 25,900 and sale price was 24,249. How do they calculate the trade-in on such a new vehicle? I took the 0% interest rather than the rebates. I am trying to find out a fair trade-in and what my negative equity will be.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Victor, you could be looking at a stiff hit unless your dealer is willing o work with you on the trade. Best advice is to head over to Real World Trade-In Values, type in all the requested information (in red in the posting box), and see what the pros say.

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  • victor3victor3 Posts: 15
    Thanks, I will try Real World Trade-In Values.

  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    I am now considering both the 4x2 Titan Crew Cab and Tundra Double Cab with all options, NAV, DVD, etc. Don't need to haul more than a small boat with family bikes and camping equip, etc...

    What are some of the major differences that made you buy your truck?

    I know Titan as more power but Tundra has a more refined smooth ride. I like the Titan's color choices better. With both equiped similarly it seems the Tundra is less expensive. What to do? :confuse:
  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    Then GET IT. The Titanic is now in it's second year, and they have had poor reliability. The Tundras are bulletproof, almost. I looked at the Titans myself. They are sweet looking trucks, but with as many problems as I've read about them having, I'd get a Tundra. After a few years I think the Titanic will get all it's bugs worked out and won't be such a sinker. I drove a '00 4x2 Tundra last week and loved it. It had plenty of power, and just the right amount of space (access cab). I do believe the double cab would have plenty of space. In the end it's your decision, but if reliability is a big factor, then you can't go wrong with Toyota.
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