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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • See post 2593 and all the responses to it.
  • All four CTS's that I have tested have this vibration at 50 mph. It shows up during "light" acceleration. It can also be heard. It can also be felt in the gear shift knob. It goes away when you coast. It also goes away when you accelerate "heavy" through the 45 to 55 range. It's in my new 08. It was in a new rental in Florida. And it was in another new 08 and in new 09 I tested. Don't know what the long term effect will be, just hope it occurs during the five year or 100,000 mile warrenty window. I believe Cadillac has a problem they haven't acknowledged yet.
  • I had my foot on the brake of my 2008 AWD Cts and was almost to a complete stop when I was rear ended by a van. My car skidded for 3 or 4 feet and then my foot went down to the floor and the car was still moving and in fact seemed to propel forward and started gaining speed. The brakes were not functioning and the car was accelerating. I could not stop the car and went almost a mile before the car finally came to a stop. Has anyone else had anything like this happen in a 2008 CTS? Luckily I was not hurt and I did not hit anyone else, but this was the most frightening experience I have ever had.
  • sounds like your saying you hit the brake so hard it blew a hose or master cylinder and went to the floor.....if that happened thats why you kept going. As far as accelerating I've been complaining that the 2008 AWD brake pedal is TOO CLOSE to the gas pedal. There ARE TIMES that my foot CLIPS the GAS pedal while stepping on the BRAKE. I've owned 5 CTS's......Only the 2008 AWD moved the brake pedal too close to the gas pedal. Just by a hair...but it took me a year to retrain my foot.

    I can see how you probably hit the gas while panic stopping on the brake. :
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    6 weeks ago I bought 2008 2WD CTS with all options under the employee Purchase Plan from a Dealer 50 miles away from home The dealer gave me a written DUE BILL to “Install Donut Spare Tire” which was part of the deal.
    It took the dealer 3 weeks to get the spare tire, and then when I went home and inspect the spare, I found out that he didn’t put the jack assembly under it. When I called him, he said that the spare package was going to cost $600 which he didn’t anticipate, so he had spare rim and he put the donut on the rim. Then he promised to ship me a 08 CTS jack assembly in a day or two; it took him 3 more weeks to FedEx the jack assembly to my home.
    Now 6 weeks since I bought the car I have the complete spare package. When I inspected the jack assembly I found that the crowbar bracket is smaller than the log nut and the jack assembly doesn’t belong to 08 CTS. When I called the sales manager who’s handling my account he told me to call his manager tomorrow.
    Now since I have doubt about that dealer integrity, I’m not even sure that the spare tire is going to fit my 08 CTS when I really need it.
    I smell trouble and I think the dealer is backing off from the written deal. I bought a new car and I was expecting a new spare tire assembly for 08 CTS without playing game.

    My question is:

    Does GM have the power over the dealer to order him to honor his deal?

    Thanks for the insight.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I would contact Cadillac district and ask for their help. I don't know if they can force him to comply, but I do know of two dealers, one Cadillac and one Ford, who lost their franchise because they did not adequately service their customers. So unless he is going out of business that could get him to cooperate with you.

    You could also take the dealer to small claims court to force compliance with the contract.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    your dealer is blowing smoke on teh cost of the spare tire package..the msrp is $250 and his cost is $208.....option item ZAA.....sounds like he is trying to get over cheap on you..the donut comes on a rim what exactly did he order to take 3 weeks....I suspect he simply failed to order it..and has been delaying you ever since......challenge him with the have a written contract on the compact spare tire

    check right here on edmunds for the pricing:

    ZAA Compact Spare Tire
    Includes temporary spare tire and jack assembly in place of inflator kit.
  • I called the GM Customer Relations Department and they sent an inspector to the GM Dealer where my car is being repaired. I should get the report tomorrow, but I am sure my foot was on the brake and not on the gas pedal. I will let you know what the report says. The car had only 7700 miles on it. The car has been at the body shop since August 21 and is still not finished. They finally gave me a loaner this week. This was my first CTS and I loved it. I have owned 2 Cadillac's previously, an Eldorado and a Sedan Deville with no problems.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The cost to the dealer has to be much greater than the $208 listed as dealer cost with the original order. It has to include the cost of the compressor unit, which would have been recovered by GM when replaced by the spare tire, and the cost of shipping and stocking as a replacement part.

    The true cost to the dealer is probably closer to $400. However, whatever the cost to the dealer, he is still obligated to supply the complete spare tire kit if he agreed to supply it as part of the purchase deal. (Although he might ask for the return of the compressor kit.)
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I had my tires rotated by the local gas station at 7,000 miles . Today , when I started the car , I had a warning light tell me of low tire pressure , front right tire , at 23 lbs . However , upon inspection and air refill , it was the back right tire . I asked the gas station if he had recalibrated the sensors , and he said no . I lost my manual , so I can't look up the answer . Do I need to only have the dealer rotate the tires so that they can recalibrate the sensors ? Do the sensors recalibrate themselves , and I have a defective vehicle ?
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    RTFM - to reset the tire pressure monitoring system after a tire rotation follow the instructions in the owners manual on page 5-73. :)

    You will need a good tire pressure gauge and an air compressor. Or you could show the manual to the gas station mechanic. Good luck.

    ed: I just realized you said you lost your manual. I believe you can view the manual on-line if you have signed up for your OnStar page. I would suggest you buy a new copy of the manual as it contains a lot of very useful and important information.
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    bingoman, pao

    Thanks for the help. I called the dealer's top manager, I was very angry expressing my willing to take further steps; he suggested that I go to my neighborhood Cadillac and have their Parts department to replace the wrong part or order a new one and charge the invoice to him. After 6 weeks of waiting I think the problem is solved.

    When I came back home I found a letter from GM saying that my 2008 CTS may have a defected OnStar module suggesting to take the car to the dealer before October 31, 2009 to replace the module.
    I used OnStar many times including the hand free phone and everything was OK. I wonder if anybody else on this board received a similar letter from GM, or I have a unique problem and OnStar detected that problem.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I just purchased an 09 CTS..the salesman mentioned that some 08s and early build 09s had a problem with its not specific to your vehicle...I would go ahead and have a dealer replace the may be something more than your normal operation of onstar..could be crash detection, airbag deployment etc...
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    I'll have them replace the OnStar Module when my car due for first oil changes or if any problem comes up before that; so far everything is ok. I didn’t even detect any wind noise or vibration at any speed.
  • nathessnathess Posts: 11
    CTS 2008 -
    I have owned the CTS for 8 months and during that time both my wife and I have noticed that the car doors have locked automatically. This has happened 5 times since we have owned the car. It has only happened after we have put the car into the garage, leave the car and closed the garage doors. When we return to the garage we have found the car locked.

    Is it possible that there is a code interference between the garage door opener and the car door code?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Check your owners manual. The wifes 07 STS has an option that allows it to auto lock I think about 4 sec. after the last door is locked. Maybe the CTS also has that option.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I have had a similar experience. I believe what is happening is that I have accidentally pressed the lock button on the clicker while it is in my pocket. This has happened when I have leaned up against something with the side of my hip.

    In a similar vein: it bothers me that there is no visual signal to show whether the front doors are locked.

    When I exit the car I push the door lock button. The car beeps three times with a low beep. If I am in a noisy environment and cannot hear the beeps, or I am distracted, I cannot be sure the doors are locked. I cannot test the door as I have the fob in my pocket and that will automatically unlock the door when I try the handle.

    I love the car, but I think the security experts at Cadillac have made a lot of goofs.
  • traderjtraderj Posts: 39
    I awoke today to find all of my local Cadillac dealers advertising the 1SA '09 CTS at bigger discounts than last months employee pricing. My current GMAC lease ends in a couple of weeks. First, GMS pricing is still available on this model. Then there is $4000- for current lessees, then another $2686 for paying cash. Then there is the GMcard rebates. The car I looked at today had an MSRP of $36885- and after all discounts was $23,775-. I would have bought today, but the car I wanted had a small paint ship on the rear bumper, so it must be repainted. I will pick it up Wed.
    I remember when I leased an '04 CTS I thought I had a good deal when I worked the dealer to a cap cost of $28,000. Now, I can get a 5 year newer model for over $4,000 less. Too good to turn down. I had originally only considered the 1SB, but the 1SA had plenty of power and was much smoother than the DI engine. Non of the vibration that I had previously felt on the 1SB.
  • The car can be programmed to lock automatically (or not). It can also be programmed to flash lights or beep or both when the car locks.

    I programmed mine to lock automatically when I put it in gear, unlock when I shut it off, remain unlocked when I park (for my garage), and flash lights & beep when I press the lock button.
  • I really like my 09 CTS, but I hate that Cadillac has sucked most the resale value out of it just a few months after I bought. They may have helped their sales today, but they have pushed my next purchase out 3 extra years by devaluing my current CTS so much.
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