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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • andanandan Posts: 2
    After what seems like a continuous stream of visits to the Dodge dealership with my 2007 Dodge Caliber with the CVT (biggest joke ever), they think they have it fixed. I purchased the car new in March 2006 when they first came out. The car has had a noise in the front end like a squeaking/screaching noise when you hit bumps. After 6 visits of the dealership "could not duplicate problems" I convinced the service manager to test ride the car with me. We didn't make it off the lot before he heard the noise. They replaced the rack and various other steering parts. Had the car 8 days but could not provide a rental. Go figure. During the same time frame, the transmission would just quit, causing the car to slow to a crawl. They reporgrammed the Transmission Control Module twice in a three year period. Now that the car is out of warranty, the Transmission Control Module went out. So, a car that has 41,367 miles on it just cost me $1000.00 to be able to drive it. The service attendant told me i'd be back within the next six months for a new transmission as every Caliber they have seen with the CVT that the module goes out in, the transmission dies shortly thereafter. Chrysler of course says they have no knowledge of these problems, yet the transmission is on national back order and will take up to 4 weeks to get. The time has come for me to trade the first brand new car I have had. My roommate tried to convince me that a Scion was a better choice. Now his has more than twice the miles on it, and we take it everywhere we go as we never know if the Caliber is going to just crap out for no reason again. The transmission issue has been popping up every so often with the car. I agree, time to look at anything but Dodge for a replacement.
  • I have the same exact problem. I have 65,000 miles on my 2008 dodge caliber r/t. I took it to the dealer today and they told me to contact chrysler because i don't have a warranty on it anymore. So i contacted chrysler and worked something out with them because apparently this is a very common problem with them. Well they agreed to pay all but 1,000 of the transmission which i agreed to because hey the new trans is 4grand! But mine was making the whining noise and it gets louder the faster i drive. So i reccomend calling chrysler and filing a complaint with them and seeing what they can do for you. But after you file a complaint you will have to take it to a dodge dealer and pay them to look at the trans and talk with chrysler and work something out. Good luck
  • I have this same issue with my 2007 caliber. I have had the transmission replaced (it was a rebuilt transmission). It worked for a month and then my car wouldnt drive over 10 mph. I had a well established mechanic take a look and he said the transmission lost communication with the computer. He reprogramed the computer and had me test drive it for a week. Six days later I am still experiencing the same problem. The mechanic told me it must be an internal issue and wants to try to replace the transmission again. I was curious if you had any luck in finding out what fixed your car or if your car is still having problems.
  • Got mine back on Dec 31. It's a lot better, but still some occasional hesitation at just on 2000 rpm. We'll see how it goes. Since I'm retired, I don't drive it very much.
  • my wife bought a dodge caliver 07 , new zero miles on it , A MONTH later battery light comes on ! fine took it to dealer problem fixed , a week later air bag light comes on , another trip to the dealer , two months later abs light , at this point im like WTF !!!! not again , the same day anti theft light comes on . took it to the f$% dealer again !! so months later im driving on the high way with 2 day old baby , car goes off ! while driving it .
    next day back to dealer , problem was alternator with only 15k on it . next battery , wheel hub , spindle , wheel bearing , all of those parts were repleaced when tha car was ONLY one year old !!!

    current problems with car , bad ignition , keypad does not work what a pain in the ^%$ i have to get in to opend the gate ! and be the last person to leave the car with the driver side door close to lock all of the other doors . oh two rear shocks making noise , the engine vibrates alot ! sometimes it even goes off , and it also is very loud , i hate it . transmission has a loud noice ....
    DO NOT EVER BUY ONE OF THIS CARS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • purchased new July 31, 2009. Transmission noises began in 2010. Makes grinding noise when first starting it until speed of 20 - 25 MPH reached. Sounds like a whine, and a metal-on-metal grinding noise. Recently on one short jaunt, of about 1 mile stop and go city driving, the sound was like that of a roaring elephant, would last 4 or 5 seconds, stop for about 4 or 5 seconds, and repeat, continuously for the entire 1 mile trip. The grinding noise was severe. The car then sat for about an hour while I was on my errand, and the return trip was fine. This does not happen every day. Perhaps once a week. Some weeks three times. I cannot "make" the car do this. Nor can the mechanics at two different Dodge dealers. They can't find anything wrong. It is a CVT transmission. Yes, the shift is firmly in gear. The car is garaged, and we live in a mild climate area. If something is wrong, why can't a mechanic diagnose it? If something is grinding, whining, would there not be tell-tale symptoms in the system? There are other problems like the cabin filling with gas fumes but that may well be the subject of another post.
  • During the past summer my 2007 dodge caliber done the same thing as everybody else, the transmission messed up at 54,000 miles. Thinkfully we bought the warranty. Well low and behold, its been about 8 months, and we are at 68,015 miles and the transmission is gone AGAIN!!!!! What a bunch of bull, doesnt help the matter that the dealership that worked on it during the summer left a VERY IMPORTANT bolt out and so now we are waiting to see what else has been screwed up. HELP!!!! Check the value of the dodge caliber it is pathetic. DODGE owes us all!! They screwed up and left the customers paying, I will NEVER buy another dodge chrysler jeep product EVER in my life. Im gonna end up taking a $5,000.00 loss just on the car value alone much less what they screwed up when they didnt bolt transmission back together with the car. Im just gonna eat it and get the POS out of my life ASAP.
    FOR SALE 2007 POS Dodge Caliber, will not get u anywhere for longer than about 15,000, and dont forget that Dodge will just IGNORE all the issues with it.:mad: :cry: :(
  • My car has 54,000 miles on it. I have the rxt awd model. At 33,000 i had my transmission replaced. This was in Nov 2008. 2 years later, i am having the same problems again. Currently at dealership waiting for a transmission control module.
    I love the car, but after this, i may have to trade in for something else.
  • Yes, this is me again. Problem solved. Traded my car.

    The end. Thanks for reading.
  • My 2007 Dodge Caliber has been having problems starting in the cold (-10F to 15F here in Anchorage, AK). The car has 68,500 miles. It doesn't act up when the engine block heater is plugged in. But sometimes after sitting outside all day at work, it chugs and clicks but doesn't like to turn over upon starting. We solved the problem by turning the key, letting the fuel injector click a few times and then starting it. The battery checks out as good, with voltage 12.9-13V. We also put in some fuel injector cleaner with each re-fuel.

    Four days ago, the car was parked in the warm garage and did not start. There was clicking but no issues with the lights, stereo, etc. My husband checked the battery voltage (which appeared just fine) and borrowed a computer code reader from his work buddy. The error code message gave us 6 error codes stating there was an error with the transmission control module upon trying to start the engine. Upon research online, it appears a lot of CVT Calibers are having similar issues. So with no way to clear the computer code or to potentially repair the transmission control module, we did the only thing we could do: Call the dealership.

    The car was towed and the dealership said that they couldn't get any error codes without installing an new battery. How did my husband get the error codes on the same battery, not more than 12 hrs before? The dealer said they couldn't read any codes without a new battery installed. So, we agreed to have the new battery installed.

    Nevertheless, the dealership said that with the new battery installed, no error codes were coming up upon startup. It just sounds fishy.... Why would a bad battery give you transmission error codes? Why not "low voltage"?? I just have a gut feeling that they reset the computer, as there probably is a technical service bulletin out for this error, given all the complaints I've read online...
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    A weak battery can indeed cause transmission errors. Since the computer controls the powertrain, voltage fluctuations (even slight/quick ones) can prevent the car from operating properly.

    A reading of 12.9 volts is actually on the low side of acceptable. A properly charged system should be in the low 14s. Readings below 13 mean the battery is starting to show difficulty holding a charge, and extreme cold like AK can accelerate failure with little or no warning.

    If you've noticed that the car starts almost instantly with the new battery compared to some cranking with the old one, then the decision to change batteries was likely a good one.

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  • jlhartjlhart Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2010 caliber last fall having same scraping noise. People are telling me they cant hear it ? That is nuts is loud especially happens at a slow roll or approaching a stop ( no brakes on) then after stop and I hit the gas... scraping? Have not brought it in to be looked at as I was thinking it was nothing but it is driving me nuts. Also car feels sometimes like it is going to stall.
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    I had purchased an extended warranty when I got the car, so I was out of pocket only $100. My problem was after the replacement, I often have a hesitation on acceleration from a stop at about 2000 rpm. Dealer couldn't fix it so last Dec they decided it had to be a bad tranny and put another used one in. Better, but I still have the hesitation. Then, last month I had a leaking rear main seal. Again only $100 out of pocket.
  • Just reached 80,000 on my caliber and the transmission started going. Headed to the chevy dealer and they gave me a deal I could not turn down.

    Before this, in December I had to put a new front end in.

    It also chewed up tires pretty bad. Was recommended to have my tires rotated on every oil change.

    Lesson learned. 1st time ever buying a dodge, and my last. Ironically, my hubby had a dodge durango. Same problems with the tires and lots of front end problems.
  • cartmanfcartmanf Posts: 1
    I agree with all of you. My wife was driving the caliber last evening, coming home from a meeting 110 km away. She called me about half way stating that the car will not change gears. She drove 60 km in 1st gear. Took it to a shop today and they say that the transmission is shot. This is just another issue I have had with my 2007 rxt Caliber. Driving me crazy. I bought this car for the fuel economy and to decrease repair costs but along with my payments I am averaging $800 per month with this beast. 2 more years of payments for this piece of crap. I will never buy another Dodge again. Lesson learned.
  • I bought my 2008 Caliber new when my KIA Optima seemed to be impossible to fix. I bought the extended warranty because I was upside down on my trade in and was driving 106 miles a day to and from work. Back before 60,000 miles, while at the dealership for an oil change, I asked them about servicing the air conditioner and transmission since I had received coupons for both in the mail. I was told that my a.c. was good for five years, and that because I had the CVT transmission, I did not need to do anything to it until 100,000 miles. This is not what the book said, but I do believe I asked them to document that in their computer. Anyway, just the other day, I was returning home from my son's house when what I thought was the temperature gauge came on and the car started stalling.(It's the same symbol as what is by the engine temperature gauge.) I was about fifteen miles from my boyfriend's house, so I called him to see what I should do. Mind you, I was on the interstate with Memorial Day traffic around me. I drove on to his house, extremely loud and embarrassing whining noise and all, where I got out the book to see what that indicator light meant. Come to find out, when the car is driven for long periods of time in hot temperature, the light will come on and the transmission will slow down automatically. Now, I don't know where you all live, but 93 degrees, which was the temperature at the time, in the southwestern part of Georgia, is NOT hot! My drive was only about 80 miles, and about half of that was at 55-60 mph. I had hoped to make a trip to Texas this summer, but like I told my boyfriend, I'd be asking for trouble if the car were to do that between here and there, so I guess that's out. I have less than 85,000 miles on my car, and four more years of payments. I'm praying that the car will hold out that long! If there is any legal action being taken by anyone, I'd really like to know!
  • Just out of curiosity, do you recall what they said specifically was wrong with the tranny that it needed to be replaced?

    Having some issues with my R/T, kinda scared about what this is gonna run me.

  • Just out of curiosity, do you remember what precisely was wrong with the tranny that it needed to be replaced?
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    According to my dealer, the transmission is non-repairable. If there is any problem, you just replace it. No diagnostics.
  • bought a dodge caliber in 2008 three years later with 71,000 miles later and my transmission is slipping. Took it to a tansmission shop and they took one look at it and already new from other cleints that also own this kind of dodge crap that it was darn ol' cvt transmision. Now the shop that i took it to was a good friend who own a very reliable transmission shop called Golden Empire Transmission and he told me some interesting facts. (1) That no transmision shop wood deal with this transmission and warranty the work due to the fact that no one makes a rebuild kit and no one will rebuild it. (2) that i could buy a used one for $1200 to $3800 used with about roughly 70 to 80 thousand miles on them with no warranty and still be facing what i am facing now.(3) Was told that these cvt transmissions have a life expectly of 100k to 130k thats it and then you need to replace.(4) He also informed me on how this transmission was created,when,and on how it works. So here we go, This transmission was designed in the 70's in chevy vega's at wich time the economy hit a low and unexpected downfall in wichtime some idiot decided to disign a cheap and economical way to build a transmission thus this piece of crap the cvt was born. Now in 2002 don't know if you remeber but nissan came out with a shiftless transmision and so on that note the cvt was re-intraduced to the general public. Thanks alot nissan if it weren't for you we wouldn't have all bought a piece of crap... and last but not least how it works ,welll ... normal transmission have rails, and on these rails are clutch packs and gears well what the cvt tranny is that it still has rails with clutch packs but instead of gears that mesh when a shift arm move the gears to align well in stead there are bands or belts some may call them, that work together instead of the gears. Thus the big problem of the cvt tranny... Because Belts have a certain life till they slip or fail and that my people is why a hate my dodge caliber.. Ohh if your wandering a new transmission for these vehicles are around $6800 from dealer who in my town will only install new, My car only bluebooks at $6400 with bad tranny. Soooo i hate to say but im getting rid of this piece and building my Bmw 525I up because its already a better car eaven if it is 16yrs old. Thank you for reading and hope i could shed some light on the piece of crap DODGE calls CALIBER. tHANK YOU,,,,,,,,
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