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Toyota Matrix Tire/Wheel Questions



  • venture222venture222 Posts: 1
    General question:
    I notice that Toyota warns that low profile tires on new Corollas and Matrix's can have low life - they say less than 24,000 miles.
    The standard Corolla tires are 185/65 15 or 195/65 15 and they warn about the 195/55 16's. On the Matrix the standards are 205/55 16's and they warn about low mileage on 215/50 17's.
    It's strange that the 55's are a problem on the Corolla's but standard on the Matrix. I guess it's really not strange - the folks that want to dress their cars have been suffering with tire problems from low profile tires for a long time.
    Has anyone tried retrofitting the 185/65 15's wheels and tires from a Corolla to a Matrix?
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    My girlfriend just had her 2005 Matrix XRS serviced for oil change and tire/brake check this past weekend at our friend's shop. Our friend noticed the abnormal tire wear at the inner side of the 3 tires except the rear-right one. He explained that alignment is not the cause (we've had the dealer checked the alignment before). He suggested us to take the car back to the dealer and ask for explanation.
    The car has only 22,500 miles on it. The first time we notice there's a slight steer pull to the left. We had our shop checked and the Toyota dealer checked the alignment last year and both said alignments are okay.

    Anyways, we've booked an appointment with dealer this coming weekend to see how it goes. So far I see a lot of postings regarding similar problem but Toyota is ignoring as if there aren't enough cases to warrant a recall. :sick:
  • I've had my new '07 for about 1500 miles and haven't had a problem yet. Though there probably aren't enough miles to see it, there's no abnormal wear on my tires. There's also no pull either to the left or right; the alignment seems perfect.

    Still, after reading all of this, i'm going to keep a close eye on it, get the tires rotated every 5000 miles per dealer recommendation, and keep all of my paperwork, just in case I have to go yell at my dealer in another 20,000 miles.

    Here's hoping that they got the problem fixed for the '07's. Has anyone with an '07 experienced this problem yet?
  • brianb4brianb4 Posts: 6
    I also have a 2007 XRS with around 7,000 miles. No tire wear or pulling problems yet. :)
  • bargbarg Posts: 2
    the 2007 matrix will probably not have any tire wear issues since they are not available in 4wd. most of us having problems are on the 4wd models.2006 was the last year with the 4wd option,and in my opinion toyota quit making the 4wd because of all the tire problems with it. but the problem is toyota will never acknowledge this engineering flaw and will keep on making excuses and blaming the vehicle owners for improper tire rotation.the fact of this matter is these 4wd vehicles will always wear out the tires prematurley no matter how there rotated or how often.get rid of your 4wd matrix's or get used to replacing tires every 15,000 to 20,000 miles
  • Great to know. Thanks!
  • ar79ar79 Posts: 2
    I have an 06 Matrix that also has the abnormal tire wear. I bought it one year ago and have 15500 miles on it. I took it in a couple months ago after my dad noticed the wear problem. I've always known the car to have a pull on the steering wheel but assumed that the alignment was fine since I never hit any curbs and the car was new. They said my alignment was far off due to something I did - not true. Now the tires are rigid and it sounds like I drive a truck -tremendous amount of noise at all speeds.

    We have been calling the complaint line and are trying to arrange a meeting with a representative to have this looked at. My dad noticed the back rear tire has more of a camber than the others (you can tell just by looking at it that the tire is angled) We are demanding new tires since they are completely worn - but new tires will be no good if this problem is not fixed first.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    There IS no '07 XRS! It went away after '06, as did the AWD models. You must either have an '06 XRS that you bought in '07, or an '07 XR, I would think.

    My '07 XR is at 5000 miles, no funny tire wear to speak of, nor alignment or steering issues. I plan on doing tire rotations every 10K miles just as I always have with all my Toyotas. And my tires are the Eagles, not the Continentals, which makes me less worried about the whole thing. I have been noting tire brand every time I read one of the posts about tire wear, and the tire is always the Continental, not the Goodyear. My fingers remain crossed......

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • brianb4brianb4 Posts: 6
    My mistake. My Matrix is an '07 XR not XRS. It was also equipped with the Goodyear Eagles. At 8,400 miles, no sign of abnormal were.
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    Hi all,

    For all of you who are experiencing the same cupping/ abnormal tire wear on you Toyota Matrix, I suggest we take this to the next step by filing a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration. The Administration needs to receive enough filings before they will act and look into this matter for us, Matrix owners. Wheel and tire problems are very serious for every single one of us out there who are still driving the car.

    Here's the link:
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 792
    I think you will find that the National Highway and Traffic SAFETY Administration will think tire wear issues aren't safety issues.

    I suggest you try the Federal Trade Commision. They deal with breach of warranty and related issues, and this is probably closer to that, and they may be more receptive.
  • camryvibecamryvibe Posts: 1
    Just another note that not everyone is experiencing this problem. We have two '06 Pontiac Vibes, one with 23000 miles and one with 5000. Both have the original Goodyear tires and neither is showing any abnormal signs of wear. I don't routinely rotate tires since I prefer to be able to quickly detect signs of misalignment. The older of our two Vibes is showing some normal wear on the front tires, but it's even across the tread and has never had any problems with vibration, excessive tire noise, or pulling to one side. I plan to rotate the tires on that car this fall to even out the tread wear between the front and back, but at the moment all four tires have plenty of tread depth.

    I also know someone with an older Pontiac Vibe who got about 40,000 miles on the original Continentals and has now put another 100,000 on a set of BFG tires.

    It's disturbing to see so many reports of tire problems and even more to hear that Toyota/Pontiac and their dealers aren't addressing the problems effectively. Proper alignment shouldn't be that difficult to achieve and even if the suspension design doesn't include easy adjustment mechanisms there are alternate approaches using shims or eccentric bolts/washers. Seems like a little more effort in satisfying customers would pay off in goodwill and future vehicle purchases and recommendations.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    "Seems like a little more effort in satisfying customers would pay off in goodwill and future vehicle purchases and recommendations."

    But alas, that is something a great many dealers, especially the big corporate ones, will not put in: any extra effort.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • I check the car forums on edmunds from time to time and noticed on the Corolla forum that people were having excessive tire wear/pulling with the Matrix.
    Thought I might be able to offer some insight. I used to own a 2006 Corolla S bought brand new from dealer in NOV '05. From day 1 I had a strong pull of car to left - so severe that my car wouldn't track straight no matter road condition. I took it into my dealer and they did a tire rotation and alignment with the excuse "this sometimes happens to cars when they get off the truck". This is how the story ends: After taking my car 4 times to the dealer I purchased the car from (with not fixing the problem), dealing with Toyota Customer Service, taking my car to another Toyota dealer 3 times and the car still pulling, going on test drives with the dealer service manager and dealership manager and them seeing the problem but not knowing how to fix it and again dealing with Toyota Customer Service who was no help and basically told me to do arbitration or Lemon Law. Although the dealers recognized my car had a pulling problem they weren't able to identify it - checking tires, suspension, alignment, etc, with no solution. After the stress, anger and time I spent taking my car to dealers and not wanting to go through another headache, I ended up trading in the Corolla with 5,000 miles on it for a VW Rabbit. Fortunately, I didn't lose any money on the deal and happy to report that my VW is great :)
    Whats most disappointing is I bought my Corolla b/c of Toyota history of reliability. I was so disgusted how Toyota Corp. treatment me and my car issue that getting rid of it was the only solution. Bottom line: Don't always believe the hype; just b/c a car company is known for its reliability doesn't mean that they will have any customer service after you drive the car off the lot.
  • laurakk25laurakk25 Posts: 1
    Any luck with the dealer?

    I'm having a similar problem with my 06 FWD Matrix. A friend noticed a noise and I had a mechanic i know look at it and said it was no doubt the tire wear. I only have 15,500 on my car.

    I had a dealer tech drive it and said he thought it was the wheel bearings. The service people at the dealer would NOT even acknowledge the possibility that the car might be wearing the tires abnormally - so I am going to the regional headquarters. Hopefully - they will be more helpful.

    I bought a toyota because of the much for that. :cry:
  • doug61doug61 Posts: 4

    I showed your solution to my mechanic at the local Shell station & he agreed that this was the way to go. One of his employees has an XRS with 17" wheels which he can't keep in tires. The mechanic also mentioned this was a common problem on Camry & Solara as well so Toyota really has a serious mess on their hands. This is just poor engineering coupled with lousy production quality control.

    He estimated 1-2 hours @ $85/hr to install the camber adjustment bolts & do the alignment. Note this was front end only. So for something like $200-$250 the problem is fixable. What was your cost in Ridgecrest?


  • I have an '07 Matrix XR. I took it to the local Jeep dealer (much closer to my house and my friend says they are great) for it's first oil change/tire rotation (at 7,000 miles oops). They showed me that my rear right wheel was not aligned correctly. Negative camber. They told me to call Toyota dealer and have it checked. So I took it in and they said it was out of alignment and that they fixed it. I asked them if I took it back to Jeep and put it up on the lift would it really be fixed and asked him about all the problems other Matrix owners were having. He said that was just a few cars. So, I plan on taking it back to Jeep for my next oil change to check it out. I haven't noticed any uneven wear--yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    Since my initial post, I contacted Toyota HQ in Calif. - (800) 331-4331.
    My '05 Matrix AWD had 29k miles on it. I opened a file regarding the premature tire wear on the OE Continentals and pushed them, along with help from the dealership, to get their District Service Mgr. involved. The DSM authorized the dealer to do another 4 wheel alignment, and inspect and document the worn tires. Even told him about this forum, which, of course, he minimized. But, he did eventually agree to have Toyota Corporate pay for two tires, and the dealership owner graciously agreed to pay for the other two. After they were installed (Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S - rated #2 by Consumer Reports), there was a pronounced shimmy in the steering wheel at highway speeds. Brought the car back, and the shop foreman diagnosed it as worn front brake rotors, and replaced them....
    So far, so good, but I'm gonna watch the treadwear like a hawk....
  • Our 2005 Matrix has over 50,000 miles on the original Goodyear Eagle RS tires. We have driven on dirt Forest Service mountain roads and many miles on the Interstate highways. We have no abnormal wear. I am replacing the tires this week with Michelin Hydroedge.
  • penyokpenyok Posts: 2
    Will this repair void the balance of the warranty? Is there afix for the back? I have a 2006 matrix xr fwd with 14000miles on it and have the same problem as the other folks. The dealer says continental tires are problem, but they say it is alignment problem. Thanks for your info and help.
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