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Pontiac Vibe Electrical/Lighting Issues



  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    Tried everything with no luck, the 09's are different. Thanks anyway for the reply though. It should be that easy, shouldn't it.
  • I have had the same problem with my '04 Vibe. Engine starts, idles and revs fine, but electronics do not function. No back lights, fan, instrument cluster and unable to put into drive. However, the cigar lighter does work (even though I don't smoke). Now to put into perspective, I bought the car in October of '03 and as soon as it turned -20C and colder, this condition began and was intermittent. The garage couldn't find the problem. This went on through '04 and '05 winters. (Note - this only happens in extreme cold weather of -20C or colder) The dealership replaced the ignition switch in March of '06, which helped until yesterday. Now it is doing the same thing. After the car warms up a few minutes, the electronics will switch on and I can then drive the car. Guess I will do some more research on this subject unless someone else can give me some insight.
  • Sounds like a blend door motor problem. I have that problem with my 2003 Vibe, and others have had the problem as well. Here is a link to one potential solution:
    Hope it works for you.

    If you don't care about the recirculate feature, you can also just unplug the motor at the blend door, located behind the glove box.
  • ckleincklein Posts: 4
    My daughters 2003 vibe blue lighter fuse and she cant play radio or use outlet. She can't locate fuse panel which is supposed to be reachable under driver side instrument panel. I can't find the panel on my 2004 vibe either. It should be within owner reach however I CANT FIND IT!!! HELP!!
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    the main fuse box is the black box on the driver's side (INSIDE THE ENGINE) between the battery and the top of the strut assembly.
  • ckleincklein Posts: 4
    I know that, but the manual says there is a second fuse block inside the car under the instrument panel on the drivers side; however they provide no diagram showing where the inside fuse block is. The fuse for the radio and the cigarette lighter is in that one, according to the manual,. It may as well be in Japanese!

  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    I just found it for you Carl. Open up your driver's door. As best as you can contort your body, lay on your back with your head resting on your floor mat. Look up at the opening underneath (between the steering column and brake pedal). The fuse box is the first thing you will see closest to the door. It is an elongated black thin box with the same writing you see in your owner's manual (page 6-72). Simply push on the side of the elongated cover/box to release the cover with the writing on it. Mine came off with very gentle pressure. I hope you find the fuse you need to replace. I replaced my wife's radio with one from a seller on e-bay. The radio works great except the diodes illuminating the radio station and information window do not work and are still dark. Could that be a fuse issue too?
  • laurie225laurie225 Posts: 1
    You are a GENIUS! I was driving myself crazy looking for this elusive fuse box "under the instrument panel" thank you very much!!!
  • case2case2 Posts: 1
    Once you manage to remove the cover of the fuse box, use it to locate the correct fuse. I had to use needle nose pliers to remove the defective fuse and had to make a special tool to put a new fuse in place.
    There is so much room under the dash but they had to put that box in the most awkward place.When working under a dash it helps to use a mirror and flashlight.
    Those mini fuses are rather expensive.
    My 2 cents

    Case 2
  • I've had the same problem with my '04 Vibe. The blower has been stopping unexpectedly for about a year or so. After awhile, sometimes a few hours or a few days, it would begin to work normally again. It went out about a week ago and hasn't resumed working since. On one occasion, I slammed the glove box shut and it started to work. Another time I smacked the panel on the dash console and it started to blow. I've tried various banging and slamming again but to no avail.
  • zengurl72zengurl72 Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    I've never posted to a forum before so hope I use proper etiquette LOL

    I own a 2003 vibe that i have had very little trouble with. Yesterday I started my car to go to work and the instrument panel wasn't working. Everything else is functioning properly. I pulled the fuses under the hood and under the steering column but they were all ok. I disconnected the battery and everything started working again. A few hours later i went back out to check it and the panel wasn't working again! Any ideas???
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    well, you've done all the right things so far, but how old is your battery?
  • zengurl72zengurl72 Posts: 3
    Thanks for responding! Its funny you should ask...... My battery is fairly new but I did have it tested today and it checked out fine....... Not sure where to go from here......
  • zengurl72zengurl72 Posts: 3
    Since no one has responded, Im assuming that this is a unique issue..... So the current update is that I removed the instrument panel cover and checked all connections. Also disconnected the main plug and reconnected it. This seemed to reset it and started working. Shortly after it wasn't working again! Thinking I may have to find a mechanic for help cuz I'm out of ideas.......??? Anyone else have suggestions....???
  • gedmondsgedmonds Posts: 1
    I've got a 2007 Pontiac Vibe with brake lights that won't work. I've checked the fuse, the bulbs and the brake pedal switch... all are fine. Any suggestions on what the problem might be?
  • domc56domc56 Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 2005 Pontiac Vibe, I just noticed my tail lights and front running
    lights are not working. I changed the rear tail light bulbs, and I replaced the
    fuse even though it looked fine. I also checked and I have no power at the fuse. Is their another fuse or a circuit breaker that I'm not seeing? Is my next test going to be the switch? And if it is do I have to take the steering wheel apart to test it?

  • My Vibe insists the emergency break is COMPLETELY OFF for these lights to work.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    yes, what Grandma is saying is for you to pull up on your emergency brake so it is tight. Then release it all the way down. See if that affects your lighting situation
  • I have had intermittent lighting disruptions since I bought this car. One time the headlisghts/dash light went out while I wqas going down the freeway at night!!!
    Most of the time its just the dash light or the tuner display won't work. I think I have found the problem--there seems to be a short in the front overhead light. Of course thisis one ofthose intermittent problems,so it will never do when I'm in the shop. Help! :cry:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    Hello Bertapearl,
    How many times have you been to the dealership for the same concern? Has anything come up on the DIC when this occurs? How often does the concern happen? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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