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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Once again, I'd put a fair amount of stock in Consumer Reports as being the most objective gauge of reliability. If you live near a decent library they'll have either the Buyers Guide or maybe even a back issue where they may have tested pickups.
    Another factor to consider is dealership honesty/character/quality in terms of their service reputation. I've been to 2 Toyota dealerships within 10 miles of each other over the years: one has been "fairly" honest in their maintenance/service advice and costs and did me several cost-reduction "favors" on specific service (reduced-cost oil changes regularly, a free tire rotation now and then), and always got me in when I needed to. The other has just bent over backwards to accomodate me (oil changes never take more than 20 minutes, price is always reduced to the "coupon-special" of $22 without the coupon, once accidently over-charged me on an item by $10, apologized and gave me a free oil change, work always done exactly the way I want it, minor warranty items taken care-of with no hassle, etc, etc) and that's from a BIG dealership with genuinely NICE, FRIENDLY people. I can't say enough good about them and I trust their service people. That's a BIG plus. Regards, BGood
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Sounds like everyone is in the right area. It's located under the steering column toward the bottom of the dash. I'm not looking at it now, but it seems like there's also a vent in that area as well. I know I can reach it while driving as I reset it awhile back after getting tires rotated. Also, did you check the pressure in the spare tire?

    And the person recommending the odometer reset was confused, because that's used to reset the maintenance light. Your manual covers all of this.
  • Hi All.

    I just noticed an engine oil leak in my 2005 Toyota Tundra ( 2wd, dc, 99k mi ). I have been keeping it very well maintained and have never towed anything with it. The high miles (mostly highway) are due to my long commute to work.

    I thought, being a toyota, it would be trouble free ( except maitenance ) for at least 200k miles.

    I've seen similar complaints on lower miles tundras and it seems to be the rear main seal. Do you know how much this would cost to fix ?

  • I have a 2010 d-cab with a 4.6 and i cant get used to gas pedal, it kinda has a delay when driving around town like when i come to a stop sign and still rolling 5mph + - and give it some gas to take off ( keep in mind i dont have a lead foot try to save gas) the tranny seams like its in a higher gear than it should be so when you give it some gas it seams like it slips trying to get to a lower gear. the problem is between 5mph to about 20 mph,the truck is great for getting on the highway its like a rocket and rides great just dont know if there is a tranny prob or that is just how the electric gas pedal works, if anybody eles has the same prob or is it me? p.s. the truck has about 1200 miles on it.
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    i have noticed the same thing, mostly when engine is cold, and it seems to go away once warmed up. it's a little quirky, but i've gotten used to it. have seen other posts that refer to it, but no one has said it's a problem.
  • If you own one of the models listed in the recall and have actually experienced the unintended acceleration, please send an email with details of the experience and how it felt.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    How about all those Rustundra owners???
  • PMOPMO Posts: 278
    I have an email about the tailgate problems,buckling when useing box extender from Toyota? Tail gates falling off?Then anyone out there with information or is this another crock to discredit Toyota?
  • Hi,
    I'm trading my 2005 4.7L V8 4Runner 77000 miles for a 4X4-5.7L tundra(SR5)Payoff for 4runner is $15,200... after much searching the best deal I got from a dealer is $36,000 @ 0% for 60 months(downpayment of $3000) and a monthly payment of $600.This includes my trade-in.
    I live in NY long Island.
    Please kindly advice if this is worth.
  • Im kinda in the same boat. I leased a 07 Tundra, and am looking at getting out of it. The 0% sounds good, but still having to put anything down doesnt appeal to me. Ive been looking at 09 tundras. They are almost 2 years old, theres no difference between the 09 and the 10s. And seems dealers are willing to bargain a little with them. Might be worth checking out.The other option would be to go with the new 4.6 L engine, rather then the 5.7. you lose about 80 hp, but saves about $2000 too. Option 3, would be to buy my 07 Tundra ;) good as new, and only 27K miles... Good luck.
  • $36,000 was the best price? That seems close to MSRP. In MA, I have received 2 quotes from 2 different dealers for $300 under invoice. The Tundra I was looking at was SR5, TRD package, double cab. Quoted at $32,300. Keep looking.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Approach this as two transactions: 1. new truck price. 2. trade-in of 4runner.

    You should be buying the Tundra at or under invoice. See Edmunds pricing for the numbers. Take a look at Edmunds and KBB trade-in values for a ballpark of what they should be offering for your 4Runner. Your payoff doesn't matter in putting a value on the vehicles so leave that out of the mix.
  • Thanks for the reply Green_g8t I will surely look for other prices, I like the 5.7L V8 Crewmax,if i go for 4.6L then I would keep my 4 runner.I wish good luck.
  • Thanks again for the much appreciated reply,I will by all means keep looking now.
  • Sorry I forgot to mention the deal was for a 5.7L V8 Crewmax with the TRD Rock Warrior package for $ 36000.
    $ 36000 includes my
    1.My trade-in: 2005 4.7L V8-4Runner-which has a payoff of $15000.00(dealer told me that he would take care this payment).
    2.A down payment of $ 3000.00
    3.Monthy payment of $600.00 for 60 months.(0% interest)
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Seems a little high if the rock warrior pkg is the only option. Here's where I think the deal should be:

    Tunder V8 CM TRD RW package: $34,000 (invoice).

    Trade value: $12,500 (this is a guess assuming SR5 4Runner V8 in good cond)

    Net: $21,500

    Payoff: $15,000

    Subtotal: $36,500

    Plus Tax on purchase price: $1,200 (this is a guess, adjust for local tax rates)

    Total: $37,700

    Less Downpayment: $3,000

    Balance Due: $34,700

    Seems like there should be $1,000 on the table unless there are more options on the truck or your trade isn't "average" for what you describe.
  • Thank you so much for the quick response,your breakdown makes much sense and is very resonable,I would keep these figures and go in for the bargain.Thanks again.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    At the risk of being the skunk at the garden party, why don't you keep the 2005 for a year or two more? At present you seem to owe more on it than it is worth PLUS in my humble opinion with only 3K down on the new 36K Tundra you will be way upside down on that for a long time.
  • Hey Bud !
    Thanks for the reply..I'm so in love with this truck..I couldn't resist and bought it 3 weeks ago..well I got it .. now I have to live with it..thanks though and please keep in touch.
  • I have been the proud owner of 4 Toyotas prior to purchasing my 2007 Tundra Crew Max in August of 2007. This is my last Toyota. Quality is just not there anymore, nor are there any honest dealers to repair them. Here is my list of issues.
    --truck runs like crap after recall to adjust computer . Dealer says "Normal"
    --Gutless towing my 2700 pound Tent Trailer. Advertised to tow 10,000 with ease (my Tacoma does a better job)
    --Poor paint quality. Paint comes off truck with every little bump. Nothing you can rub out or touch up. Repaint the truck or live with the white undercoating showing through
    --Radio volume does not work and stations drift off of where set
    --Dash vents will not stay in adjusted position, you have a choice of full up or full down. Dealer reluctant to fix due to need to pull the dash. Says Dash will start to rattle when they fix it. Dash already rattles. So Add;
    --Excessive dash rattle
    --Loud engine noise similar to valve tapping. Dealer Says "normal" even though I have never heard it before, sounds like a diesel from inside the cab
    --Tranny shifts hard when cold, You guessed it, the dealer says "normal" Did not happen in the first year of driving the truck
    One more thing I should mention, the truck has a whopping 17,000 miles on it. Oh joy, I wonder hat happens when I reach 20,000.
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