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Mercedes-Benz C230 Problems and Repairs



  • shay35shay35 Posts: 8
    Does anyone in the Altamonte Springs, Fl area know how to work on a Mercedes C230, and will do so at a fair and reasonable price? Need mass air flow sensor cleaned or replaced.
    Shay35 :shades:
  • shay35shay35 Posts: 8
    I want to try cleaning the mass air flow sensor but I am afraid I might mess up. What should I do if something goes wrong and I can't get it back on. Would it cost me a lot to find someone who can do it?
    Shay35 :confuse:
  • Shay, Buy and replace it your self. it takes less then 5 minutes to do. It is right up front just a little right of the left front headlight. (That is if you have a 1999 C230). The first time I got taken for $750.00 from the Mercedes Dealer. The second time they told me it was the MAF I went on to Ebay bought a brand new BOSCH mass air flow for $140.00 and replaced in no time. All it take is a screw driver to loosen the metal band around the hose, then unplug the wire going into the MAF unit and pull it off. Hope this helps
  • kufukufu Posts: 14
    Air Mass Flow Sensor Cleaner is safe to use for all MAF sensors. Increase horsepower, IMPROVE AIR/FUEL RATIO (this is your case), without damaging the plastic housing or hotwires in the MAF sensor. Follow instructions on the can and you gonna be OK. If you decide to replace for new one it is DIY job.
    AIR MASS METER - removal:
    Air mass meter is located on the rear of the air cleaner cover on the right hand side of the engine compartment. Unplug the electrical wiring from the sensor by turning the union nut anti-clockwise until it is felt to disengage and then separating the two halves of the connector. Slacken the hose clip at the engine side of the sensor, then pull off the inlet ducting. Release the spring clips at the air cleaner side of the sensor and remove the sensor. Recover the O-ring seal. Refitting is a reversal of removal.
    Time to do the job is about 10 minutes or less.
  • shay35shay35 Posts: 8
    Thank you...I will give it a try and if I mess up I will post the mess (smile)
  • shay35shay35 Posts: 8
    Thank You! :D
  • shay35shay35 Posts: 8
    Where do you put the coolant in?
  • gmaresgmares Posts: 1
    2006 MB Sport V6 / check engine light came on / Camshaft/Crankshaft Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A / Does this have anything to do with the Variable valve timing solenoid or what? Light keeps coming on!
  • gerisgeris Posts: 1
    C-230 2006 Automatic Transmission does Not shift. It turns on normal then when you try to put Drive it accelerates but it continues going only on 1st speed. The panel indicator does not move. It doesn't work manually either.

    The mechanic says it is the first time he sees this case. It's been more than a month trying to find the reason but he thinks it is not the transmission, and the computer does not mark any code.

    Can anybody help me? Has someone else had the same issue?

    Thank You.
  • kufukufu Posts: 14
    If you need to add coolant use expansion tank. If you need to replace a coolant and your model does not have pressure cap on radiator, let me know.
    There is a trick how to do that.
  • My 2003 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor has 54K miles and I just bought it in May and my mistake was putting PLUS Gasoline istead of the PREMIUM and the front Oxigen Sensor went bad. But the car wasn't turnig on normally, I was having issues making it run. When I turn ON the key it just started if I press on the gas pedal. So my question would be if the oxigen sensor would be a problem so the ignitions won't turn on normally?
  • I have a 1998 Mercedes C230; have had it for three years. It's a wonderful car, but currently has a couple of major drawbacks; the seat controls started intermittently not working... then they started only working in hot weather... now they don't work at all.

    The other side of this is the climate control. When I set to a temperature, or just crank the fan up to full-blast, I can hear the fan working overtime within the console, but little-to-no air comes out of the vents. This makes it difficult in both the dead of summer, and the depths of winter (or vice versa).

    On both counts, I've had a Mercedes dealership and my local (and trusted) mechanic look into it. They've said it's a problem with the computer in the central console (the dealership called it a... "convenience" module, or somesuch?).

    I'm primarily trying to find out the name of this part so that I can find a replacement on my own. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? Or give me any other suggestions?

    Any help is appreciated; I don't look forward to another winter having to hold a snow-brush out of my driver's-side window to keep the windshield clear.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    No, it's just a co-incidence if your 02 sensor failed at the same time you used PLUS gasoline. Your car's computer can adjust for whatever type of gasoline you put in it. All you'll notice is some loss of performance but you can't hurt anything.

    As for hard starting with a bad 02 sensor, the only thing I can think of is that a bad 02 sensor may cause the car to run rich or lean, and that might have fouled the spark plugs.


  • Thanks, I have a c230 2003. I am going to try what you suggested.
  • Did you find out what was wrong.
  • pfilapfila Posts: 1
    Wife's 2005 C230 Kompressor with less than 50K on it. Mechanics reset and say drive for 200 miles then take to smog. Without fail light comes back on and no smog..again!
    Dealership has 'given up' even they dont know what to do. Last suggestion they're going to drain all the gas in the fuel system and put in Chevron with Techron to see if that makes a difference.

    Any suggestions, dont have the error codes to hand.
  • my Check engine light is on solid yellow. Last Thursday12/1 I put gas in my car(premium). Friday 12/2 my light came on. In Oct I had a service B done to my car no problems. Sunday 12/4 I went to autozone to get a diagnostic. they came back with 1. thermostat defective or 2. sensor defective or 3. coolant level is low. I checked coolant level that's ok. I'm hoping the joker at the gas station put the right gas in my car. I was not paying attention. Now i have read blogs saying to replace sensor/ thermostat could run me $200-800. should i wait and run the gas down to see if that was it or what? any answers?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    Well, as surprising as it sounds, these trouble codes don't actually tell you what's wrong--they indicate where to start looking, but your car's computer cannot single out defective components--it only indicates systems or circuits that might be under distress. I'm not even sure that the codes were read correctly, but if they were, it might make sense that a bad sensor could light up an engine light. The only way bad gas could cause this is when it causes a misfire, and misfire codes are generally easy to read.

    You might also check your gas cap and tighten it up.

    There's also a different way to check coolant when hot or when cold. Be sure you are reading the correct level in the overflow tank, depending on a cold or warm engine.


  • i got a 2003 mercedes c230 kompresor but it dosent whant to turn on. it cranks but dosent turn on. i tought it was the crankshaft position sensor so i bought a new one and switch it but still did the same thing.. What should i do next..
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