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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • sunshine126sunshine126 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber that is going into the dealership for it's 4th transmission... YES 4th. The one that came in the car when I bought it new, plus 2 more and now another in a few days. So glad I bought the extended warranty, so I don't pay anything out of pocket, (or it would be $2500 each time). This is getting ridiculous. Why can't they resolve this problem?
  • My wife and I have a 2010 Caliber. Problem is on numerous occasions, after driving at highway speeds upon exiting a ramp where only a slowdown is necessary to negotiate the ramp, upon attempting to merge with traffic, the car does not respond as if the transmission is slipping. More than a half dozen times this has occurred, once happening each time the car was brought to a stop and then attempting to pull out. The car just doesn't go as if (with a regular transmission) it is missing 1st or 2nd gear. Took it to the dealership and they can't find anything wrong. They say since it isn't 'tripping codes' in the computer, they can't do anything. Apparently since the computer says nothings wrong, I am the idiot! But the computer doesn't drive the car, I do! It's back at the dealership once again for them to 'take a look at it' but the whole thing is pissing me off. Any thoughts? :mad:
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Since my original replacement of the transmission 2 years ago, I have had a similar problem. From a standing start, the power will die at about 2400 rpm for a few seconds, then the power will kick back in. The dealer could find no fault, but they could feel the loss of power. They even went as far a replacing the transmission with a 2nd used one, but that didn't cure the problem. It doesn't happen as often as it used to. I've just gotten used to it. My car is a 2007.
  • i have a 2007 caliber r/t that did same thing. wouldn't show a code. but don't blame the car, blame the dealership mechanics who aren't knowledgable about the cars they repair. when i explained to the mechanics at my dealership they instantly agreed that it was the throttle positioning sensor. that was 3years ago and hasn't done it since. i hope that helps.
  • Thanks for that info. I don't blame the car. I am unhappy with the service (or lack thereof) from the dealership. I know something is wrong but they seem to not believe so. Let's see what they tell me this time. They have had the car since monday morning and I haven't heard anything yet! :confuse:
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Stopped at my dealer today and talked to them about the above suggestion. According to them, the sensor is part of the throttle body assembly and that part is over $250. One of the tech's suggested that the throttle body assembly needs to be cleaned. He described the problem exactly as when accelerating gently from a stop, the throttle sticks starving the engine and then kicks open giving full power. I'm taking the car in next Wed. Will report back the results
  • anyone has clutch pedal problem?
  • While driving the car my husband heard a loud thump towards the front end of the car and then it started acting like it didn't want to drive. I'm thinking its the transmission but I don't know for sure.
  • Have diagnostic testing done to see if it is your Throttle Position Sensor. I have to have mine replaced. 237 dollars. You have to get it a Dodge Dealership.
  • First check your barrings, near your alternator.. my car was making whining and clicking.. They are to small barrings, near your alternator. My mechanic had to order them thru a Dodge Dealership, guy told him it wasn't that, he never had to replace it. My mechanic changed them, and now no noise. Dealerships dont know jack.
  • brad94brad94 Posts: 2
    My transmission just went out yesterday about 3 pm. I heard a loud thump just like what your husband is describing. Then after that there was a sound of internal moving parts clunking together. Mine is an 07. It went to the dealership on a flat-bad. Less than 46,000 miles. 3 blocks away from home. 4 of us pushed it home. You can tell the dealership the exact same thing happened to the exact same person. My name is Brad by the way, just assumed your screen-name was some reference to your name as well. That is your transmission. That is what my car is at the dealership for. There is hold in it and I gave the dealership the bag of parts that fell out on the concrete as well. All of the fluid leaked out on the pavement.
  • brad94brad94 Posts: 2
    My transmission went out yesturday. Can you tell me what the dealer gives as the reason for this problem ? 46,000 miles, and this is the first time this happened to me. They are telling me they have never seen this before. Well this has happened to you 4 times. I purchased the car new in 2007, and have driven it carefully. I was coasting to a stop yesturday when I heard a load clunk. Then I heard parts clunking together. When I stopped the car transmission fluid was spilling out all over the ground. They are telling me they have never seen this before, and they are saying they did not recieve the bag of broken metal I picked up off of the ground and gave to the tow truck driver.
  • Hi,
    I just bought a 2007 Caliber with 61,000 miles on it and the dealership replaced the transmission. I went on a trip and the car started lurching at 65mph and at 70mph.
    It was okay at 60mph. The next day it was lurching or jumping and the rpm needle would move 5 to 10 rpm and by the end of the trip I couldn't accelerate and almost got hit trying to cross an intersection. I took the car in monday morning and they sent it to a Dodge dealership next door (they are Buick GMC) and I was told the problem was that the new transmission needed software upgrades. My question was why was my dealership putting in a transmission that they don't have computers for?

    I'm not sure if I should stay with this car (I love it, the first car I've ever loved) or get something else? I have an extended warrenty. Any thoughts?
  • Hello cali124,

    I would have the same question that you have - why is a GMC dealer making repairs to my Dodge Caliber that they are not familiar since they failed to preform the proper software upgrades.

    Personally, I would keep the Dodge Caliber but make sure I request for the vehicle to be sent to an authorized Dodge dealer for any possible future repairs instead of having the GMC dealer try to service.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • I bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber and noticed when I first start the car up, when trying to accelerate or when I go from a turn to straightening the car out, my car jumps. It's almost as if the engine is stalling or jumps to the next gear but the entire car thrust forward quickly three times. It sounds as if I just ran over three pot holes. Any ideas? It's only within the first time starting it up for the day for about 5 min. I know it has a CVT transmission but this doesn't seem normal. It had all the updates to the software. A new fuel injection sensor. New suspension belts, and new ball joint/tire rods. Also when I'm at around 70 mph the rpm needle will jump about half way an it wil thrust forward a bit but not like the jumping mentioned before.
  • I bought this car with 8 miles on it, I loved it for about the first 3 months, then got an oil change and from there it was one front drivers control arm after the next I've had them replaced like 6 times, not kidding/ exaggerating. The last two times (both within 8 months of each other) I had to have my front struts replaced because of excessive play. Two weeks ago I bring the stupid thing in for check engine bc the speed control censor is experiencing issues. They "Fix it" then over the weekend the friendly check engine light pops right back up. I bring it back in and explain that this is a joke they should have fixed it. Now I'm being told that calibers are temper-mental and they believe that my electronic panel is experiencing issues now they have to go through chrysler technical support. Never again Dodge never again.
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Took my 07 Caliber into the dealer on Mon due toa scraping sound from the front. Dealer said it need new front brakes, front struts were leaking and oil pan was rusting at 73K miles. This is after 2 trannys and multiple other problems. I said enough is enough. On Wed I went to a local Toyota dealer and traded the Caliber in on a 2013 RAV4.
    Wife is happy. She hated the Caliber. Would not drive. She has an 06 Rav and we will trade that one in for a 2014 next winter.
  • jbraden1jbraden1 Posts: 2
    Our Dodge Caliber has 74,000 miles on it and we began to hear a loud whining noise..turns out it is that wonderful CVT Transmission that has to be replaced. I called their customer service and of course they claim that they haven't heard of any problems with the transmission of these vehicles. Well, when we pulled into the dealer Ringgold Chrysler Dodge, we parked right next to one that is exactly like ours and was in for the exact same problem. (one of their service men let that slip) Our estimate is $3000.00 bucks!!! Now we know of 4 other people who have had the exact same problem plus the one that is sitting in their service center right next to ours. I don't blame the guys at our dealership, I blame Dodge for not recalling this piece of junk transmission!! We also had the problem with the control arm on the front wheel. I wasn't aware of that being another consistant problem with the car until I started checking into transmission problems. The mechanic said that we were lucky our front wheel didn't fall off!!! Anyone here interested in helping put together a Class Action Lawsuit???
  • I let my 08 Caliber go back to the bank. I felt guilty about trying to pawn the car's problems onto an individual. I only had the car for 3 years. The car needed a transmission at 20,000 miles and was on its way on another at 30,000. It was worth the hit to my credit to get rid of it.
  • jbraden1jbraden1 Posts: 2
    I wanted to buy a Ram or a Jeep so bad I couldn't stand it. I love their look and had planned on buying one or the other this fall. I thought they had stepped up their quality but obviously, I was mistaken. I am so disappointed in how Dodge is handling the problems with the Caliber, I will NEVER EVER buy one of their products again period! I finally got a customer service supervisor on the phone (took nearly a week) and she did tell me that once the transmissions are recalled, I can file a claim for a refund....I don't think I will be holding my breath!!! They don't give a crap about their customers or backing their products. I hope Fiat owners or potential NEW Fiat owners will read up on these problems since Fiat owns a major part of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, they are all one and the same!!!
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