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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • wachaldjwachaldj Posts: 4
    I have been told my car is fixed, have yet to pick it up. seems the issue was with the Heater core lines being to tight to the blower box assembley. Some Foam was applied and no more noise. Or so I have been told. Hopefully I can go on and enjoy the car now. If it is not fixed I'll let you know. After talking with the dealership this is not un common in these cars whether it is a manual or a cvt tranny.
  • I can not get the shifter to move out of park
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    The first thing of course is make sure tou are depressing the brake
    pedal fully before trying to shift out of park,failing that there is an emergency
    park release access hole on the passenger side of the transmission
    hump that appears as a small round button.
    Pop out the button with a small screwdriver and once you have done this
    there is a lever you activate by simply pushing your finger in the hole
    and pulling the gearshift out of park.
    This locking solenoid is adjustable and the problem should be looked
    at by your dealer as there are several causes for it.
  • While driving home from work last week, a warning light came on...I immediately pulled over and checked the manual...the light was a transmission overheat light....the manual said this may occur if driving in very hot conditions, the only problem was that it was 3 below zero at the time! The light went off and I tried to make it home....I made it about 5 miles when the light came on again and the car went into limp mode. I made it the final 2 miles home and after sitting for an hour, the car ran fine...for about 20 minutes when it happened again. I had it towed to the dealer...they now tell me the CVT is toast. It cooked the fluid and components....I have 49,300 miles on my Cali and while it is out of warranty, I did buy an extended policy thru CNA. CNA is flying an inspector in to certify the transmission is toast and to ok the the meantime I am in a rental...paid for by CNA. I will let you know what happens! :sick:
  • Thank goodness you have CNA! Keep us posted
  • i had the same thing, can you please let me know if you notice a brown like substence
    near the coolant cap, my dealer is giving me a hard time they are saying that
    i or someone put something in the coolant, i have only 26k on it please let me know asap i will greatly appreciate
    thanks a lot
    p.s. the dealer is rockland chrysler
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    The only time I have ever seen a rusty brown discoloured substance
    was along time ago when we did not have closed over flow systems.
    If it was the result of boilover then you would have a serious problem.
    Does the temp gauge run at normal temp(about the center of gauge)?
    There is a commercial liquid rad leak repair called BARSLEAK and it is
    a rusty dark brown appearing substance.Did you buy the Caliber used?
  • the exact same thing is happening to me right now. This has been a complete nightmare. I am still under warranty and also purchased the extended warranty and they will not fix my car! I have been towed 4 times now in the past 3 weeks and this last time i crawled in limp mode to the dealership where it was purchased with the light still on, but the light went out before they tested it so now they are saying yet again that they don't know what is wrong and to p/u my car or they will bill me for the rental car. I explained to them that i am driving a death trap. I travel the highway 45mins each way to get to work and if i lose power on the highway i could get killed. They said, "I hope you have good life insurance" and laughed. Can you believe the nerve. I am sooooooo upset. Who is this CNA person that people get flown in to allow the transmission to be changed. I need a phone# to contact someone that can do something. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    My 5 speed Caliber did that and the dealership didn't have a fix to offer. We ended up trading in BOTH our Calibers because we weren't happy with them.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I can't believe anyone with any business sense would say the
    things like " I hope you have good life insurance ".
    Your only hope is to find another dealer,I know it is easy to
    say considering geography and timeframes.
    Chase your extended warranty if it's not with Chrysler and
    if it is email or letterwrite the hell out of Chrysler HO don't
    mess with the middlemen mention lemon laws and lawsuits.
  • You are not going to believe this!! They said that we needed to have 3 wiring harnesses replaced. They had the car for a week and a half. I have had it back now for less than one week and the damn light came on again. I am so sick of this piece of [non-permissible content removed] car. I hate it, it is not safe. I can not even go on a family vacation with it.
  • how long did you have the calibre's for when u traded them in?
    How much $$ did you lose on them?
    I am seriously considering that but i am afraid i am going to lose too much $. I've had the car it was one year this past march 22, 2007. My car was just in the service dept. for just over a week and again they said it was fixed. They replaced 3 wiring harnesses and low and behold the light just came on again and we lost power, went into limp mode. The car and the dealership are really pissing me off. I could kill right now.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Little over a year and less than a year, yeah we went upside down but honestly it was worth it to feel safe and confident in my vehicle. I really wish the Caliber would have worked for me, I still want to like it but I just can't. :(
  • duartemduartem Posts: 3
    I have an 08 dodge caliber with 5 speed manual transmission. My car only has 15,000 km and I also have problems with the transmission as well. In the morning, when I start the car after 2-3 minutes the transmission makes a rattling sound. When I press the clutch pedal the noise disappears (when I release the clutch, the noise returns.)
    I took the car to the dealership and they called an engineer. He told me "ALL" calibers make this noise, some more then others. So I told him if Chrysler are still making brand new cars with a rattling noise in the transmission next time I will buy another brand name. Chrysler and the dealership are still refusing to fix my transmission. :sick:
  • I have a 2008 Caliber SXT. I purchased it in early Feb. and now have right at 8000 miles on it.

    It's fine on the highway (with the exception of an insane amount of highway noise), but driving it in town is embarrassing. The engine is extremely rear end vibrates when I am sitting at a stop light. The WORST thing about it is that every time I slow down, turn a corner, pull in to a parking spot, I get this weird noise. I think it sounds like something creaking, but my husband swears that it's something grinding. It's pretty loud, and happens every time I drive the car - but only when I'm driving at a slow speed or preparing to stop/start. It generally makes the car "jump" just a little. Has anyone else heard this noise with their Calibers? Any suggestions? It's been doing this since right after we purchased it, but it has gotten pretty severe over the last 3000 miles. It happens every time I drive it, without fail.

    I've also noticed that sometimes it doesn't want to start. That is REALLY embarrassing. I paid 19,000 for a car that won't start half the time? It usually only chokes once and then it will start, but still...that's extremely annoying.

    Any thoughts? Should I take it in to the dealership or is that just part of owning a Caliber and I'm just going to have to deal with it?
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Hi jessica c09 sorry to hear your having problems with your Caliber.
    First thing I have to ask is have you been back to the dealer?
    You should rally push them as you have a warranty so take
    advantage of it,if you feel that particular dealer is not addressing
    your concerns or treating you as some do when it comes to
    women owners find another one they MUST honor your warranty
    no matter if you bought from then or not.
    Hiway noise is directly linked to the tires,if you notice when you drive
    on relatively new asphalt things quiet down considerably.
    Vibrations while stopped may be a exhuast pipe alignment
    problem and it's rubbing or touching the body while under tension.
    Creaking or grinding at slow speeds could be brakes or steering
    You didn't indicate if you have a CVT(automatic) or standard shift
    but if you have the CVT the car does have a slight jump or funny
    feeling at abt 20 mph,that's the transmission and that is normal.
    I have a SXT also and have had no problems in 2 yrs of ownership,
    I admit the CVT tranny does take some time to feel right.
    I would take it to the dealership with a written list of concerns
    and if they try to fluff you off find another plus call Chrysler
    customer service and register your concerns.
  • I purchase my caliber in march of this year. its 4cy 2.0L with auto trans. i have currently a little bit under 7000miles and i been expreince some jerking when i let off the gas pedal. the dealership where i live said that its suppose to do that because slows the car down when deacceration. Right now i am not having any problems with my car. i did pay the extended warranty. My car does not have any extras in it ( no power windows,power lock, criues control) nothing like that. I had car that was 10 yrs old and none of the windows would rolls down and you had to opem the locks maunlly . that is why i bought a car with no extras, because i do not plan on selling this car anytime soon. i do not know if having all the extras in having something to do with, but it should not. i have been around cars since i was kid.
  • I own a 2007 Dodge Caliber and have had my automatic transmission replaced at 32,000km's do to stalling issues. The weird thing to this is i looked at the work order and i noticed it had said the transmission fluid was burnt. With reading that it kinda got to me if these tranny's are even good lol. Well the dealer replaced it and not even two days after that i was driving home and the cooling line on the new tranny blew. And i had the car towed back in. What i am getting at is i had my car since oct 2006 and had it in 40 times for warranty work. Including a new water pump too.

    Stuff i have noticed and still taking it in for are:

    - Jerkiness in the tranny when letting the gas pedal go and resuming.
    - Door panels are coming loose and rattle in back right after having no bass applied
    - Front two rotors warped. (they want to charge me for diagnose on this i have a 7 year / 160,000 warranty lol ) vibration in steering wheel when braking.
    - back drums are sticking when you let go and apply bracks (dealership tighten them when i was in one time before)
    - getting a hollow and loose noise from front end when going over minor bumps (keep saying they can't find problem)
    - power steering pump loud sometimes
    - both front doors window motors being replaced.
    - just had front left tie rod replaced recently.
    - two front speakers being replaced.

    The warranty work on my car seems endless lol.......
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Wow certainly sounds like you got the pick of the litter!
    I can't say that I have had any of those concerns come up
    and I am at almost 30,000km the car has only been back
    to dealer for free oil/filter changes and 1 computer update
    at my request.
    Good luck!
  • Boy are you thinking to get out of that car early. I bought a 2006 Caliber R/T and if you look for the subject Dodge Caliber with cupping and alignment problems you will see that I DUMPED my car and bought a used Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Now I am driving a real solid car!! the CVT will not be the only problems that you will be dealing with. Read as much as you can about the Caliber problems in other posts as you will be convinced to get out of your lease asap. Don't run....walk. ;)
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