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Toyota Matrix Tire/Wheel Questions



  • xmarxmar Posts: 1
    Hi Marty,

    I have a 2006 AWD matrix which I bought used with less than 5k on it. I was given the same run around with a Toyota in Washington PA . I took my car to them to get the car aligned and to get it documented, I was having the same problem with less than 9k on the Continental tires. I have seen this tire complain and told the head mechanic about my concerns. He said it was the tires and I would have to deal with them. I took it to a local Tire shop in my home town after Toyota did the alignment. Less than 25 mile since they did it. The car was out of alignment and two tires where low in pressure. The local tire shop rotated my tires and said it they should wear back in but my tire life will be shortened. I got 18k out of the orginal tires. I now have new tires from the local shop and they are wearing just fine.

    I will never use the Toyota dealer in Washington PA again. The date on the printout for their alignment was several days before my car was even given to them. Even after talking to them about it they did nothing. Needless to say don't go to a dealer.

    Good luck,

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this group.

    I have a 2006 base Matrix 5-speed with 12k mi. and Continental tires. Bought it a year ago. After reading this thread I went out and looked at the rear tires, which were rotated from the front ~4k miles ago when I bought the car. The inside tread bands are cupped and worn down much more than the other 4 bands. I would expect a camber problem to affect the second from inside band to be affected a little, but it's just the far inside one and it's dramatic. The tires on the front are starting to show the effect after 4k. The tires are a little noisy and I imagine it was quite a bit worse when the worn ones were up front.

    I took the car to a Goodyear shop I've used for years and trust, and had them do an alignment check. On the front, left camber was -0.5 deg., right -0.8 deg. This is funny because the left side seems to be worse. All other measurements were in spec. I was half way expecting the front camber #'s to be at least at the negative end of the range.

    The combination of reasonable alignment #'s and the far edge wear convinces me it's just the crappy tires. OTOH I've used Continental tires on my bicycle for years because they're by far the best performing and most puncture resistant bike tires I've ever used.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Welcome to the forums Tim :)
  • sunshine57sunshine57 Posts: 1
    I also bought a new 06 Matrix XR with continential tires. Had car less than 3 months and was back at the dealer to have car alignment checked. Caber was out. I having problem keeping air in the tires. Okay one day and down the next. The car has been serviced at the dealer and had tires rotated each time. Now with a little over 22,000 miles the tires are shot, wear bar showing etc. The dealer said I can contact the maker. The last thing I want is more of their tires. Will get new tires and then get an alignment, If the problem continues then there must be a problem with the car
  • calinmdcalinmd Posts: 7
    Hi All-
    I read this thread because I was thinking of buying an 07 Matrix, and after talking with a friend who had one and didn't have tire problems at about 12K, I decided to get one anyway, thinking maybe it was something in earlier models, or just a hit-or-miss sort of condition. I bought my new 07 Matrix (base model, automatic) and am happy with it, and thought no more about the tire wear/camber issues.

    Welllll...I got an email from the same friend, he's had it in the dealer shop, dealer says he needs new tires now (23K miles). Odd cupping, tread wear on the inside, etc. Same old thing.

    So I went right out to the driveway to check my car--I have 14K on it right now, and I haven't really looked closely at them for a long I said, I sort of forgot about the issue. Damned if it doesn't have wear on the inside edge, and nowhere's been rotated and balanced every 4K since I got it, and I haven't been abusing the thing; just normal, conservative (by many standards) driving. The tires on my friend's are the Continentals, and mine came with Goodyear Eagle RS-A's. So, I don't think it's the tires, necessarily.

    The best idea in this thread that I've seen is the one about the camber adjustments, that makes the most sense to me (it's back at Msg # 70). I think I may get some camber adjustment bolts and go that route, try to save these tires I have. That's what my friend is going to do--he took the thing to his "tire guy" with the info about the camber adjustment bolts, and the guy thought it sounded right, and he's going to install a pair of them.

    If anyone else out there has put the camber adjustment bolt kit on their Matrix, let me know--I'm curious how that went, and if you could do the work yourself, and what the model number of the bolt kit was. I want to deal with this myself--I can;t imagine it's going to do any good talking with the dealer about it.

    Thanks for any input and help--
  • tamedskertamedsker Posts: 6
    We have a 2006 Matrix XR (2wd) that came with Continental tires. We didnt notice any tire noise, but we are both a little hard of hearing. We did the 5K and 10K tire rotaion ourselves, so in a sense there was no written record of this. At 15K, we had the dealer look at the car because we were noticing vibration. That was when they told us our ties were shot, and needed replaced. When I questioned them about the tire warranty, they refused to cover it because there was no "Written" record of tire rotations. I didnt like the price of the quote they gave for replacement tires and went to a very reputable local source to buy the replacements. On a hunch, they checked the alignment of the rear end toe in, they show that it was off quite a bit, and that shims were needed to correct this. I brought this to the attention of the dealer we purchased it from, and they checked out the car. They said that no shims were needed, and that the tire dealer didn't really know what they were talking about. Well, giving Toyota the benefit of the doubt, I decided not to pursue it any further at this point. I had the new tires rotated at the manufacturers (different from Continental) reccomendations. Now, at 14K miles on the new set, they too, are now showing signs of excessive wear. I was told by my tire guy the tires are starting to cup like the original set. He also asked me why I never had Toyota install the shims he told me about. I told him that Toyota siad the car was fine, and he showed me a catalog of supply parts that had a specific kit of shims for the ear end of the Toyota Matrix (all years!) to correct rear end toe in alignment problems. If there is no problem, according to Toyota, why would there be a specific kit of parts to correct this problem??? I hope this data helps you, as our Matrix has less than 30K miles, and we are getting ready to invest in our third set of tires.
  • calinmdcalinmd Posts: 7
    Wow...thanks so much for the reply! Great info. It seems that people have all sorts of issues with this sort of thing--front, rear; camber, toe-in....

    Are you thinking about getting the shims installed?

    I'm probably going to go ahead and get my shop to install the camber adjustment bolts. They seems to think it made sense; it's a starting point, at least. I think I've been lucky enough to catch the wear early enough, so that I can still use this set. Hope so.

    I should note, for accuracy's sake, that in my post above I mentioned having wear along the inside of the's actually the outside edge. So that's too much positive camber. My friend's Matrix is showing wear on the inside edge--again: seems to be all over the place.

    Nice gallery of tire wear here, as a reference
  • tamedskertamedsker Posts: 6
    Yeah, I forgot mention our wear issue was the3 inside edge (cupping). I had a little talk with the dealer today, they started to blow me off, till I produiced all 151 entries in printed form, and my receipts, and threatened them with a lawyer....We have an appointment this Thursday for them to look more deeply into the problem. I told them I was going to be all over them until it is resolved to MY satiosfaction...lets just say for now, they are cooperating..I will post again when I have more information.
  • rocky101rocky101 Posts: 7

    We own a 2006 base Matrix and have experienced the abnormal tire wear you describe exactly. Tires gone at 14k, lots of vibration, cupped tires, etc. Toyota was NO help in three visits. It appears that the problem originates from poor assembly at the Canadian plant. The jig welded strut mounts were miss aligned and therefore cause the miss alignment. The solution we used was adjustable camber bolts to compensate for the missalignment. They are not in the Toyota parts book, so Toyota will not install them.
    We were forced to use an independent shop for the alignment and install because Toyota REFUSED to acknowledge the poor construction. We wanted to keep the car instead of selling it because of alignment problems. We have 25k on the new tires, even wear on all 4.
    If you can get satisfaction from the dealer, good luck!! We solved the problem directly and received no compensation from Toyota. 80k tires gone in 14k?? No problem for Toyota.
    We have also had major oil leaks in the motor and trans repaired 3 times under warranty. So much for legendary reliability.

    Good Luck, you will need it to deal with Toyota Warranty work!!
  • rocky101rocky101 Posts: 7

    The Camber bolts solved the tire wear problem for us. I installed Moog Magna Cam, if I remember, Carquest PN K929. Unbolt the bottom camber bolt, install the adjustable bolt, go to the alignment shop, align the suspension.

    We have 25k on the new Yokahama Avids, no abnormal wear.

    Good luck, pack
  • calinmdcalinmd Posts: 7
    Rocky, so glad you came back to this discussion. It was your original post that tipped me off to the issue in the first place.

    Do you remember which Moog model camber bolts you purchased? I just ordered the Moog # K929; they also have another model that looks a little different, but it still is supposed to fit the Matrix.

    Here are the two Moog models I've found: # K929 and # K90477.

    I'm guessing that either one would work; I just went with the K929 since it promised a little more adjustment room (and also because you mentioned "MagnaCam" in a previous post, and that is used in the description of the K929 I've seen at online vendors)

    I had no illusions that I'd go to Toyota about this...I gathered from all the posts that they weren't going to own up to it, so I knew I was on my own. That's why it's nice to have forums like this; I feel I have a shot at getting it fixed, thanks to posts like yours.

    Take care, and thanks!
  • calinmdcalinmd Posts: 7
    Excellent! Thanks, that's it exactly....our posts crossed!
  • I have a 2006 Matrix with 26500 on it with shot tires. I usually get an extra 10-20K on my tires. I have had problems with gas mileage, noise and transmission fliud. Turns out that the computer program is bad and they flipped out the computer but I had to pay for the early oil flush and the transmission flush (550)and now the tires (another 500).

    The Corrollas and Matrix are known to have bad computers but I had to go to a different dealer to get it replace the original one wouldn't. They had the computer on hand and told me they are changing alot of them. If a dealer is stocking a 2000 part it is a major issue but Toyota is not doing a recall. If your transmission is not functioning properly tire wear increases.
  • tamedskertamedsker Posts: 6
    Well, Toyota had our Matrix for 2 days. They DID install a shim and adjustment kit for the rear end. They DID bring the car into factory spec alignment. They DID NOT replace the tires. They DID NOT charge or attempt to charge us for the repairs or the loner vehicle. The car now runs straight, smooth, and using a lot less fuel! We took a trip today that we make frequently, that until now used a 1/4 tank of gas with out using the A/C. Today it took 1/8 tank, and we had the A/C on for 1/2 of it. The car now handles like the 2007 Corolla that they gave us as a loaner! The secret? Contact an attorney who works with breach of warranty claims. We did. We haven't checked, but we think he contacted the dealer, because their attitudes turned 180 degrees, and they were tripping over themselves to get the repairs correct. For all of you who are frustrated by this problem, DO NOT GIVE UP! Be prepared to take it to the next level, as this seems to help. If you do not get satisfaction, TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Good luck to all!
  • calinmdcalinmd Posts: 7
    Great news, tamedsker. Congrats!

    It seems for some the front is the problem, and for you, the rear! Wish the problem was more consistent! Be easier to fix then.

    Enjoy your new car! :)
  • marcin1marcin1 Posts: 3
    Seems it is a design flaw with Matrix/Vibe. I have V-rated Pirelli-7, got them for my tire guy for 1/2 price $100/shoot (otherwise they are way too expensive), what a F%n waste of a tire.
    The only thing that happened to me was that the noise did not come as fast as for most..., but it did:(

    It’s an annoying humming noise that starts at 20mph and continues in to high-speed, when it gets a bit drowned out by other hwy noise.

    At first I thought it maybe wheel bearing I changed both no change, it’s not the differential as that noise stops with no load...
    I see that every one is having the same problem.
    What's going on with Toyota...
    I think that the problem is with the 205 tire size, WHY WHY WHY 3-series BMW tire width size for a Corolla??? What idiot decided that?

    I bet that regular corollas don't have this problem...
  • cmediccmedic Posts: 1
    Everyone who has a problem with tires wearing prematurely need to make a complaint with the federal government. the link is below. If enough complaints are filed then the feds will force toyota to make a recall and correct the situation.
    If you are having problem file a complaint numbers do count!
  • tamedskertamedsker Posts: 6
    Even though my problem seems to have been fixed, it is still important to file the complaint. Maybe this will stop the tire problem from affecting anyone else. Maybe, the government will force Toyota to re-imburse all those for the ruined tires!
  • ashana3ashana3 Posts: 1
    I was going to buy a 2005 Matrix that I saw today but after reading this thread I have decided not to buy the car. When I saw the car today the people told me they had rotated the tires. I happened to notice some unusual wear on the front tires which means these had been in the back. This vehicle is a fwd but I don't trust the car. I love Toyotas, had always bought them but after reading all the complaints I have changed my mind. Why buy a high priced headache. :P
  • I'm having the same problem as Remaxmarty. My car has 27,000 miles on it, and just recently, I noticed a regular, repeated tire noise, beyond the noise the tires have always made. The next day I took the car to the tire dealership, and asked them to check the pressure and look for a bubble or somethng on the tread that might be making the noise. Turns out all four tires are worn evenly on the inside rim. The tire guy blamed poor alignment and suggested I buy new tires in the spring when I take the studded winter tires off.This wear apparently happened since April when I had the studs taken off.
    I have since talked to the service manage at the car dealership. Not much help there.
    Then I called the 800-3311-4331 Toyota number and filed a case with them. The tire guy is going to put the car on a lift tomorrow and give me a printout of whatever the laser alighment thing says is going on. I'll take that to the dealer, who is 2 hours plus from here. Any suggestions for success? I don't think the government is the answer.
    I live in Washington state and bought the car at Town Toyota in Wenatchee.
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