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Chevrolet Cavalier Electrical System Questions



  • kgiggskgiggs Posts: 4
    No, didn't get my fixed. Something about the controls harness,will cost $600.00 upwards.
  • kgiggskgiggs Posts: 4
    No, didn't get this fixed. Just driving around in the blind. Will cost $600.00 upwards to get this fixed.
  • kac5kac5 Posts: 1
    I have a basic 2004 sedan. For about the last year my gas gauge and speedometer have not been working. Like you I thought the cost to fix them was over the top for a 7 year old car. Have you had any luck finding a cheaper fix?
  • My problem with the dash and gauges turned out to be the ignition switch. It eventually failed completely, and when it was replaced, the probles had gone away. Hope this helps.
    Brian Mac.
  • I worked on my son's 2002 cavalier with a temperature problem over 90 degrees F. The problem was none of the guages worked and several of the light indicators lighted to indicate a problem and no A/C compressor. I found that the instrument cluster was failing. On a really hot day when the problem presented itself, I took the instrument cluster out and took it inside. I continued to let the car soak in the sun, then got in the car started it up and all worked great except for the instrument cluster which was still in the house. I drove the car without the instrument cluster and as I said the car drove great. Next I put the instrument cluster on an ESD (electro static discharge) grounded protective station and examined the printed circuitry carefully and found that one of the feed throughs had pushed a component mounting pad up and damaged the printed circuit. I soldered a 24 guage wire in parallel with the printed circuit, re-installed the instrument cluster and checked it out in the heat now for over a month with no problems. In short GM tried to fix this since it was new and never found the problem. The printed circuit path was intermittently open when the weather got hot. These printed circuit boards are too thin and mounted so as to cause too much vibration and thus causing the printed circuit paths to break.
  • See reply to pertmo #151. Hope this helps. I know GM wanted $375 for exchange on instrument cluster, I was lucky I was able to fix my son,s 2002 cavalier sport coupe. To troubleshoot you can remove the instrument cluster or simply unplug it. Removing fuse may also help to isolate down to instrument cluster.
  • 2001 Chevy Cavalier. I found the problem to be a ground fault. The negative battery cable runs down and is supposed to connect to the battery tray before extending on to the engine case. The battery tray was quite rusted and this bolt section had broken off. I simply ran a piece of household electrical ground wire (Romex bare ground wire) from the bare spot on the negative battery terminal where the bolt connects and wrapped it around the battery hold down bolt under the rubber clamp and re-tightened it to make the connection. Instant fix and it's been holding up for several weeks. No more warning lights, no gauge drop out. If the terminals or connections are corroded simply use a fairly wet mixture of baking soda and water and poor it over the greenish corrosion. Environmentally safe and natural way to clean them.
  • rass2rass2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the dash warning light problem ground wire from battery tray was not making good ground. Thanks for helping fix problem
  • my 2000 model is doing that also. any ot :mad: :) :cry: her seggestions.
  • If nothing here worked, go into your fuse box and replace the CLSTR fuse.
    Its the one thats 5 fuses down, the fourth one from the front of the car. Its a red 10.
    I had the same problem after i replaced my starter, so i went fuse pulling to see if any blew.
  • rass2rass2 Posts: 2
    I changed ground cable that took care of problem thanks.
  • I have a 2001 Cavalier and even though I affectionately refer to it as my Crapolier but it is a great little car. My question one question is about my dome light overhead. Sometimes when i am driving down the road my car turns into disco, disco because my dome light will start flickering on and off. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what measures they took to correct the problem. Secondly is my oil light which sometimes flickers on and off also. More times than not when I am idle. The oil levels are fine and I have regular oil changes. Any thoughts?
  • Probably a door switch going bad. Mine did this for about a year before I figured it out. $10 at the dealer, pop out the old one and replace in about 30 seconds! It's in the hinge area of the front door. There are you tube videos available for guidance
  • I had a problem i think theres a short circuit on my car. Whenever i open the head light at night,all those warning light on the dashboard comes out.and after that the aircondition gone out. And also the engine shut off.what should be the problem and how can i fix it.any help would be apreciated.thanks
  • tcc5tcc5 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    i own a 2001 cavalier, manual,2.2l engine, loaded except for power windows and leather (i dont even know if they came with leather). sometimes when i go to start my car all the electrical systems go dead. nothing starts up. everything works fine when i open the door, all the lights come on, everything works when the key is turned to the battery position, but when i go to start it everything dies. then a few or many minutes later the car will start no problem. im half decent mechanically inclined but completely useless when it comes to electrical stuff and i dont know where to begin trouble shooting this problem. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Check the grounding wire from the battery to the battery tray. I found the tray had rotted out and separated a piece that the ground wire attached to causing all kinds of intermittent starting and dahsboard problems.

    I'd also look at the battery wire connection to the starter. Check for continuity (unbroken wire) and corrosion at the starter connection especially.

    Please post your finding back to assist others.
  • audri1audri1 Posts: 1
    The arrows on the bottom right of your sterio if you hold down the left arrow the hour changes, if you hold down the right arrow the minutes change.

    good luck :)
  • doohingydoohingy Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Cavalier and one day the piece of junk decided not to run. It would start for a sec then just die then it wouldn't start again just turn over. But when I turn the key all the way off and try to start it again it would do the same thing start once then, die and just keeping turning over. Also the stereo and the dash lights wont turn on except for turn signals. if anyone has an answer to my issue it would be greatly appreciated.
  • I don't believe it is a fuse problem. You must check to see if you have an engine check light. If you have an engine check light, you must have the code or codes read. If you like to do some mechanics, then I suggest ordering a program for a windows laptop called OBDCOM. You can do a search on the internet for it. It cost about 90 dollars. If you have a laptop already, then this program will adapt to the on board diagnostics with the USB port adapter. If you don't have a computer then buy a code reader from Pep Boys or Auto Zone. If you don't want to spend any money then have them read the code for you. If you have no codes then it may be in your instrument cluster. Go to Youtube and watch a video on taking the dashboard out, then remove dashboard and instrument cluster. GM charges about 375 dollars for a instrument cluster. Hope this helps, if you have no code displayed then you don't have many leads to go on. Just check the electrical system out. Check battery, alternator, ground system, belts etc.
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