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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Engine update Friday Feb 1st. Basically I still don't know anything.They have the engine torn apart and can see where the dye/water is getting in one of the cylinders. Problem is they don't know how it is getting there. No visible cracks in the head, block, or head gasket. They have the head at the machine shop now checking it out, but the service manager told me he doubts they will find anything. The dye should have shown a crack if there was one. His best guess is that the block casting is porus letting the water in that way. He is working with Cadillac technical services, trying to get authorization for a new engine, what I wanted in the first place. It's been in the shop for 8 days this time and he admitted Caddy probably wouldn't make a decision till Monday at the earliest. That means with shipping time for hopefuly the new engine, and disassembly, reassembly and installation, I am looking at it being in the shop for another week to week and a half. That probably puts me up to about 26 days or so in the shop since the first of the year. Oh, I forgot!! Caddy :lemon: offered me a free oil change. At least this time the rental isn't a Cobalt, the Grand Prix while no Caddy is certainly much better than a Cobalt. With rental car fees, all the problems the first time in the shop, and now the engine, I can take solace that GM hasn't made a penny on this vehicle. Too bad they just don't get me a new one, or money back, and take this lemon to Detroit to study how NOT to build a car. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • "The first time, Lexus gave him a new car. The second time, they gave him his money back and he went and bought an Acura TL. That's the legendary Lexus customer service and it's why Lexus has a loyal customer base."

    Apparently not too loyal, since he went out and bought an Acura.
  • Lexus did not want to sell him another car after declaring two lemons. It was like, take your refund and go away!
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Alot of these castings that have defects that are not visible with the human eye. There is a series of NDT non destructive tests that can be done on these parts to find fatal cracks and imperfections. Different types of tests are Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant which gm favors to find the cracks/leaks after a problem crops up. GM uses a liquid penetrant with a flourescent light to excite the particles which shows where exactly the leak is.

    If GM were to do these tests on the engines before assembly, the price of your car would GO UP in price because these procedures are very time and money consuming. Usually these type of tests are done on race car engines and Aircraft parts ,sheet metal and engine turbine components . Parts like this if they fail will have disastrous results.

    So some types of defects are OK and some reject able defects will get by GM . They can't and won't do these NDT's tests as they are too costly and time consuming so we as consumers get a mass produced product.
  • Seems there is a bit of a pattern with this customer.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,237
    Thanks for the education.

    What is your source for stating that GM does nothing beyond visual inspection of their castings?

    I've only been working aerospace castings for 27 years, so there's always more to learn.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    You do know the different types of NDT testing then. You must preform some type of testing on the cast that are used in aerospace industry. Dye Penetrant on non ferrous material like magnesium, aluminum and titanium and magnetic particle test on ferrous (iron) like crankshafts and iron heads. Ultrasonic test are used on thick castings or in areas where Magnetic or Liquid tests can not be performed. Much more portable to use and accurate to find the flaws inside of the material than liquid Penetrant.

    GM probable uses other tests than visual inspections to find internal casting defects. They probably don't use any of these NDT test as they are very time consuming. Just think how many vehicles GM uses this 3.6 liter engine in.... Cadallic SRX,CTS, DTS, Malibu , Acadia ,Saturn Vue maybe one or two other vehicles.That's a very high demand for this engine so an educated guess is ther will be a few defects arising from such a high production.
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Posts: 231 an educated guess is ther will be a few defects arising from such a high production.

    Agreed. a few, not a third! Plus, that post said defective...not "few defects"--two completely different ideas. I can easily see how gm would permit the sale of cars with defects if they didn't manifest in like 12 years or something, but I doubt they'd sell something that would have a 30-something percentage of failure in the first "couple" years of ownership. That was just misinformation, plain and simple.
  • first and formost i want to thank rcantwell for taking the time to inform the public of his screwed up caddy. i don't understand all the negative post . it's amazing to me how soo many people want to crank on rcantwell. the guy got a bad product . he never said all caddy's are bad, just this one and he was originally treated like crap. if more people would voice the truth about these corporate products perhaps the products would improve. he's paid over 40k he's got the right to boo or cheer. it's nice to know not everyone is a corporate schill.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I feel for him, it is all in his attitude. I don't feel like I have to listen to his 4 letter words in his posts. That was totally uncalled for. Af far as his car if it was mine I too would be raising a ruckus.
  • Perhaps you don't remember starting the whole thing by calling my original post a ____ in the wind? My reaction might have been a bit overboard, but remember I was and still am stressing about what is going to happen with my CTS. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Picked up my CTS Saturday, February 2nd.... I had ordered it on December 28th.
    Have the DI engine, performance collection, luxury level one, sunroof, spare tire, high polished wheels and wood trim packages. I had the dealer install the side molding and tint the windows. A great looking car inside and out.

  • Great looking car, I hope you have much better luck with it than I have mine.
  • Hey if anybody has a 2008 CTS that has actually been trouble-free, please let us know about it here and how long you have had your car. We have had alot of negative input here. I am curious if all the new CTS cars are having issues.
  • I have had my 2008 CTS since OCT 07. It is fully loaded, minus AWD, with 8500 miles on it. I have had no problems whatsoever with it, and love driving it! :)
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,237
    There's a guy from Vegas (thebug, I think) who has one of the new ones after driving one of the originals for several years. He's happy as can be, last I heard.

    You've got to realize that people come to these boards, mostly, before the acquisition to get information and after only if they're having trouble. The vast majority get the car they want & we never hear another word because they're out enjoying it & not hanging around on these boards.

    They (unlike people like me, it appears) actually have a life.
  • In September I took delivery of an AWD, DI, all the toys. It has approx 5.5k miles and no problems, rattles, squeaks, etc. - which is much more than I can say about my last 3 Audis....
  • I have my CTS fully loaded AWD,DI,all the options and not a hint of anything wrong,it,s got about 2800 miles on it and running perfect.I love the car,I picked it up on Nov 13th.If you are thinking of getting one don,t worry its a great car.Driving over the streets of NYC,and no rattles sqeaks its amazing.
  • j4mstj4mst Posts: 1
    Ordered my CTS Oct 19th 08 car was delivered Jan 04 08 3.6 SFI, PDQ, Auto
    White Diamond W/ spare tire. I have been watching this forum since before my
    purchase. I would like to respond to some of the postings by saying after 50 +
    years of auto purchasing it is not uncommon to have some minor or major
    problems with a first year production. However after looking at the competition
    I do not find any other vehicle that can compare to the CTS '08 the ergonomics
    are far superior to its closet competitor,performance is on par with the best. It
    remains Cadillac all the way. It most certinaly is not a European Sports car it is
    however one of the most adept at finding the middle of the performance road to
    Sport and Luxury. I have 1200 miles no problems other than a heated seat function
    problem that is being taken care of by the dealer who is replacing my fuel used to
    come in for service. :) :) :) :) :) The only other thing I can say is WOW Great
  • I've been lurking watching the events of this unfold. I think all of us here really hope that your dealership and Cadillac get to some resolution everyone can agree to. One thing for sure is that issues like this aren't limited to Cadillac or GM. My mother had been driving Lexus ES cars for some time now and she had purchased the 2007 model last year. That car was an absolutely nightmare of gremlins...mostly resulting in the car refusing to start in her own garage. After being towed to the Lexus dealership five times and have no luck with the service solutions, the dealership made arrangements to get her into another vehicle. By this time the 2008s had shown up, and that's what she moved into. No problems with the current car.

    Usually manufacturers have policies about how to handle the most serious issues that try to balance customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness. After all, drop shipping a 3.6L DI engine for your car isn't exactly a walk in the park. What helps in the process is not just being persistant (and not a jerk at the same time), but also having a dealership willing to go to bat for you. There are two Caddy dealerships in my town. The one I go to treats me like gold, regardless of why I'm there. They all my name (and all their regular customers names), from the receptionist to the owner, who always makes it a point to stop what he's doing and say hi to me. They remember what's going on in my life and ask about my family. They never try to spend their time selling me a car....they know when I'm ready, I'll come to them. And their service managers are all the same people for the last fifteen+ years I've been there. If there is an issue with my car, I know they will tell me the truth and not just try to do what's profitable. I have no doubt that they would go to bat for me with GM if something like what you're going through happened to me.

    Bottom line is that if you feel your dealership isn't serving you well, let them know and look for others. If it's GM, make sure the dealership is pulling every string they can. The last thing they want is the loss of a customer, much less to a competitor. When that happens, odds are the customer is gone for good.
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