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Chrysler 300M Starting/Stalling problems



  • mdcitrusmdcitrus Posts: 1
    Did you find the problem with this? I have a 1999 300m with 118K on it. Started having similar problem... lights all come on in dash, body computer comes on with fans etc... car makes a solenoid kind of click sound but doesn't start. Play with key, play with shifter, play with steering wheel, and after a dozen or so tries it turns right over. Battery tests fine and already just put a new starter in as my mechanic said the starter was developing "bad spots"...
  • rmanzrmanz Posts: 2
    I am in the same situation with a 2000 300M - have you come across a cheaper option to replace the analog dashboard clock?
  • 2000_300m2000_300m Posts: 4
    no im sorry i dont have any options for you maybe try ebay or something like that
  • klm1959klm1959 Posts: 1
    ok, it's been about 6 weeks since you fixed your '99 300M with a $7 fuel pump. Have you had anymore stalling problems?

    Thank you,
  • 300M, 3.5L (2001). Replaced crank sensor but same stalling problem. Maybe a better description would help all you troubleshooters out there. Would appreciate advice on next try...
    1. Never stalls around town, only after driving awhile at highway speeds, then only as I come to a stop.
    2. As I slow to a stop, I notice the tach bouncing up and down around idle point, but just goes a little lower each time until engine dies.
    3. Cranks right up.
    4. Never stalls while at steady speeds.
    5. Once I get back into town and drive at slower speeds for awhile, problem goes away.
    6. Plenty of pep, good acceleration in town and on highway.

    Any guesses what I might try next?
  • wasn't a fuel pump but the f.p. relay. Since then I've had to replace to sensors on the tranny as they went bad too. Outside of that, it's been pretty reliable. Nice ride and pretty well designed. I enjoy it, but only during summers. Sits in the pole building during Michigan winters.
  • I have the same exact problem - the mechanic is stumped - had a tune up done seemed to be good for a few days now having same problem - the car is going to dealership tomorrow to be dx'd they said maybe fuel pump
  • did the stalling continue if so what how was it fixed?
  • Hi Robin The stalling was a bad fuel pump which I ordered on ebay and dropped the fuel tank and installed. problem solved now over a year.
    I had the crank sensor on a Co .
    My wifes Concorde had the starter go out last yr and cost $400.
    I also replaced the electric radiator fan on the 99m last yr -again off ebay and did myself.
    Both cars now at 110,000 and doing well.
    PS when the window sticks I bang on the mid door while holding down the button and it comes down.
    Good luck with yours --these forums are a great help.
  • That should have read
    crank sensor went out on Concorde and 99M.
    Starter solenoid contacts on both cars
    Good luck Roger
  • My 2001 300m car (100,000) is having the same exact problem. So far I have had a tune up ($150), cleaned fuel line($130), fuel pump relay switch ($10), dry gas with high octane, but the car is still stalling. Now the dealership said ERG valve should have been changed at 60,000.

    I have read from others that the fuel pump as worked but the dealership didn't say.
    I'm at my wits end - it stalled the other day on highway merging into traffic to get onto another highway, also stalled on the ramp - it is getting scary.
  • I got a check engine light and i did the key cycle and got codes p0456 p0440 can any one tell me what these codes mean and how do i fix the prob thanks in advance
  • Chrysler 300M 3.5L. After starting it ticks badly. The rpm is normal, idle is good, no smoke, no check engine lights, oil is clean, oil level is good. Sound like it coming from the top of the motor, after moving the shift from park to reverse the noise went away, but then after you put back in park or drive it ticks badly. Help me

    Is it my top cam shaft ticking? or exhaust?
  • this is a 2002 300M chrysler, 112,000 miles. Oil has been changed regular and well maintain till now. :cry:
  • I have this exact same problem with my 99. I installed a new battery (it was needed anyway) and have replaced the battery ground cable to the remote starting point. I was thinking of replacing the battery positive cable but now don't have much confidence.
    I'm thinking mine might be a starter with a bad segment, or the solenoid itself clicking but too weak to fully fire and engage the starter.

    I'm curious to see if there is any help. Thanks, John
  • After reading into the forum a bit more, it looks like I should try the starter ignition relay and if that doesn't work, the starter ignition switch. I might try the first one myself, but would probably have a shop do the second.

    Thanks and I'd still welcome any other suggestions, John
  • I recently bought a 2002 Chyrsler 300M that I reviewed all the maintenance on it from a Carfax that I ran on it before buying it.It has 75,000 miles on it but also ticks after starting in the morning. Does seem to quiet down after about 5 minutes. Wander whats the cause.
  • My 99 Chrysler 300M was also stalling on me. I would be driving and all of a sudden it would shut down. In the begining it would start right back up so I didn't worry about it too much. This has been happening off and on for about a year. Recently it had been stalling more frequently (up to 4 times a day) and it took longer to get it started back up again. Of course I got concerned because when it did stall the steering wheel would lock up due to no power, and that got dangerous on some occasions. I took it in to my favorite local car repair guy and got a reading of bad Cam Sensor, even though my check engine light never ever came on during these stalling moments. He changed out the Cam Sensor and it has been running smoothly ever since (going on 3 weeks now). Seems like it did fix my problem (knock on wood) and car running like usual. I love my 300M so I am glad that it is running normal again.
  • My 300M s turning over very good, but it seems like it's not getting any spark to start it. It acts like the anti theft device is working, but the 2 keys I have are the originals. Where should I begin to try to track down the problem? It's got plenty of gas, & was running fine until I parked it, then came back after a few hours & it wouldn't start. My husand wiggled something around on the battery (it wasn't the cables), a fuse or something, then it started. We drove it home & now it won't start again. He tried wiggling the battery thing again but it didn't work. Thanks for your help.
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