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Ford Escape Hybrid Brake Problems



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If you have brake wear, you are not driving in the most efficient manner possible.

    You need to maximize your regenerative braking. Start braking sooner so that you don't have to press the brake as hard.

    When ever you are costing, you should lightly press the brake pedal, this will start the regenerative braking process.

  • feh06feh06 Posts: 1
    I purchased 2006 model FEH 06 found out it was a 2005 build out. i have had many issues with this car and if anyone can shed some light it would be great.

    Last week - I had the whole system light up all the electronics and gizmos - then on the disply - SAFE TO STOP. The car has over 55k on it. FORD wanted 90 per hour and 90 to put on the computer to determine problem. I was not happy and then they said there was a recall on the BAT Harness. which may have caused all the electronic failures. And then the ABS light comes on - they advised that this was not part of the problem and computer indicates that it is some where in the rear axle and could not determine if it is the rear or R or L.

    I find this strange and now my regen is not working and they 400-900 to repair the ABS.

    Can anyone give me options is this a part you chang out yourself and has there been a trend with the brake issues with the FEH 06 models made in 2005


    NOT HAPPY WITH THIS VEH - have not had good MPH
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    The first FEHs were built and sold through the summer fall and winter of 2004 as 2005MY. Every year since then, Ford has started to build the next year in the Fall of the previous year. I don't think your vehicle is so unique in that manner. For instance, the 2008 FEHs have been being delivered to folks for over 6 months now, starting early in calendar year 2007. I would estimate that close to half of all MY-s were built in the previous CY.

    Hard to advise you on what to do with the limited diagnosis you have been given, to be sure, the components in the axle related to the brakes are not hybrid unique...the Smart Junction Box that controls braking functions has been known to fail. The ABS (computer) does have a rather complex software that controls braking functions and that needs to be updated or maybe "re-flashed" to insure it is the correct configuration for your VIN#. Also, I've seen some reports of master brake cylinder change-outs that were required to solve some FEH brake problems.

    Three components: HVBattery, eCVT(transmission), and DC to DC converter are warranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles minimum. Regeneration occurs entirely within the controlled by the ABS computers.

    Good Luck
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I think your dealer is trying to *#$@ you.

    In no Cal Emissions states, the complete hybrid system has a 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty, the Ca Emission cars have an additional 10 year or 150,000 mile warranty on the HV battery.

    You need to go to a different dealer.

  • I am looking at a bill for $816.00 to fix my brake system (ABS light came on), the 4x4 system (service 4x4 message came on), and a module found in the front axle (no message came on for this). I only have 42,000 miles on this truck.

    I have repeatedly taken the truck in for squeaking noise in the front end (I even said I thought it was in the axle, but of course the service tech looked at me with the deer in the headlight look....and not even looking me in the eye...another story). I have had the truck in the shop repeatedly for a grinding noise come from the back breaks and a shuddering when I break.

    I have looked on the alldatadiy web site and noticed several TSBs that fit the problems I have. If I were to take these bulletins in, would the dealership be more helpful?

    What the devil does the module in the axle do?

    I have even lemon lawed this vehicle for transmission issues and other electrical problems.

    Any ideas?
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    At 42,000 you are in a tough spot. The dealers hands are somewhat tied and you need to contact a Ford Regional Person (exact job title ???) If you can have the dealer document any fault codes that were produced by the FEH's computer, then along with the TSBs, and any decriptions of the diagnosis and work performed......take all that to Ford and if you can match any of what you saw previous with what was eventually fixed.....then it would be up to the "Regional" Ford person to pay for the work via what they call a "good will" service. Once the dealer knows that Ford will pay the bill....they are usually more responsive, etc.

    Good Luck. :(
  • escape08escape08 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a new 08 FEH which has been giving me a chime and 'REGEN BRAKES DISABLED' warning every day on every journey the first time I come to complete stop. The only way I can then clear this and restore regenerative braking is to switch off the vehicle and restart with the key. Otherwise I only get friction brakes for the rest of the journey. Can any owners please advise how often this warning has appeared in their experience? I am operating the vehicle in 50 - 60F and this occurs at any battery state. Thank you very much.
  • maksimemaksime Posts: 8
    Hi there.

    Braking action is divided between the regen braking system and the conventional hydraulic system. The ABS unit determines the necessary amount of braking supplied by each system by evaluating inputs such as the vehicle speed and the operator's braking request, determined by accelerator pedal and brake pedal position.

    In essence when you let go the acc pedal or press on the brake pedal, the ABS sends a signal to the powertrain control module (PCM) to provide braking action by regen braking, and it does so up to a specific limit. Additional braking required which the regen braking cannot supply is then obtained by the ABS through the conventional hydraulic system.

    Where I am going with this? Your ABS might not be (or not properly) getting the input necessary to request regen braking, which prevents calculations and, as a safety measure, gives you back full control of hydraulic brakes.

    You might want to get it to a Ford dealer so they could perhaps obtain a fault code for diagnostic. You might need re programming.

    Hope this helps, please write back the outcome.

    Good luck ;)
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    My problem seems trivial and I wonder if it is normal? When the car has been parked overnight or at least several hours I get a short, metal noise while backing up when I apply my brake. It lasts a second or two.

    I would like your opinions.

  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Hard to tell from your limited description but,

    It is not too uncommon for a parking brake that has been engaged overnight to stick in place somewhat even after it has been released....and then unstick, sometimes with a thud or other noises, as the car begins to roll.
  • jurdeanjurdean Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD. It's in for service since last Friday at a local dealership. I had it in mainly for the recall. That job was done within 2 hours. It's still there, because of a noise I noticed coming from the front when braking. It only occurs when braking. Does not matter either at high or low speed. It sounds like a very low police siren noise - like a whistling sound. If I take my foot off the brake pedal - it stops. It's only when braking. It's been in the shop now since Friday. I called the dealership yesterday. They told me it's now in the hands of Ford Engineering. The vehicle is still young, with only approximately 10,500 miles on it. The noise is not terrible - it's just that I don't want to have a problem after the "warranty" period is up. I'm going to pick up the vehicle tomorrow. Until service gets back to me. I thought it was a accumulation of brake dust. But no one said that. Then I read about the rear brake pads wearing faster than the front. But I don't think it's coming from the rear. Because I hear it on the highway, at cruising speeds - when applying the brakes, with the front windows partially down. Any ideas where it's coming from? This Ford dealership is good. They've earned the "fix it right the first time" certification.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    They are probably investigating the regenerative braking components for the source of the noise. They are located inside the eCVT (transmission). Every time you hit the brake you engage the regenerative brakes to charge the HVBattery. Different shift knob positions engage the brakes in different amounts. If you heard the noise when braking in "D" and then hit the brakes again after shifting to "N" - that would be a significant clue.
  • I just had this happen to me. I took it to the dealer. They said it was the trip sensor in the master cylinder and they replaced it. It is still under warranty. I have about 22K on the vehicle.
  • jurdeanjurdean Posts: 9
    Please be more specific. ?Trip sensor in master cylinder. You got a warning message or did you hear a strange noise.
    My vehicle has only 11,000 miles logged on it. It just had the eCVT transmission replaced. I was hearing a whistling noise - like a siren - low pitch while the vehicle was travelling. 2 Detroit Hybrid familiar engineers came out to my local dealership to hear for themselves. They diagnosed that I needed a new transmission. Brand new transmission. There's no rebuilt here.....
    I have now gotten much better gas mileage. But I think I still hear the noise. I'm not sure though. I'm trying to ascertain whether the Trip Sensor in Master Cylinder might be the culprit. Thank you for responding.
  • Good day to any responders the name is Lynn I'm new to the "forum" scene so please be merciful. I have an 07 Escape that the parking brake is not properly operating. The pads/shoes are fine but when I set the parking brake the vehicle drives off as if there was no tension on the cable at all. Would a generous mechanic help me with this please ?
  • Sounds like the cable needs adjusting. That's a pretty easy and should be a CHEAP fix if it's not still under warranty.
  • patw2patw2 Posts: 1
    After traveling through the peaks of Colorado, I returned home and was about five miles from my home when the brakes failed. Two days at Ford and they told me they had re calibrated something. The next day as I entered the interstate to drive to work, they failed again. Five days later Ford told me they had replaced something that cost $2900 and bled the entire brake system. With 22,000 miles on the vehicle, I am not confident that these troubles will be over. I'm glad they didn't fail when I was cruising down a 10,000 foot summit and am nervous about the dependability of the vehicle itself and the ability of Ford service to resolve the issue permanently. I guess I will see. Anyway, Ford said they weren't aware of any issues with this year of FEH but I can see from messages here that all is not well.
  • dsteakdsteak Posts: 18
    They are absolutely aware that 2006 has issues with the brakes. Although I haven't had brake failure (knock on wood), I have had issues with the emergency brake lights coming on and the 'service brakes' message appearing.

    You can read previous posts in this forum from myself.
  • I had the exact thing happen to me yesterday. Thankfully I was only driving 25 mph coming up to a stop light in completely dry conditions when I had a total brake failure. The brake went to the floor and my abs and brake light came on. I had to use my emergency brake to stop the car so that I didn't hit the pedestrians who decided to walk out in front of my car before I was at a complete stop. My car is a 2006 FEH that I just bought from my dad in August 2007. He had never had any problems with it other than the wet brake issue (which there is a TSB out on and Ford is supposed to fix the problem; it is not a recall so they won't tell you about it!).

    Anyway, the dealership told me that I need some part that they requested from Ford. Ford put a hold on the part and are sending an inspector out. Has anyone else had this happen? I really don't want to drive the car again with everything that I have read out there. I have a 15 month old daughter and I would hate to have her in the car with me the next time the brakes go out. Any suggestions? I can't afford to buy a new car right now!
  • kengreenkengreen Posts: 2
    I purchased my 2008 FEH , new April 2007. I had read about brake lights, and brake problems in this forum, and thought probably a rare thing. Now in the last two months, it has happened to me.
    The ABS light and the check brake light would come on. After shutdown and re start it would be off, but then in a few moments come back on. A visit to the dealer, resulted in rebooting the computer. Next day same problem, dealer replaced some module(?), O.K. for a few days, then the lights again. Up to this point I still have had brakes, just with a different feeling when this happens. So again, back to the dealer. At this point, the "tech" called Detroit to consult with the engineers, they recommended replacing the master brake cylinder.
    In all of my 65 years of driving, only one of many, many vehicle had a master cylinder problem. They told me I could drive the vehicle over the weekend, until the master cylinder came in. I did. The m.c. was replaced, everything was fine, and then about two weeks later the same problem again, and again they replaced the m.c. called me and said, sorry that one had the same problem, an they replaced it again. Success, I have had it for a day, and it still works. Does Ford have a problem? I know, I have. So far, this has been covered by the 36/36 warranty, but my dealer tells me that when that's up, too bad.
    I like my dealer, he has provided me a vehicle to drive, if they need to keep mine longer than a day.
    I like my FEH, it's my 3rd Escape, and the nicest.
    Will I buy another FORD ?
    If this problem is not resolved, and if it starts costing me money. NO !
    The least Ford should do is to extend the warranty on that issue until the problem is solved.
    Ken in Sun City West, Az. :(
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