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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • kevsmerckevsmerc Posts: 1

    Hi my 2008 Calibers tranny is going out 90k on it has been great till now was informed because I dint have a 5yr inspection done last year it is not covered by the LIFETIME warranty that it came with I prob would of had inspected which is crap but I had no idea it was supposed to be inspected and now I am __it out of luck I would do suit. Oh by the way the tranny has a bad whinning growling sound

  • edgarskiedgarski Posts: 1

    Hi. I have a 2008 Caliber SXT Automatic and is going 98Ks on it. Recently I noticed on decelaration after running above 60ks, when gradually applying breaks or just letting your foot of the pedal to a rolling stop, the dial stays on at 1300 RPM and after about 2-3 seconds it falls down on normal idling 700-800 rpm when you hit the breaks for a full stop.. Seems like a bit of delay getting to its normal idling. Is this normal ? So when this is happening you will hear two (2) engine sound, the car is already slow and you will still hear the engine revving at 1300 RPM, when u hit the breaks, you will hear the engine slows down and comes to idling .. sound like Engine breaking a manual car... but for an Automatic transmission, it should be gradual.. is my transmission failing? Acceleration is normal... Thanks for any tip/experience you can share. Cheers.

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