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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,207
    Thanks for the review of your sorry situation (which we all hope is resolved) -- several of us are waiting to hear the long-term outcome.

    In the meantime, it'll help those CTS people who are having "issues" keep hope that it'll (eventually) get better.

    Paragraphs are good things, BTW.
  • Thanks for the info...I also have the standard engine. When I got the check engine light,I called ONSTAR, they sent a probe and nothing showed up, this was done twice. They are presently checking one of the cylinder heads for sensor issues. No answer yet. As to the loaner car...the dealer rents through Enterprise and they gave me a Blazer. Service manager stated that the GM rep was not happy as i should have a compact, dealer told him the "customer is driving a cadillac and he is getting the Blazer" I am concerned as my vehicle is being kept till next week. I am wondering if I have the same problem as you had? I will keep all posted...
  • Hopefully it is just a sensor or something simple like that. My dealer also rented through Enterprise. The first week Enterprise said the Cobalt was all they had although I saw other cars on the lot. The second time we had a Chevy Uplander for a day then a nice Grand Prix for the next three weeks, we refused to take another Cobalt. My service advisor kept pushing Enterprise to try and get a Lucerne for us but it never happened, but my wife was happy with the Grand Prix, at least it had power everything, the Cobalt had power nothing. The heck with GM they should provide you with something at least comparable to what you own.
    The first time I got the check engine light the car started and idled fine and didn't get an alert from Onstar. The second time I guess it was getting a lot worse, that's why it would start rough and I guess why Onstar picked it up. If your dealership is behind you ,you should be fine. My dealer started out pretty iffy, but came through in the end. I never thought the car would be the same even with a new engine, but the mechanic did a great job of reinstalling the engine, tranny, exhaust and the entire front suspension. They realigned it, charged the AC and so far it is as good as it was when we first picked it. Believe me I know how frustrated you are and hopefully they will find something simple and put you back on the road. Just stand up for your rights and what is fair. GM might not back down, but the dealer, if they are a good one, can get GM to do pretty much what they want. Keep us posted.
  • Regarding Enterprise - they have a very wide selection of vehicles and multiple locations in every major locality. No way you should have to drive anything less than a full size car with a decent name plate. My dealer here in the Midwest makes it very clear to Enterprise that they are to provide a Cadi for a Cadi if they are to remain as their rental provider. I have unfortunately had plenty of service experience and have always been satisfied with what I have been given for a rental. Most occasions, I get a DTS which is a floating boat but at least is a comfortable ride. If no Cadi available, an SUV or other options are offered. Keep up the pressure - you deserve better for your $40k+ veh hassles.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    When my 2002 SLS was in the shop I got a Suburban (all that Enterprise had), but after a day, they needed it back (it was reserved), so then they gave me a jeep.

    The dealer's contract with Enterprise paid them a very low basic rate, so they would have given me the cheapest rental available. The more that warranty costs are, the higher the price will be for a new car. I don't think that you are entitled to an expensive rental vehicle unless you want to pay extra to upgrade.
  • I am still waiting for additional information on the car. As of now,2/28.. no answer . I advised them that I have a bad feeling about this but I will wait until Friday. I have submitted a complaint with GM. I will keep you posted
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My dealer uses Enterprize too and unless for some reason they have a huge amount of people bring in their cars all they carry are DTS and CTS's. Of all my 6 Caddys I have owned I got an HHR a couple months back after a big snow storm and below zero weather and a lot of customers were in with troubles. Funny thing is I have asked for a different car just to drive something else and they say sorry. Another thing is as long as you bring it back with gas about where you received it they don't care. So I look at it as I get to drive it a few days on their gas and mine is always washed and cleaned when I get it back.
  • A Jeep is a significant upgrade with most rental companies- not a bad deal compared to the Cobalt story. I agree, we aren't necessarily due a luxury vehicle but Cadi dealers should hold the rental providers to a higher standard just as any luxury vehicle owner should be entitled to - ie: keep the Cobalts out of the line-up. Dealer business is a significant part of a rental companies revenue.
  • Just got an update from the service manager. Design of one of the cylinder heads was an issue. Apparently there is a TSB on it. If anyone can confirm advise me please.No water getting into the cylinder head. Parts have been ordered. I have not seen the vehicle.Engine is apart..No leaks. Was a sensor issue also causing a change in the cylinder function. will try to get a more indepth explaination.
  • Keep us posted. With just 2600 miles it is BS they are having to pull a head and do engine work. That was my complaint at 1800 the engine should be replaced, of course water geting into two cylindrs was a major problem for me at least. Good Luck.
  • O TOTALLY disagree with you. If your car is in the shop for 29 days and you are making payments on a 40K plus Cadillac, you DESERVE a comparable vehicle.
  • I will keep you posted..there were no leaks in the engine block or water in the cylinders, as this was my first question....will have more info tomorrow. Awaiting a call from GM rep. I advised the salesperson that she HAS to get involved with this issue. I told them that I want at least one month of lease payments waived. Dealership offering free service. Dealership has been helpful, but we will see how far they go. My statement to them was "this is supposed to be your flagship car and for 40+ thousand it sure as hell should not have these issues at 2600 miles"Ps it is the left side head
  • Left side is where mine was getting water into the cylinders. Hope you have good luck with the GM rep, I didn't but I am sure it is a different rep for your area. All the GM rep ever offered me was a free oil change and tire rotation, I told them where to put it. My local service manager got me a car payment and lifetime oil changes. Free service doesn't sound like much, unless you are talking about oil changes and tire rotations. After all the car has a 5 year 100,000 warranty on it.
  • My car is on a 39 month lease. The rep from GM is supposed to call me tomorrow[Friday]I will let you know what he says and i am also going to question the service manager is to the exact work that will be performed. The issue is that the dealership is about 30 miles from my house. I had taken their dealership that is close to my house, but the cadillacs are serviced at their dealership 30 mile away. Any suggestions on the questions i should ask the service manager in reference to this repair??? If anyone on this board can help with that I would appreciate it.
  • Has anyone had any experience with They have a nice looking license plate frame with the correct CTS logo for $55.00 that I'm thinking about ordering.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think if you look at your warranty you will find that it says that loss of use of the vehicle is not covered, nor is a rental vehicle covered. At least that is what mine warranty says.
  • Cadillac actually gives you a rental for overnight and as long as the vehicle is in the shop.
    Further information on my CTS Advised today that there is an issue with the overhead cam and a shift in the cylinder head. they are conferring with cadillac engineers. Dealership also advised that the will not "rebuild engines" they would replace. The plot thickens and i may call an attorney. If this issue is not resolved shortly I will try to get out of the lease.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    From Caddy's web site:

    "Courtesy Transportation Program
    During the warranty coverage period, alternate transportation and/or reimbursement of certain transportation expenses will be available under the Courtesy Transportation Program if your vehicle requires warranty repairs. Several transportation options are available. Refer to your Owners Manual for details, including reservation of rights, or consult your dealer/retailer."
  • Doesn't sound good, I can understand what a cam problem might be, but what the heck is a shift in the head? Anyway, it sound like it might be something major. FYI, once they finally decided to replace my engine, it four days to get it to Oklahoma by truck from Flint Michigan, which I thought was pretty good.
    The dealership already had the old engine, tranny, and front suspension out waiting for the engine. It took my mechanic four days to mate the new engine with the tranny, had to change the oil pan, cuse they sent him an engine set up for an all wheel drive SRX, and reinstall it and the front suspension, realign, and charge AC, The 5th day dealership spent preping the car better than they did when it was delivered new, couse it was basically new.
    Since yours is a lease maybe you can get out of or at least get them to replace it with another car, if that is an option for you. Stand up for your rights, if your dealership is standing up for you that helps tremendously. I have seen that in person. Keep us informed, I personally know how frustrated you must be. My ordeal lasted three weeks the second time. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  • February 29 ………..Sales manager spoke to me reference to the car. . All aware of the condition concerning the vehicle and they are awaiting to hear from the GM zone manager. I advised them that this appears to be a major engine problem that had to happen during manufacturing of this vehicle.It should be noted that there is an issue with the cam I told him that no rebuilt engine I would want a new one. In addition I reiterated that I want my lease payments waived or reimbursed. I also stated I do not want to be the “guinea pig” for repairs that “may” work.I think we may have had a similar issue....When did you take delivery , Mine was ordered from the factory and was delivered 10/31. I am preparing to possibly lemon law the vehicle...but i will give them their shot to fix it. Dealership has been supportive
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