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Volkswagen Eos New Owners' Reports



  • We've had our EOS 2.0 (Base) for 11 months and love it. No issues at 12,000 plus miles; it has been trouble-free. Great car so far, very economical. I've not driven the C70, however friends with Volvos report high maintenance costs above 70,000 miles. Honestly, I'm convinced any car not well-maintained is going to have those issues though. There is a direct comparison in one of the auto mags you might want to check out. Google an "EOS C70 Comparison." We did that before our EOS purchase. It should turn up what you are looking for. Good luck with your decision.
  • Some posters have observed that the engine surges. I've noticed it as well, but I'm wondering if this is just normal for any turbocharged engine. It hasn't been problematic for me, and I'm used to the way the car drives so it doesn't bother me. Any seasoned turbo drivers have an opinion?
  • This is a problem.
    VW seems not to understand HOW TO BUILD A NEW CAR THAT DOESN'T BURN OIL!
    previously, i drove a volvo s40 (loved it!) that burned thru brakes.

    But buring oil is a DANGEROUS problem for VW in that the average US driver does not expect their new $36,000 vehicle to burn a quart/1,000 miles.

    my VW Driver's manual does recommend checking the oil levels EVERY fill up.
    Frankly, i think VW has been deceitful. They've built a problem into their vehicles.
    This warning should have been put on a damn sticker inside the glove compartment! That way, I'd see the little note before i bought the darn car.

    I now won't buy another VW .
  • I'm told the surging, like the rolling forward or backward in Park, are a function of the manumatic transmission. Do any 6-speed owners have these same problems? I'm used to it after a year.
  • I am thinking about purchasing an Eos. Love the way it drives. Will my golf clubs fit in the trunk with my golf cart?
  • I am also experiencing the oil consumption issue. My local dealer wants to do an oil consumption test, and if it uses more that 1 Qt of oil per 1000 miles then VW will do something otherwise they will do nothing.

    I really love my EOS, but this is really frustrating. Can you imagine a quart per 1000 miles, when you brought it in for an oil change you wouldn't have any oil left.

    Not to mention the recommended oil is expensive and an oil change at VW is $90. and they will not top it off without charging you for the oil.

    Bad customer service on VWs part. The dealer agrees with me, but there is nothing they can do.

    I guess this is common in VW 2.0L engines, although I have read the engines that have been rebuilt by the dealer no longer consume oil.

    My recommendation is to check your oil between oil changes.
  • this has been a remarkable vehicle on many respects.

    VW had to COMPLETELY replace my entire transmission at 9K miles!

    then 6 months later, the car wouldn't shift into anything other than drive or neutral (no reverse, or park- try getting your keys out in THAT mode!... not!!)

    the 'surging' is something that i first noticed on my test drives, and found less surging on the Non-Sport model. (dunno if sport pckg is still offered, v-6 is no longer offered). i now simply 'baby' the accelerator to get around the surging
    and the 'lag' on acceleration is certainly more pronounced when cold (crappy car when cold, frankly).

    the window's issue is entirely due to VW engineers on crack! they have designed in these problems with that mini auto-open feature when you turn off the car.
    i know why they did it (easier to close doors with windows slightly open), but it makes for b.s. like you read here on Edmunds.
    and try driving this car in wet weather! my left pant leg gets wet every time the driver's side window 'mini-opens'!!! not a car for the Pacific Northwet!!

    VW ought to be ashamed with themselves for designing a car like this!. I've found VW customer service on the phone to be much more responsive that trying to deal with them online...
  • Nope. Clubs need to go in the back seat...
    trunk is pretty small in this car.
    but ski's fit just fine
    (and i'm a real estate agent, and can fit 6 open house signs easily in the trunk- even with the top down!)
  • VW cars appear to be built with quality when you see them in the showroom. However, it is all smoke and mirrors as they quickly deteriate and malfunction.
    Thank God I only leased my '08 Eos for 24 months. It leaks, creaks, rattles, burns oil like an Indy race car, and has multiple other ridiculous quirks. All of this backed up by an untrained Dodge dealer, smarmy customer "advocates" in Michigan, a regional rep In Tampa named bobby figgs? who refuses to and apparently doesn't have to return customer calls, an un-emailable president, and a general non-customer-oriented approach to product satisfaction that is unbelievable in today's economy. Any time you call a customer service center and told that "we allow a certain amount of water leakage into the cabin of an eos" or "the industry standard for oil consumption is one quart per 1000 miles," you know you're being handled by a crusty old black beetle with a bad german accent. Buut, Brooke Shields does seem to enjoy her routan! If you have to drive a car every day, like most people in this country, you'd have to be a moron to pick a vw eos. It's rancid schnitzel.
  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    We've had our Eos 14 months (17,000 mi.) and it burns not a drop of oil, the cabin does not leak and it is a joy to drive and own. The mileage is outstanding, averaging 29.5 mpg. I've always owned Japanese makes because of the quality and reliability and so far the Eos is as good, with higher quality interior materials and fit/finish that rival the best. All this from an owner who takes very good care of the car, lubing the seals every few months, and changes oil and filters on schedule. I expect an occasional rattle from the rear due to the complexity of the top mechanism. We've never had to take the car back to the dealership and the only issue at scheduled maintenance was a headlight beam adjustment.

    I have no complaints and nothing but praise for this car. I do wish VW had more consistent build-quality and a better customer care network through their dealerships.
  • It is my understanding that only the 2.0L and 2.0L Turbo are the engines that burn oil. If you purchase the 6 cylinder you won't experience the oil consumption.

    I had my EOS for 21 months and could not stand the oil consumption anymore so I traded it off. I took a big loss on it, but I was very frustrated with VW customer care.

    I absolutely loved the vehicle and if I had it to do again, I would buy it again, but with the more expensive 6 cylinder engine. Hind sight is 20/20.

    My VW dealer was very sympathetic, but since I was not burning 1 qt or oil per 1000 miles yet they would not do anything.

    For anyone reading this, the EOS is an awesome car, just stay away from the 2.0L engine. Actually any VW with the 2.0L burns oil from what I read on the Internet, Jetta, Passat, Beatle the VW 2.0L is just bad news.

    VW really needs to address this because it will give them a bad reputation.
  • ddepke1ddepke1 Posts: 1
    I LOVE this car. Just bought it last week and have had so much fun driving it. My daughters love it and enjoy comments they get from people (especially with the top down. I have the Komfort automatic model with 17" wheels. I compared this car to the BMW and Lexus convertibles and hands down...this is the best convertible out there for the price and financing. I bought my from David Rucker at the Keffer VW dealership in Huntersville, NC. He is the best sales person I have ever dealt with and I am super critical.

    Pam Emerson
  • mccher74mccher74 Posts: 1
    I disagree, my clubs fit in my trunk fine. I almost thought I could fit my friends in as well but it was just too snug. So without the screen in the back I was able to fit two sets nicely. It was actually a deciding factor for me when researching. Other convertibles just didn't have the same space. Saab's convertible also had decent space.
  • The dealer told me the "jumpy" transmission in stop & go traffic is normal. However, this surging feels like it is very hard on the transmission. How much "banging" does it take to ruin the transmission. I tried to get used to it, but passengers ask me "what is wrong with my car". This surging :D is like driving a stick with someone popping the clutch all the time.
  • Just joined edmunds today to research oil consumption issue. Have a 2008 EOS (2.0 litre Turbo) and cannot go between standard maintenance intervals without running low of oil. Have started VW's 'oil consumption monitoring plan' which sounds like bull to me however want to follow the rules so when I ask for a new one they can't say I didn't oblige them. I have 2 issues, (1) I'm concerned about engine damage because I've run low on oil twice now (although I did take it in to VW as soon as the low oil light came on) and (2) it looks like an engineering problem with this type of engine which cannot be fixed. Documenting everything and will be writing to VW shortly. Any recommendations from others who have dealt with VW previously? I am not getting much help from the local dealer...they say they get their direction from Germany. :lemon:
  • I read online that if you can get them to rebuilt the motor the oil consumption stops. You are doing the right thing with the oil consumption study. Good Luck!

    The EOS is such a fun car, the 2.0T is such a disappointment.
  • jws6jws6 Posts: 3
    YES - we have the same problem and same crap line from VW on the 600 mile "rule " which is bull sh_ _! In addition to this problem it leaks water very badly and grows mold and effects my wifes lungs its aweful! They have replaced all the carpet and its been in 3 times for themold and water problem but still not fixed. I have contacted my attorney as I am going to try and turn it in under the lemon law! Never again will we buy a VW because they know of these problems and will not step up and address the problem head on!

    RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can away from this car its a nightmare!
  • jws6jws6 Posts: 3
    OMG stay away from the EOS! Its a nightmare! engine problems, burns oil like its going out of style and leaks water very badly! This is a problem with all of them, its all over the internet! STAY AWAY! My buddy nought the Volvo c70 for his wife and had major transmission issues at 25,000 miles then it was one thing after another so he got rid of it! Sorry for all the bad news but I had to tell you. I'd go look and find a Toyota of some kind you cannot go wrong, they run for ever with no maintenance issues. we bought 6 tundras for company they have between 120,000 and 200,000 none of them have had any issues at all! FYI----
  • jws6jws6 Posts: 3
    My wife loved hers at first also but its been a nightmare! leaks water real bad in trunk and smells like mold all the time. Burns a ton of oil which is a major problem with all of them its all over the internet! watch the oil closely the light will not come on! Just want you to be aware!! My wife loves driving the car but these problems over shadow the joy!

  • I think people need to start reporting this to the NTHSA. They have a website that you can post complaints.

    It is worth a shot, if they get enough complaints maybe they will be forced to do something. :confuse:
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