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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    Go to a dealer. If you have the VIN, they should be able to produce a copy of the sticker. I doubt they do this for free, but that's where I'd start.
  • I also recently purchased a 2005 Tundra and asked the Service Mgr why there was no way to check the transmission fluid. His reply was the 2005 Tundra is using a new type transmission fluid that should not require changing under normal driving conditions.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I can't speak too much for the double cab Tundra, but I can say that purchasing my 02 Access cab was the best decision I have ever made on a vehicle, and I have had better than 20 vehicles. There are a few people posting problems, but most are copies of others and can be found on every other vehicle listed too. The only problem I ever had with mine was prying my wife and son's hands off the steering wheel long enough to drive it myself. I traded for a Tacoma in August (got a stick so she can't drive it), but I kick myself daily. I love my Tacoma and the true 4 doors, but that Tundra was unbeatable. I didn't go with the 4 door Tundra because the turning radius is greater and I was hoping for better mileage (did gain a minimal amount). If Toyota doesn't ruin the Tundra in the next 3 years, I will once again be a proud Tundra owner. For now I have to settle for the Tacoma and Sequoia (wife is getting hers next week). Don't get me wrong, the Tacoma is second only because the Tundra is untouchable.
  • After owning two tundras, currently still have a 02 V8 SR5 that pulls my camper around; I can only hope that Toyota will build a better one. T-100 was a TRUCK. My Tundras aren't.

    Don't get me wrong. My Tundra is a wonderful tow vehicle, but other than its major recalls, it just cannot take any punishment. I attribute most of it to the independent front suspension. No matter what I do to it, it just shakes. Brakes got overhauled. Fixed the front bearings. Put better tires on it. It still shakes. I only have 2 years left ,to pay on it, and its cheaper to keep it. Its still worth most of what I paid for it. I have only 25K on it. Its sad to say that my 4 cylinder T-100 was much better than my V8 Tundra. Actually, my V6 Tundra was better.

    I know that my engine and transmission are bulletproof for the most part, and it has never heated up ever. However, compared to my past Trucks (all Toyotas), it falls way short.

    I hope to have a new 3/4 Tundra someday, but please make it a TRUCK.
  • Hi,

    A couple of days ago, someone broken the driver side quarter window on my Tundra Access SR5. I am wondering anyone here know good web based sellers sell Toyota auto parts.

    I appreciate for any input.

  • Just found it out there no other sellers sell the parts for a brand-new car except the dealer itself.

  • orb1orb1 Posts: 4
    I know this must have been covered before but I just can't seem to find the info I need doing a search. My apolgies if it is a FAQ.

    Has anyone installed either an OEM or aftermarket cruise control unit for their Tundra? If so how hard was it to install?, Where did you get it? and how much was it?

    Love my new 05 access cab, manual transmission but would really like cruise control for those long highway trips.

    If anyone is looking for an end of the year bargain the '05's gets a $3,000 cash back from Toyota. My out the door price was 19,203 with a bed liner, fog lamps and comfort package.

    Best regards,

  • I have an 04 4x4 8cyl and think it's a little anemic when towing. I do like the truck though.
    My problem is I can't grease the front u-joint. The joint doesn't open up far enough to put the grease gun on the zerk fitting. Haven't had it to the dealer yet (no time). Only 6K miles on it. After I couldn't grease it, I took it to a local garage, put it on a lift and he couldn't do it either.

    Any advice?
  • Have no idea.

    In terms of towing, I usually leave everyone because they can't keep up at least till the sway speed where the fifth wheels pass me. I know its all about power/weight. My camping trailer dry is 4750 and somewhere around 5300 or so wet.

    I would really like a 12000 limit for later use for a slightly bigger camper with a slideout.
  • Anyone out there have any issues engaging their 4WD system under certain circumstances?
  • I a have a 2000 tundra 4x4 which i bought new. it has 70,000 miles on it. i took it in to be serviced at about 36,000 miles and they replaced the left exhaust manifold because they said it was warped. Now, at 70,000 miles the right side exhaust manifold is also warped. the dealer said they would fix it for $900. this seems pretty high to replace one manifold. it also seems to me that these are defective and should be recalled. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • I just got quoted $2168 for replacing both manifolds. Went in when the check engine light came on and my local garage replaced both oxygen sensors. Dealers tech says both exhausts are "leaking". Perhaps that means cracked or warped or????????????

    I have a 2000 with 75,000 miles.

    Let me know how common this problem is. How can both manifolds fail if there is not some kind of design problem?
  • I have talked to the service manager at the dealership where I bought the truck and he said " I've replaced a lot of those". what that means, I don't know. However,this appears to me to be a factory defect and toyota should fix the problem, which they won't. I had the first one go at 36000 miles and now this one. they told me they are warped and can't be milled. defective, obviously. I took my case to the district manager and he said they will cover 50% of the bill IF I had my truck serviced at the dealership. I do the service (religously) myself, so they said they will pick up 35% of the bill. why? that has nothing to do with the manifolds. The cost $575, which is better that the original $900 they quoted me. I will NEVER buy another toyota. I hvae owned a 93 4x4, 95 t-100 4x4, 97 4-runner, 2000 tundra 4x4 all purchased new. :lemon: :mad:
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,658
    Does the Tundra come with "full-time" 4WD?

    Toyota seems to be somewhat vague on this. The say it comes with "Touch-Select" electronically-controlled 2-speed 4WD. That tells me nothing other than the driver can activate the 4WD or not, and that there's a 2-speed transfer case.

    Toyota is much more specific with their other truck 4x4 systems:

    Tacoma: Part-time 4WD
    4Runner V6: Multi-Mode 4WD, which includes a full-time mode
    4Runner V8: Full-time 4WD
    Sequoia: Multi-Mode 4WD, which includes a full-time mode
    Land Cruiser: Full-time 4WD
    FJ Cruiser: Part-time 4WD w/automatic; Full-time 4WD w/manual

    So what is the "Touch-Select" found on the Tundra? Is it an "on-demand" full-time unit, like Ford's Control Trac or GM's Auto Trac?

  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    It is a part time system. It does not have a center differential, so it should not be used on dry pavement. When in 4WD the front and rear shafts are locked together, so it is really hard to turn.
  • Continuing the earlier thread...

    I was looking for an F-150 5.4L (300HP) or a Nissan Titan (305HP). Then I realized the realiability and resale were SO MUCH BETTER for the Toyata Tundra! So I want to better understand why it is consistently dismissed as a "full size" pickup in favor of the F-150 and Titan.

    Also, I have been told by several 4.6L F-150 drivers/towers that they wish they had bought a 5.4L F-150. So I am concerned about the towing ABILITY (not capacity, mind you) of the V-8 Tundra.

    I will only be towing 2-3 times a year, and it's not like Houston, TX and Baytown, TX are that hilly. But I don't want to approach an overpass and be thinking "damn, why did I buy this for the reliability and resale value, when I really wanted was a good towing vehicle?".

    If you can respond knowledgably, I ask only that you DO NOT CITE TOWING CAPACITY OF 7600#. That means nothing to me. Tell me how yours pulls 5000# on a real hill, in passing, etc.

    Talk to me!

    Thanks Edmunds,

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I haven't pulled with mine yet, but in the past have owned Ford 4.6L, and both Chevy engines 4.8L and 5.3L, as well. IMHO the Toyota 4.7L is much stronger than either small V8, and on-par with the Chevy 5.3L. I think the Ford 5.4L would tow much better just because it's a very torquey motor. It's also the slowest empty so I guess it depends on what you want.

    The Ford 4.6L feels overwhelmed empty and is a towing nightmare even with only 5,000# behind it which is about all I tow with my 1/2 ton. At least in a 5,000# truck. Maybe a reg. cab 2wd Ford would be ok with that motor, but not the ext/crew cabs. On the highway, my 4.8L Chevy would pull 5,000# ok. I have no doubt the Toyota will do at least the same or better. The Toyota feels much quicker and has better torque than the Chevy 4.8L.

    I'm not sure I buy into the HUGE reliability gap. The resale certainly is better in the short-term for the Toyota. I closely considered the F-150 Crew-cab long-bed but it was over $100/month more on similar 36 month lease deals. There were things I liked better on each.

    The Double-cab Tundra is just as big as any of the other full-size trucks. The reg. cab and access cabs are a bit smaller.
  • I just traded my 2000 GMC Sierra Ext. Cab 4x4 with the 4.8L engine in on a 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab.I always wished that my GMC had more power when pulling my 3500# camper.I have not pulled the camper yet but I did pull a snowmobile trailer to Canada.With the trailer,sleds and gear I probably had about 2000-2500#.I could barely tell it was there.I'm looking forward to pulling the camper.The one thing that is bothering me is my fuel mileage.I only get around 14mpg back and forth to work and that's not stop and go traffic.It's all country roads at 60-65mph.A friend of mine who's had his Tundra for about a year says he gets 17-19mpg running back and forth to town and up to 22 on the highway.I've heard from other people too that my mileage will get better.I hope so.I was also looking at a 2006 Chevy Ext. Cab 4x4 with the 5.3L when I decided to buy the Tundra.A couple of people I know with the new Chevy and GMC 5.3L say they get around 17mpg.The Tundra measures about three inches narrower inside from armrest to armrest than the GM trucks but legroom in the back is much better than the GM's.You would have to go with the crew cab at much more cost.Toyota quality, reliability, warranty and price were my deciding factors in choosing the Tundra.Hopefully the mileage will get better.You will be very impressed with the power and torque in the 4.7L and I think that it will tow 5000# without any problem. Many Toyota and non-Toyota people have told me the same.As soon as I tow my camper I will post again.
  • cl109508cl109508 Posts: 3
    Have a 2003 Tundra extra cab. I live in CT and we have a lot of hills. Towed a friends 4500lb boat just this summer and we quite impressed with it. On average I towed a trailer with 2 quads on it max weight about 2500lbs. The boat itself according to the tag weighed in at 3500lbs but was informed by owner this was the weight without fuel engine (it was an outboard) along with other ods and ends. Plus trailer(not sure what that weighed on its own. But he assured me it was around 4500-4800lbs combined. He happend to have the ford F-150 with the 5.4 but it was at the dealer. Was able to tow no problem buddy was actually impressed said the Tundra felt like it was having an easy time of it. Also stopping just as if not more important was excellent. Not saying I didn't know the trailer was on but she towed it with no fuss. Hope this helps.
  • ortort Posts: 2
    I just test drove a Tundra extended cab with the V6. I was pleasantly surprised with it's power and performance. Can anyone with the 4 liter post how their Tundra has performed? More specifically: gas mileage they are actually getting, power on hills, towing ability, reliability, etc., and if they have any regrets not getting the V8?? I was pretty set on the V8, but given my uses for the truck, and the small, but not insignificant gas mileage improvement with the V6, I am questioning things a bit. Any input would be appreciated to help with my buying decision.
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