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Audi A3 Transmission Problems



  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    Shipo, you are a very smart man, but with all due respect, in the auto world, not websters, the DSG transmission is not an AUTOMATIC..."period, full stop, the end." ;)

    sorry, bud, it's a manual minus the 3rd pedal.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "sorry, bud, it's a manual minus the 3rd pedal."

    Yup, and in my book (and aparently others' as well), that makes it an Automatic. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    fair enough.:)
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    how's this:

    It's not a traditional manual, nor a traditional "automatic."

    now, everyone's happy.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Fair enough. ;-)

    In the words of my twelve year old, "Peace Out!"

    Best Regards,
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    2.0T DSG here; 2k miles
    Recently, the DSG has developed a nasty habit of lurching / clunking on the shift. This occurs when the car is well warmed up (driven at least 10 miles - normal commute is shorter, so has not been a daily issue).

    When warmed up, the DSG will shift hard when coming to a stop with light pressure, or when accelerating from a stop with light throttle. I am able to get it to not occur with heavy throttle / heavy braking from / to stops. However, while a possible solution for some circumstances, this is definitely not possible when trying to pull into our garage. Then, the transmission clanks pretty loudly, and lurches when it does engage. Not good for parking in a garage.

    We're taking it in soon. Just wondering if anyone else has run into a similar problem. (if so, has it been solved? what solution?)

  • drkosmodrkosmo Posts: 2
    Hi dbt!
    Your problem with "lurching" describes my experience exactly. My 2006 2.0T DSG (7K mi) had given me no trouble until coming off a highway recently to stop at a traffic light at the bottom of the off-ramp. Then I received this severe jolt, and the car "lurched" forward. "Damn, I have been hit" I thought. Except there was no-one behind me! From this point on, this bang and lurch recurred every time I had to come to a stop and remained in "D", like for traffic lights.
    The DSG appeared to be trying to find neutral, couldn't, and then slammed the box into the nearest gear it could find. It instantly backed out of that gear, then tried again. This sequence was repeated about every two seconds or so. Once I applied some gas and moved off, things seemed to behave normally. Selecting "N" cured the "lurching", but you can't drive in neutral! Getting the car into a nearby parking garage was a nightmare! This symptom occurred in any of the "drive" positions of the shifter: R, D, or S. Not in P or N. I did not try the paddle shifter manual mode. Allowing the car to cool down for a couple of hours made no difference.
    So I called Audi Roadside Assistance, which worked, and had the car towed to the nearest Audi service, about 20 miles away. That cost me the rest of the day, and the rental of a car to get me back home again, 140 miles away.
    Next day I was contacted by that Audi service dept, and told "we can find no problem with your A3". So now what do I do? I considered this problem potentially dangerous, besides destructive to the gearbox.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • gjmogulgjmogul Posts: 1
    I have the 2006 Audi A3 with the 3.2 turbo, DSG, 851 miles on it and, unfortunately, the same problem you are experiencing. It's kind of comforting to know I am not the only one. If you (or Audi) comes up with a solution, please be sure to post it. To tell you the truth, I think we have a potential safety problem here because the lurching makes it hard to control the vehicle in very slow, stop-and-go traffic. The problem driving into the garage (which I have also experienced) is minor compared to driving into the rear of the car in front of you. Good luck.
  • drkosmodrkosmo Posts: 2
    An update to my post #138.....

    Dover (NH) Auto World Porsche/Audi could find no "lurching" problem with my A3. They road tested it for about 50 miles, after "performing basic settings", and declared it good to go. And indeed, it has run sweetly ever since! But every time I come to a stop in traffic I fear a return of the lurching syndrome. This fear does detract from the experience of driving this otherwise delightful, responsive little wagon.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Well, our A3 has been sitting at the dealer for 25 days now. The service guys think it's a transmission control module error, that has led it to try to shift into 2 gears at once. Something about the adaptive transmission. Been waiting for a part for days, and days, and days. Days turn into weeks, weeks into ...

    Meanwhile, we get the good fortune to drive a Pontiac Grand Prix for the past 25 days.

    So for now, cannot tell you whether the new part (whenever it might arrive) may resolve the issue.

    I'll just say that if you have a DSG, I hope your transmission doesn't try to adapt the way ours did :(
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Part in today (Mechatronic), replaced; for now, car has not replicated the problem from before.

    Another Audi forum has many other owners having this problem. search for audi a3 forums enthusiast avant

    Happy to say goodbye to the Grand Prix, and hello again to the A3.
  • bmx43bmx43 Posts: 5
    yes. per my earlier posts, i have had similar and other problems with this tranny since i bought the car in April. i now have around 2500 miles on the car and the problem is only getting worse. it seems that you have 2 choices with the car: searching and lurching. searches in the manual mode, and lurches in the auto mode.

    i have owned 5 audis. i will NEVER buy another audi with an auto transmission.

    and also, the "no problems found" is the standard line from Audi. i have a lot of experience with them. they never ever admit there is a problem until they get sued. audi usa sucks.
  • naanaa Posts: 4
    Hi, I have a 6 wk old Audi which required a new clutch. Audi claimed the clutch failure was due to improper use of the transmission! The cost of the new clutch was VERY high. How may I find information to counter Audi's claim, info that I might, if necessary, use in Small Claims Court?
  • What did Audi ask to replace the clutch? I remember one poster here quoting around $1400 or so.

    If you do a web search for Audi forums, you should find several additional sites to which you can post to and possibly get answers from.
  • it possible to hose the Audi DSG clutch by manual operation?

    With a clutch pedal, it's certainly possible. But DSG's don't have one!!
  • My 2003 Audi A3 is on it's third clutch at 60,000 miles. i've driven clutches my whole driving life (too many years to count). they keep telling me it's driving error and the 2003 clutches are 'super sensitive'. I think it's a problem with the clutch. what recourse do I have beside putting in a new clutch every year or selling my car? Thanks
  • naanaa Posts: 4
    Hi. We just replaced the clutch on and 06 A3. Audi claimed driver error, we paid. Perhaps a class action suit may be the answer if there are a good many of these complaints.
  • DSG (Audi's calling it S-tronic for 2007) or manual?
  • naanaa Posts: 4
    thanks for's manual.
  • I too have an 06 A3. I drive through rush hour Detroit traffic. My clutch failed just after 20K miles, guess what, I too was told that I was abusing the clutch. $2700 for clutch and fly wheel. We tried to reason with the dealer, who was rude, we called the customer relations office, they sided with the dealer. We are going to pay to get the car running, then we are going to dump it for antoher auto maker, We are also going to consult an attorney, it seems that Audi/VW has a long history of clutch failures. 70,000 were recalled that were made in 2004 with clutch failures! :mad:
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