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Highlander Hybrid Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • twnd111twnd111 Posts: 6
    .....What's a TSB?.......
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    A Technical Service Bulletin. Toyota issues them continuously to the Dealer service network.
  • wolfcalwolfcal Posts: 19
    for the 06, i have nothing that says they did this procedure, and have had no problems since battery replacement.. no service recall for this year on that problem either.
  • wolfcalwolfcal Posts: 19
    ok, two tank fill ups.....91 octane.. shells new gas, and then cheveron...540 miles.....NO DIFFERECNE....24.7 to 26.7 average, same as the low grade fuel. using the regular unleaded...
    p.s. btw: no noticeable increase in power either in the hh.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    HH's primary source of power (=TORQUE) comes from the hybrid battery and electric drive motors.
  • gabs1gabs1 Posts: 1
    I have had the identical problem with my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Every time it rains or on a cold day with excessive moisture, the Climate Control stops working and the GPS screen shuts down with a meesage that there is a connection problem. The READY light no londer displays and the hybrid electrical system no longer works. I can only control the drive side window and the dash lights up with ABS, parking brake etc. messages as well. Since October of 2008 we have been to our local Toyota dealership where we bought the car for over 6 times and they have replaced numerous parts in an attempt to fix the problem. 2 days ago it happened again right after it started raining and now it is back with them again. Has this happened to you again and how was it resolved? Any one else with similar problem. BTW, we also park it slightly nose down on a sloped driveway.
  • itsnicitsnic Posts: 4
    I am a new owner of 08 HH and now have approx. 5k on odometer. Up to now, vehicle has operated flawlessly with mpg improving. My concern is this weekend while interstate driving with dvd playing, head lights on, we came upon a traffic jam that required we idle in place for approx. 15 minutes. In that time, the battery meter showed that the battery discharged to two remaining bars. Once I noticed that, I turned all power items off and I moved to the berm of road and traveled to exit, turned around and drove to recharge battery. What would have happened if I was not able to resume driving to recharge? Is it normal for that amount of battery discharge to occur in that short a period of time? Are there any recommendations for those types of situations?
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    When it reaches two pink bars, the ICE (gas engine) should come on and run to recharge the battery pack. If the ICE does that, then all is normal. If the ICE does not start to recharge, then something is wrong.

    The ICE will normally run until there are four blue bars before shutting off.

    It is normal for the battery to run down to two pink bars when we have AC blasting and music playing while parked.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Are there any recommendations for those types of situations?

    Just relax and know that your vehicle is saving gas while draining the battery. The ICE will indeed kick back on and power up the battery when it needs to (assuming you are not sitting there in neutral)
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    What you experienced is completely normal. Don't bother with turning everything off, your car was designed to operate just this way. For reference, when I drive over to pick my wife up from work, I will have the same symptoms. AC on, Idle, Radio playing, etc and the battery will drain down to the point there the ICE starts up after about 15 minutes.
  • I am also frustrated. My 2007 HH has failed to start 3 times in last 7 months and everytime the dealer claims that the battery was discharged probably due to my fault and all they did was charge the battery and it starts again. I know that I did not leave any lights ON. It is my wife's car and she is also terrified of driving the car now, because she feels that she can be stranded anywhere at anytime. I am so sorry that she chose the HH. Toyota is not a very responsive company to customer problems, very unlike for a Japanese company. Maybe I will send a letter to Nagoya directly.
  • wolfcalwolfcal Posts: 19
    after replacing the small battery under the hood, which was a 3 year battery, with a 5 year battery, my 06 hh has not had a single problem. and I truely love my car....maybe spend the $80 to replace the battery under the hood and give it a go..what could it hurt....if it dies again after that,,,you have a problem
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    I would bet my last dollar that a door was left adjar. Easy to do, and the interior light will burn until the battery dies.

    You could also disconnect the negative battery cable and then connect an ammeter in series to see if you have a current draw, but then you would be in the position of having to reset your idle solenoid.

    Although I have not experienced this battery failure on my 07 with 102,000 miles, I do carry one of those battery jump boxes in the back. Just in case.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    BDW vehicle typically do not have an idle solenoid.
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    Actually they do. the idle solenoid resetting procedure is discussed under a TSB from toyota. I dont have the number at the moment, but will post it once I find it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sorry, meant DBW, E-gas, E-throttle. Those systems have a servomotor with dual/redundent feedback to position the throttle butterfly valve throughout its full range.
  • My son shut the rear door manually after I pushed the button to close it. It's been 45 minutes, all the doors are closed and the ceiling light will not go off (I suspect it thinks the rear door is still open (which it isn't)). Of course it's Sunday and no dealers are open. Suggestions?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Someone probably moved the light switch on the ceiling light to the on position. There should be three positions--off--on all the time and on when the doors are opened. Move the switch to the last position and this should correct the problem.
  • Does anyone have any suggestions for replacing the standard battery on the 08 HH? I have had it with someone forgetting to shut the tailgate all the way for just a short while and seeing my battery die.... I have read that the answer is to just get a larger capacity battery. Which one is best?
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    "Which one is best?"

    Take a look at the Nov. 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, pp. 52-55.

    Possibly the Interstate MTP-24.
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