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Pontiac Grand Am Audio Questions



  • My brother blew the 6x9's in his monsoon system. I bought him new pioneer 3 way 6x9's and installed them for him for christmas. When i was done and turned the system on, there was a lot of distortion in only the rear 6x9's. I think that this is because of the monsoon system. Is there a way that I can make this distortion stop?
  • i need help unlocking a monsoon radio. bought radio of intenet to replace defective original stock radio. I installed radio only to find out it was locked. I found a couple of websites that said the first step was to hold down presets 2&3 to get the first three codes but every time i do this nothing happens. Is there anyting else i could try? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • check out how do u reset the security?
    i have a 99 gran am and the security light come on and it won't start just bought this car 2 weeks ago
  • jalum64jalum64 Posts: 1
    This may be due to your factory car amp not being set from 4ohms to 2ohms. I had the same problem when I installed my Pioneer 6x9s after I put in my Pioneer head unit. That should fix your problem.
  • everything works as for lights ,radio works not the clock lights. could tghis be a bulb.
  • My radio display light went out, i have been searching online for a way to replace it, can anyone help. The radio still works great just the display is out.
  • Hey i am having the same problem did you ever get an answer?
  • Hello, i have a grand am gt sedan and i recently replaced the deck to a aftermaket alpine deck. its been a couple of months and now everytime i turn my car on the deck doesnt seem to turn on? i have to start my car up a couple of times before my deck seems to work and i was hoping someone could help me with this problem before i bring it into a audio shop and get ripped off. thanks.
  • hartt1hartt1 Posts: 3
    i was wondering what a better replacement for the stock monsoon amp that i have in my 2001 grand am gt would be.
  • i have a 99 grand am and the radio works fine ,but the cd player wont work. it comes up e20,and or e23.Does anyone have any idea what these are any feed back would be great. thanks so much
  • mrgilmoremrgilmore Posts: 1
    how do i replace led bulb in 2005 grand am, no sure how to get to it
  • Hi, please help!!
    I replaced my battery and now the clock, radio and chimes will not work. They were all working great before they installed the battery. Radio dash lights up except for the clock, no tunes or chimes all fuses have been checked any ideas?
  • des02des02 Posts: 1
    im having the same problem...did you get an answer???
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