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Mercedes-Benz C230 Problems and Repairs



  • Well congratulations on attempting a logical and diligent diagnosis, first off.

    Yeah you know this all does sound related and I'm here thinking....what component could cause all of this to happen?

    I came up with two ideas, one vague, one more concrete.

    Vague: A glitch in the wiring harness from the headlight to a connector or junction box further up on the firewall.

    Concrete: Your headlight switch itself or the connector that plugs into it. You might say "but the fuse has power"...but I don't know a) if it fuses before the switch (don't have a diagram of it) and b) if there is a low beam fuse and a high beam fuse. Maybe that fooled us.
  • I ordered a service manual that has a wiring diagram. I am thinking it is something little. The headlights went out and came back on a couple of times before going out completely. It seemed like a connector falling off but not sure where to start looking. I can see if I can located the switch and see if there is a connector off. Wish I had the diagram now.
  • You might try turning the headlights on and with someone watching start jiggling wires.
  • I'll give it a try. Thanks for the help
  • For the past 5 months, I have a repetitive Check-Engine light from what seems to be a pressure surge in the fuel tank. I get an emissions code, usually gas cap not sealed AND liquid gas on the cap gasket. The tank pumps have been checked and the vacuum valves tested OK. The pump pressure sensors have been replaced and other connections checked. The problem just occurred again. Has anyone heard of a similar problem and what to inspect, test ,etc. The repair shop seems unable to solve this problem!?!
  • Do you remember the number of the trouble code?
  • kufukufu Posts: 14
    If the emission code is PO455 Evaporative emission control system leak you need to monitor the fuel tank pressure on a cold engine start during the evaporative test.
    The computer is measuring a vapor leak or it "thinks" there is a leak because the pressure does not change AS IT SHOULD.
    To test the car by yourself, do the following:
    1. clear Check Engine light.
    2. fill up your tank TO THE TOP and make sure gas cap is sealed well.
    Run the car until you spend 1/2 of the tank. IF the Check Engine do not reappear, you have fake call from your computer.
    Hopefully, first or second test will help you out.
  • My wife's C230 is experiencing problems with the alarm going off periodically for no apparent reason. Sometimes the lights just flash and at times it will sound the alarm. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this happens?
  • michchimichchi Posts: 1
    I have the similiar issues as SailrPete. My 98 C280 has the cehck engine light on. Dealer fixed wiring, oxegeon sensor, engine rcomputer and valve connect to air pump. All of these fxies are not working. It is still on after about 30 miles of driving (after code cleared). I like to try your advice but don;t know how to clear check engine light. Please let me know how to do it. Should I put a new gas cap. It's still the original one since 1998?
  • kufukufu Posts: 14
    To clear check engine light you need diagnostic tool OBD II auto scanner. You can buy it at AutoZone or over Internet. I use "Actron" model CP9175 for my '98 C230.
    Next thing to do is put new gas cap. It MUST be OEM and only dealer sell it.
    Third, clean up entire fuel system with cleaner recommended from the store.
    Next time when the engine check light is on for any reason, go to the any benz forum and try to get right answer for the problem. Check engine light does not afect performance of the car. Last thing is to see a dealer.
  • dcwaydcway Posts: 1
    I drive a C230K evolution,it has the 2.3l motor,i am experiencing problems with this car,when i have driven for a hour or two,when i stop i struggle to get away there is no power but it still rev`s normally,i then need to massage the throttle to get away,then then yesterday on the freeway i just lost power felt like i was driving a 1300cc,in sixth gear on a not so inclined hill i had to shift back to fourth and she only maintained the pace,can this be airflow related or can it be the kompressor of which i no nothing about,any info would be greatly appreciated
  • watty73watty73 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 C230, message came on for brake to be serviced or changed. Should I use my expensive dealer or can I go to a certified foreign shop. Car is still under warranty. Cutting back on expenses, so I am just wondering if this has any effect on warranty. It is a supercharged 4
  • jape67jape67 Posts: 1
    My 2006 would not change into gears. c\s switch would not work. any ideas.
  • Recently received a 2006 Mercedes c230 into our shop. We retrieved a p2188 & p2190 codes. The codes are listed as rich condition at idle at start up, bank 1 and bank 2. The customer says that when he first starts the car, the idle goes up and down a few times, then smooths out. Has anybody come across this and has fixed the problem?
  • tlangleytlangley Posts: 2
    Two years ago I had problems with my Mass Air Flow Sensor and replaced it. It is going bad again. I had no major problems before this.Is there something that could be causing it to go bad so soon? I supposedly purchased a new one. It seems as though everything on my car has gone crazy. There is no air coming out of my floor vents, all air seems to be coming from the windshield vent. Airconditioner does not cool, windshield wiper does not work and the cooling fan is on constantly. If they were all related I would be so happy and could this be possible?
  • The spring mechanism that holds the rear trunk cover up when opened doesn't work and the trunk will slam shut if not held open. I have been trying to find the name of the part(s) responsible for this. Could it be a bad hinge?
  • joo8450joo8450 Posts: 2
    The ignition switch will not turn after fixing squeaky noise on driver side seat.
    I should disconnecting battery cable prior to unplugging electrical wires.
    I think that it has open circuit in feedback system had to reset.
    Anybody had a similar experience on this matter?
  • corbex23corbex23 Posts: 1
    hey jape well I can tell you one thing my car is in the shop for the same reason right now and they told me its my valve body on the transmission is bad and the news only gets worse it costs me 2100$ to repair its suck I know but have that looked quickly because the problem may only get worse and more expensive!
  • phycmcphycmc Posts: 1
    I have a '00 C230K. The air flow is working intermittently - usually on starting the car the air will not flow independent of the position of the fan-speed dial. Usually after a few minutes of driving the fan comes back on, but it does not always remain on. Is the cause likely a loose connection? Is there a simple way I could diagnose?
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