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Ford Escape Hybrid Brake Problems



  • dsteakdsteak Posts: 18
    this was an on-going problem for me from (see previous posts), and when they finally sent an engineer to my dealer to take care of it, it stopped happening for 1.5 years. however, the last 2 times i took my car in for servicing (tune-up, etc.), the problem recurred a few times right after servicing, and then not happen again. since my dealer went under, i'm taking it to a new one so i'll try and get some resolution in the future from then, maybe perform the same maintenance the other dealer did when they "fixed" it.
  • I have an '08 (bought in '07) - master cylinder completely failed after 750 miles - was replaced and no problems for almost 1.5 years, but I have periodically heard metallic sounds coming from the brakes. At first it would happen when coming out of the mountains or immediately afterward while the brakes were still hot (sounded like sand in the brakes ~16k miles) but went away and didn't repeat. Left the car to sit for ~2 months and noticed a little tarnish (could have been rust) on the exposed brake surface. Started driving again (tarnish vanished, ~20k miles) and after a month or so metallic noise (like the crappy brakes on my '93 camry) started intermittently happening sometimes when I brake and sometimes when I am just going slowly or turning (car doesn't have to be hot, 20.5kmi). Very loud sound. Wasn't repeating when I dropped it in the shop.

    2 questions. 1) Are brakes supposed to rust? The old Camry's never did. 2) Anyone worked on this problem or experienced it? Any advice?
  • marcuscrvmarcuscrv Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2006 FEH 2WD with 45,000 miles on it. When I got the car, it made a light whistling sound when applying the brakes and sometimes when the car is in electric mode and you are driving. I was looking over this forum and I have seen people with a similar complaint. The car is certified pre owned for 100k but it is only the powertran. Right now I have 25 days till the premium part of the plain runs out so I like to get it checked out and I do not want to spend the first 100 dollars again for the dealer to tell me that it is normal when it is not. From looking over your forum I tried braking in neutral and I do not get the whistle so I believe it is something in the regen braking system. The service manager tells me everyone has a low whistle and I am probably hearing the pumps. Any opinions wouls help, thanks Marc
  • jurdeanjurdean Posts: 9
    I am the original owner of a 2006 Escape with now 16,000 miles driven. From the onset, I've noticed a low whistle noise when driving - coming from the front of the vehicle. I kinda thought it was the brakes. What the service manager is telling you sounds right.
    Whether this condition is normal is for this forum to reply back.
    I'm still in the warranty period .
    Here's one for you. How do you like the ride with your Escape. I 'm keeping the tire pressure at 32 psi. Feels harsh to me when driving what I thought was like a "car" suspension. Maybe the shocks need replacement. Unless this is "normal".
  • marcuscrvmarcuscrv Posts: 4
    The car drives like a truck. I had a Honda CRV with 200K with the original shocks and it was less bumpy. However I keep the regular 35 psi in all 4 tires. The whistle sound drives me nuts.
  • dsteakdsteak Posts: 18
    i complained to ford (go to website and contact service through them). they sent a technician out from detroit (supposedly) and he fixed the constant problem. since then, it only happens once or twice after i service the vehicle and then it stops. that's not a resolution really, but it's better. but i was still under warranty at the time, i'm not anymore.

    every time i hit the brakes, i wonder though. and i always think that warning light is going to come on. not much confidence to have in a $30K+ car, sadly. i have considered trading it in.
  • The saga continues... :mad: :mad: :lemon: 2 weeks ago ABS light/service brake system message and brakes go mostly to the floor. Dealer finds codes 1524/1526 and replaces master cylinder ($1700). One week after repair same issue. Different dealer finds different code (they won't show me) indicating some ground harness. Because it's a different repair they won't honor the repair warranty from the other dealer. I referenced a recall notice regarding ABS module and they indicate I don't fall under the recall because it doesn't mention "hybrid" only regular Escapes. I am filing complaints with the BBB and the NHTSA and will NEVER buy another Ford. 1989 I bought an Escort. In the first year with 15K miles the timing belt broke. Ford would not honor that as a warranty repair stating "The warranty only covers internally lubricated parts that are NOT designed for failure and that the timing belt is DESIGNED to fail". That may be, but not in 1 year or < 20K miles.
  • jurdeanjurdean Posts: 9
    I remember a recall on my 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid dealing with Traction Battery harness - 07B48. Probably nothing to do w/ the brakes. You probably had the recall done.
    Anyway - in the time I've had this Escape - I got 3 service brake messages, while driving - there would be a "beep" and then this message would show up on the instrument panel. I would find a place off roadway to stop - shut off the vehicle and the message would go away. Then continue my trip. It wouldn't happen again. It's now been over 6 months since happening. No problems. Obviously there was some "short. I called the dealer. They told me to make an appointment for all day to check out. I don't have all day to have the Escape "looked" at. Never been to the dealer. Probably will happen again after the warranty period.
  • jurdeanjurdean Posts: 9
    Following the tire pressure placard on door- noticed that my Escape rides "rough". I think it's the shocks. Is it possible that the shocks were set up with lower tire pressures at the factory.
    I do not expect a "car-like" ride w/ this vehicle but these SUV's - Escape to me included - should ride like a car. At least when I took the test drive.
    Well - maybe I should think "truck" suspension here.
    Is it a tradeoff here - to get better gas mileage - you have to keep the tires at 36 PSI.
  • I have never received a recall notice for my vehicle. IN fact, when I mentioned several recall notices regarding this issue I was told it "doesn't apply to your vehicle because they doesn't specifically mention hybrids". My problem with pulling over and stopping the car is that I have a 3,000 foot elevation drop between my house and my office with several 10% grade areas with no shoulder. It's not a safe area to be driving and have brakes fail. And when this does occur, I have about 10% of my normal braking capability (and that's probably on the lenient side). Anyway, got the car back yesterday and drove from Denver to Dallas. No problems so far...
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    Have been reading about brake issues on Mariner and FEH's AWD's. Thanks for your concerns and advice.

    Our Mariner has a tad over 47k miles. This week there have been two occasions at startup when "service brake..." message flashed and vehicle would not start. It also made some weird noises in operation at an intersection.

    I have the camera close by and the next time it gives me a warning...I'll take a picture of the message/code.

    If the dealer tells me some baloney about there's nothing wrong,,,using the ' doubting Thomas bit'...then, when he or she is finished blabbering, then I'll produce the photo evidence.

    I know they're going to try their best to have me chase my tail for 6 months...or, if brakes fail, end up being part of my funeral...

    Heirs can participate in lawsuit..and become millionaires on my behalf....Aaahaha

    I'm partial to Ford products and hope they don't try to screw me on this issue.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,593
    If the dealer tells me some baloney about there's nothing wrong,,,using the ' doubting Thomas bit'...then, when he or she is finished blabbering, then I'll produce the photo evidence.

    That seems like the long way around. If your dealer won't simply hook 'er up to the scanner to look for trouble codes at your request I'd say you need to find another dealer.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    Thanks for the suggestion. Good idea.

    I hope to have a little leverage with a photo when I go to dealer...especially since the standard 3/36 warranty is over...even though the hybrid portion of the warranty is still in effect.

    I think it's a "system/electrical" problem due to the complex nature of the hybrid system.

    Every thing is working ok at this moment. I've played with the emergency brake to see what happens...engaging and releasing it had the effect of firming the brake pedal. Also, have verified that shifting into N will deactivate regen-braking system.

    We'll see what happens....this may be a sign that I need to let the Mariner 4x4 hybrid go and get a premium Mustang GT convertable (that I've always wanted). The metalic blue, silver, and black 2010's are looking real good now! But hate to give up the Mariner's mileage, utility, and comfort....
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    Well Heil, it's been almost 10 days and the Mariner is working perfectly. No brake problems and average mileage is staying @ 30.6 MPG's.

    Maybe there was a little dust that got removed...
  • About 2 months ago I had the tires replaced on my 2008 FEH at 34k with Michelin tires better suited to the winter weather we have here than the factory issued tires. Ever since then, occasionally when braking at low speeds, the brakes seem to slip slightly before completely engaging: brake, slip, engage. I brought the car to the dealer twice and both times was told that they did not experience the problem when they took it out on the road. Well of course not, the problem is intermittent and at slow speeds. Then the other day as I was leaving to drive lots of hills where I live, the CHECK BRAKE SYSTEM and ABS warning lights went on. I went right back home, called another dealer and made an appointment. It was a long slow drive to the dealer, not knowing what the brakes would do. They found that the EXCITER RING on the Right Front Axle was cracked and said that this caused the ABS to read incorrectly, perceiving that the right front wheel was moving faster than the other three, thereby causing the ABS to kick in. $400 dollars later (the part cost $37 of that, the rest labor to take the axle out and replace it) I drove home thinking that the problem had finally been solved. I pulled into a parking spot and the same thing happened again, brake, slip, engage. I have a call into the service department now, waiting for a reply.

    I have been reading scary accounts on line of FEH brakes failing. Can anyone tell me if they know what the root problem is, if Ford has made any comment, or are there programs to fix the problem. Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 FEH and I have had the exact same "brake light" issue". I just brought it in this morning to have it checked out because they told me that "it's safe to drive" but I need to have it checked out. Well I have a 2 year old son and the last thing that I want is for him to be in the car when the brakes become "unsafe". There is NO recall on this just a "letter from FORD" stating that there is a "corrosion probelem with the brakes in the Hybrids. This ought to be interesting.....I will post more later once I know more......
  • I feel everyone's pain. I have an 08 Mariner 4WD that has the brake 'lock/slip' problem, where sometimes it does a brake, release, engage behavior, and othertimes worse. The other day the rear brakes locked up and I had to drag the back of the vehicle for about 100 yards with locked brakes. Then when I hit the brake pedal, the wheels unlocked and I was rolling again.

    The car has been in for service for several days and I have them doing the final repair under the lemon law. They called me last night to tell me that they saw the behavior (which must mean the brake, release, engage behavior) and it is normal for the vehicle and FORD says nothing is wrong. Perhaps I didn't descripe engage properly here because engage on mine means engage to where the wheels in the back nearly lock, then release a little back to where they should be. I guess FORD considers it normal for cars to have brakes lock up, slip and slide on wet roads and ultimately cause accidents.
  • much to my surprise the problem seems to have been fixed, at least for the moment.both front exciter rings were shot, one borken and one damaged. Since they were both replaced its been smooth sailing, and in fact, the feeling of instability at higher speeds is gone. The problem here is the lousy design and poor manufacting of this element. the exciter rings are attached to the axle, and exposed to the road. All the grit, all the snow, salt, you name it. They are made of an alloy that rusts, I kept one so can see it is not a great piece of manufacturing. The first one broke clear in half, the other lost one of its "spokes" that sense the speed of the car. DEALERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS. The first dealer had no clue after several visits, but the second one said that this happens a lot, which is why the keep the part in stock, ad they located in a small town in upstate New York. Bravo to them for figuring it out. Only wish the two visits had not cost $750!

    Have the exciter rings checked on all 4 axles. Good luck.
  • Hi Hilltowns, I may have a similiar issue going on with my '07 Mercury Mariner Hybrid...I had my tires changed earlier this summer, and more recently I've been noticing the brake-slip-engage situation. I'm near Manchester, NH and because the problem is intermittent, the dealer in town drove it and it wouldn't happen for them. The problem is getting worse, I copied your post and sent it to them, and plan to bring it back and insist that they check the exciter rings on all four wheels.
  • about a month ago my 2007 FEH started to jump when braking down to a stop
    it would occur at about 15mph or less, intermitently. now it happens often.
    i sometimes coast in neutral to a stop sign to avoid it happening. does anyone else experience this? it seams to be front brakes
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