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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    C&D tested the STS V6 in the current issue, the performance was impressive.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    A GM description of this new V6 motor includes the following quotes:

    “ . . .272 lb.-ft. (369 Nm) of torque at 5200 rpm.”

    - and -

    “The result is linear delivery of torque, with near-peak levels over a broad rpm range, and high specific output (maximum horsepower per liter of displacement) without sacrificing overall engine response and driveability.”

    Has anyone seen a published Torque Curve for this motor?

    5,200 RPM is a very high Torque peak – and I am wondering just how much credence to assign to the latter quote . . .

    300+ HP from 3.6L is impressive, but I also need my Torque down low in the RPM range.

    - Ray
    Torque addicted . . .
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    “My point is that the CTS MUST be priced to compete with these cars, because it will invariably be considered alongside them in terms of content, performance & price.

    Pricing the CTS at the levels some here have suggested is simply not possible.” – Ortega

    And yet . . .

    GM \ Caddy appears to be OK with the fact that STS and CTS sales continue to be ( way ) off – measured against last year. The CTS is off 38.7% - and the STS is off 46.8%. Large numbers, to me.

    And 2006 was NOT a ** stellar ** year for the STS, certainly – or for the CTS. The STS was off 31% in June 2006 vs June 2005. And last June sales for the CTS were off over 14% compared with 2005 June sales.

    Yet certainly in the case of the STS, the “Premium Pricing” ( IMHO ) that Caddy placed initially on the STS with the 2005 Model Year has been steadfastly maintained - in the face of what I see as rather dismal sales volume.

    So, in light of this apparent pricing philosophy – I see the possibility of the ‘new’ 2008 CTS being priced higher than some expect. I think that it therefore IS possible we’ll see surprisingly high MSRPs. I do hope I am wrong.

    Again: We’ll see.

    The initial reports from GM were that the 2008 STSs would hit dealers in June. And it appeared that 2008 CTSs would follow not long after. Mine has not seen either one, as of this PM. ( 2008 SRXs, but no STSs and no CTSs. )

    - Ray
    Waiting to see & drive & read sticker prices on production examples . . .
  • puckspucks Posts: 47
    Given that the CTS went on sale in Feb 03, you would expect the sales to decline, especially with a new model a few months away. The June YTD numbers are not near as bad as the percentages you quote. Sales grew every year through 05 and fell back a little last year. If they get the 08 out soon enough, they might even outsell last year.

    I have no defense for the STS.

    Cadillac has consistently said the base 08 will start in the low 30's. Given that the base model has leatherette, I can see it coming in at the 33-34 range base and topping out at in the 47-49 range.

    Cadillac said late June for the STS and "fall" for the CTS. STS production started 6/11 according to reports, so you should see those very soon. CTS production starts either the 19th or 23rd of July, so they should be out by mid to late August.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,049
    I tend to find your prediction tracks with mine. The CTS, regardless of what is done to move the cars out the door, will be in the upper $40's -- Cadillac wants to be the Premium entry level LPS and remain head held high within the LPS class.

    One way to do this, of course, is to raise the price. The fact, hopefully, that a $47K CTS may be had for a low lease price is just the strategy apparently used by BMW and at least ONCE, in my case, Audi.

    The phrase, that was then, this is now is not lost on me, but as I have related previously, we have two 2005 German cars, both with 36 month, 45K mile leases with almost no money out of pocket to get going. Her $47K Bimmer was $581/mo and my $53K Audi was $640/mo. In my case, I didn't even have a sec dep. We both have full maintenance too.

    I have priced these American cars [repeatedly] with a desire to lease them. Apples to apples, the American cars (and many of the Japanese models) at that price per month are, relatively speaking, "strippies."

    I am NOT a fan of outsourcing, but when an American "boy" like me spends $X/mo, and I can get an "entry level" STS or CTS or a fully loaded Infiniti, BMW or Audi, I cave and outsource my transportation overseas.

    More's the pity.

    Damn legacy costs. :mad:
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    Thank you!
    - Ray
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    Very flat torque curve, indeed. What will really be amazing is if the claims that this engine (with an 11.3 compression ratio) will run on regular fuel are true.
  • ral1960ral1960 Posts: 74
    I think sales are down because so many potential buyers are waiting for the 08 model. Since the trunk is still tiny and the rear headroom only slightly better, I'm waiting to see the wagon and/or BRX. There's always something better next year.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    “Given that the CTS went on sale in Feb 03, you would expect the sales to decline, especially with a new model a few months away. The June YTD numbers are not near as bad as the percentages you quote. Sales grew every year through 05 and fell back a little last year. If they get the 08 out soon enough, they might even outsell last year.”

    At Lunch, I looked a little further back - at a couple of months in 2005 vs 2004 for the CTS:

    Sept 2005 vs 2004
    CTS 3,847 4,202 -8.4%

    Aug 2005 vs 2004
    CTS 3,610 4,365 -20.5%

    “I have no defense for the STS.”

    Me neither . . .
    - Ray
    NOT a sales or marketing guru . . .
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    Was at my dealer's yesterday and they basically concurred about current sales. They said that everyone is waiting to see the 2008 and that he could probably sell every one he could get his hands on quickly. We only have a little while longer to wait...
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,210
    Good to hear from you again. What are you driving now? I know you told us, but I forgot.

    Craving to get back with a CTS?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    Mechanical section-(MN6) Transmission, Aisin 6-speed manual, moved RPO code into Free Flow RPO Code column. Changed availability for 1SB PEG from "S" with a footnote #2 to "A" with a footnote #2. Changed footnote #1 to read "Must specify a transmission. Not available with (Y42) 18" (45.7 cm) All-Season Tire Performance Package. Base MSRP includes (MN6) Aisin 6-speed manual transmission.". Changed footnote #2 to read "Must specify a transmission. Requires (Y43) 18" (45.7 cm) Summer Tire Performance Package.".
    Mechanical section-(MX0) Transmission, 6-speed automatic, changed availability for 1SB PEG from "A" with a footnote #1 to "S" with a new footnote #2. New footnote #2 reads "Must specify a transmission. Base MSRP includes (MX0) 6-speed automatic transmission.".
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    ... and I thought legal documents are hard to read.... :P
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    I think this means that the 6 speed automatic is now standard with 304hp DI engine.

    And you can only get the 6 speed manual for the DI when ordered with the Summer tire performance package.

    - Ray
    Obviously did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn of any sort last night......
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    Actually, you are peeking into the nightmarish life of the dealer desperately trying to pre-order his floor plan, so customers will walk in and say 'that's the one I want."
  • len00len00 Posts: 22
    Anybody have any guess as to when Edmunds will be posting an overview and/or test drive of the '08 CTS. It seems as though they have had a lot of '08 models on their homepage lately giving at least an overview of various '08 models.

  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    I've had an SRX for the last two years wife's car really. When you have two kids in the last 4 years, it changes your car buying priorities. :-)

    A 2008 CTS for myself would be nice, but I have to find budget for it (not easy) and it must fit my elongated body (no guarentees).
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    I would guess that they are probably test driving one now or will very soon. The dealerships should get the cars in 6-8 weeks or so. Doing a road test now would allow the print magazines enough lead time for publication. Online mags like Edmunds would be embargoed until the print magazines hit the stands in the second week of September.
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