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Toyota Matrix Tire/Wheel Questions



  • 124spider124spider Posts: 5
    After noticing the front tires were really worn (no wonder the leftward drift seemed to have lessened in the last several thousand miles) I decided to go to a Goodyear store and get two new front tires. Well they suggested puttin the rear tires on the front and the new ones on the back (themplan being that I would replave them down the road as I wasn't ready buy four tires sine I really had my doubts the new rubber would fix anything). Well...the drift was as bad as it ever was so I took it back and had them put the new tires on the front and it finally drove straight!!!!! I immediately HD them put two new ones on th rear so I have a ll new rubber and can now rotate normally

    I guess on my situation the tires were defective. I'm amazed that at mo time did the dealers suggest this. The very most I would have insisted on was that they give a me a super discounted price on new tires or split the cost with me. I went throfuh so much grief with them over this I finally gave ip and just drove the car with the drift (the front tires wore because I didn't rotate them as I didn't want to risk alterring it once the dealer got it pulling slightly less last year). Anyhow I guess it is possible for the tires to have been bad from the get go.
  • circuitsmithcircuitsmith Posts: 117
    My 2006 base Matrix 5-speed wears the inside edges of its Continental tires. The alignment is good, camber is modest, regular rotations etc. A couple days ago I thought of a stop-gap solution to do before the edges are too far gone.

    I just went to a tire shop and had them remove the tires from the rims, flip 'em over, remount and balance. So now the worn edges are on the outside. Cost $109. The tire tech was skeptical, but hey, I'm paying...

    I haven't had her up to highway speed yet but the handling feels OK and the tires are much quieter at 30mph. I got 16K miles out of one set of edges and if I can get another 16K I'll be satisfied.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 469
    Today I replaced the Goodyear Eagles on our 2003 AWD with Yokohama AVID / V4s. Tread wasn't shot on the Eagles, but I could see that all the tires were showing wear. The technician confirmed that only one of the tires was cupped. They checked the alignment and said it was exactly on target. Unless there was a significant problem with alignment at some point in the past (not that I'm aware of), it was a problem with the tire.
  • Three weeks later the tires are working fine. The $109 was for flipping all 4 tires on their rims.
  • thoughthough Posts: 7
    this seems like a "band-aid" approach to the problem, not a fix. i posted my fix previously in the thread and don't know for sure if it works 100% yet. i'll find out when i put new tires on in a couple months and drive on them....
  • It's a "band-aid" that should just about double the life of my tires. Yes, I've seen your previous posts and we had an exchange before. The difference is I don't have the camber problem you had, so your fix does not help me.
  • thoughthough Posts: 7
    are you 100% sure it's not a chamber problem? you have to get your car checked out by someone very knowledgeable and isn't trying to make a ton of $$ off of you...
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    just going through some old posts since I am having similar problems.
    It's definitely not a tire issue, but an alignment issue.
    What I need to know is, why is the rear going out of alignment so easily after only 6000k.

    The first time my rear alignment was out (toe in) it chewed my Bridgestone serenity's with only 30,000k down to slick. After realignment at 6000 kms it's happening again with mainly highway driving. The outside tread is wearing faster.
    Any ideas what's causing the alignment to go out? Dealership has inspected the rear suspension and sees no indicators.
  • I guess I am not alone with the tire problems that I encountered. Went for an inspection and my mechanic showed me wear on the inside of the front tire after 34,000. I had rotated bur maybe not enough. I still thought that tires lasted longer than that. Should I call the dealer or just get the tires and alignment and call it a day ?
  • you better read through this entire thread. an alignment will most likely NOT fix the problem....
  • Whatever you decide to do, contact Toyota and file a report. I think I did this on the phone. Check their website online to find a place to start. I've since sold my 2006 Matrix back to the dealer and purchased a 2009 (at zero per cent interest).
    My dealer was adding a part to the wheels that should have corrected the problem when I decided to buy the new car. Again, I'll have to go into my files to find out exactly what the part was.
    They didn't do it for free though; it cost $180 for the part and the alignment. Unless everyone reports their problem to Toyota, they won't accept (at the dealer) that this isn't your fault.
  • Does anyone know where the tpms sensors are located in a matrix? I have a 2006 AWD and my mechanic says they're not inside the wheel but on the ABS brake system. I've never heard of this before, I always thought all carmakers put them in the stem valves. How can they read the tire pressure from the ABS system? All this came about because I'm trying to put together a winter wheels/tires package so was looking to find out how much the sensors were going to be.
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    From what I understand it doesn't measure the actual tire pressure from inside the tire but senses if one tire is under-inflated by sensing the suspension is uneven
  • I think it senses the wheels spinning at different RPMs. The low tire spins faster.
  • sjoshsjosh Posts: 1
    I have 2010 Toyota Matrix with 18" tyres. Do I need chains while driving in snow?
  • The question of whether you need chains has nothing to do with the diameter of your tires.
    How much snow?
    How hilly the terrain?
    Maybe you just need snow tires.
    Happy holidays.
  • stk2stk2 Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 2006 Matrix XR All Wheel Drive. The tire pressure warning light went on and I can't get it to go off. Does anybody have any information on how to deal with this?
  • 2004 Matrix - front wheel drive - auto trans.
    Had original tires rotated as suggested and ended up replacing them @30k. Was told by Dealer the original "Continental" tires only last to about 30k. So we bought the Yokohama you mentioned. They have been on for 3-4 years and already need replacing. We have had a front end alignment per warranty for the tires purchased at Plaza tire (Forever Tire program - which I'm assuming they will not honor). This is a Toyota issue that I want to know if they have corrected. Dealers do not know anything about this (including service department) locally. We are in the market for a new one - other than the tire wear issue - we love our Matrix. Sad that Toyota won't fix this issue with the $180 part someone mentioned for newer models - unless they have fixed it. Anyone know?
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