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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Yahoo!Picked up my car yesterday evening and it is gorgeous!!! Was reading on the the posts about the onstar, using your cell phone number. I asked, but I don't have the family plan, so I couldn't. I'm still learning about everything. What a car, and the ride is just a heavier road hugging experience than my lincoln was. I love it, love it, love it.......and the red tint coat......!!!! WOW! Planning a road trip. I'm a happy girl!!!
  • The Bug - I bought a 08 CTS last month, with no spare. After getting a flat tire (at 500 miles, my fault) and having a nightmare experience with the inflation/sealant kit, I called my dealer and placed an order for a spare and jack. The dealer confirmed that there is enough room under the trunk cover and you should be able to get your dealer to give it to you for the same price ($250) as if you bought it with the car (aftermarket price through Caddy is almost $500).
  • You can change to a family plan. Just add your car as the other member. You will have shared minutes. Several plans are available. Push your OnStar button and they will transfer you to Verizon. The person at Verizon will know exactly what you want and need. I sold a beautiful convertible corvette and purchased the CTS. No regrets.....
  • To make an immediate forward you press *72 then the car # then send. To end the forward you press *720 then send.
    For a delay forward (cell will ring 3-4 times before being forwarded) you press *92 car number then send. To end press *920 send.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    letsgomets - Thanks for the info. I am on it. Picked up the CTS today. It is awesome!!!

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    bingoman - Picked up the CTS today, and had a chance to take a good look at the spare tire well. You are absolutely right. Thanks for the input. Car buying is exhausting, but I love it. I'm sure the salespeople are tired too, after a two day heavy pricing battle. It really pays off to read through these threads.

    I won by the way. I have only driven the car for 32 miles (from the dealer all freeway), and let me tell you, the car is awesome. Head over hills improvement from the first generation CTS, which was no slouch in my view.

  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    Congratulations on the new CTS. I’m considering ordering one in January without the sunroof. I just like to know if any deposit was paid for placing the special order? Did you make the deal when ordering the car, or after it arrived?Any advice when ordering?

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Im also ordering in Feb....negotiate your deal..get a signed sales contract in writing...have them place the order in their system and get an order price protects you from any increases that may occur in the model year production.....that is what we did when ordering our 06 Pontiac Solstice when they were a hot the first one delivered to our dealer...who is also a Cadillac dealer as well..

    most dealers should take a min deposit...mine is only asking for $500 and they hold my check till the car arrives...
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I noticed in pictures of the 08 CTS the leather seats look stretched where the driver has been sitting. I had a 03 CTS and the leather seats also got stretched on the seat bottom. The leather seats in the CTS are the only leather seats in a car that seem to have this stretched look. This is not a problem, I just don't like the look. It doesn't look normal. :confuse:
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    knotem - When I ordered my 03 CTS, there was no deposit required, on the 08 CTS they wanted 2K (different dealer) and it appeared that they just pulled the number out of the air. The negotiations were after the car arrived, but it was pretty much clean cut with the Costco discount (2K over invoice). That's the going rate for Costco and the CTS because it's such a hot item.

    Get your figures together before you go to negotiate (they hate that, but it's works to your advantage). It helps prevent the four squares game that they play. When ordering make sure they enter everything you ask for and get a copy of the order request. Request a build date about ten days after your order is placed.

    My friend, I tell you the car is awesome, very much improved over the first generation.

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    pao - Don't beleive them when they say they are going to hold the check. I was told the same thing, but three days after I wrote the thing it cleared the bank (not an issue because it was part of my cash payment). They had to have sent it the same day that I wrote it. You can negotiate the deposit as well because they are not having trouble selling this car. These cars are flying off the lots everywhere.

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    One thing I noticed in comparing R&T’s acceleration numbers to C+D’s:
    R&T typically published the least quick numbers of the “big 3”.

    R&T’s 0 – 60 number is a 6.0 = 2 tenths slower than C+D ( 5.8 )

    R&T’s Quarter Mile numbers are 14.5 at 98.2, while C+D reported 14.6 at 95.

    What I find most interesting is that the R&T test car was an automatic – and R&T recorded a quicker Quarter Mile at a higher terminal velocity than C+D recorded in a car with the six speed manual trans.

    One factor here may be gearing. Though both the manual & automatic clear 60 in second gear, the manual trans. requires an additional shift ( at 95 MPH ) just before the end of the Quarter – while the automatic does not need to shift from third to fourth until clearing the lights, at 105 MPH.

    Interesting . . .

    - Ray
    Thinking 14.5 for the automatic version is respectable . . .
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    this one dealer will...the 06 solstice was a hot item too when it came out.....and he held the check for six months, order the car in May, accepted by GM for production in July and didnt get it until Dec...he could have cashed it as well.....but again..with order times of 6-8 weeks, subject to constraints for the CTS.......its not so much a big deal...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    C+D Quarter mile = 14.6 at 97 MPH,
    not 95 as I (mis-)typed.
    Hence the 95 MPH shift in the manual trans. version is an issue...
    My apologies...
    - Ray
  • Has anyone had a pin stripe painted on their new 2008 CTS?
    My 2004 had a pin stripe, it looked good.
    I have held off doing pin stripe on 2008 CTS.
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    Pao, thebug
    Thanks for the helpful information. I’ll probably order the PDW, PDR and U2S with the DI Engine.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    You can check in the show room how a pinstripe looks . They often do one to show customers .
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68

    Saw a Black Cherry CTS the other day. It was going in the opposite direction so I didn't get a long look. It had a gold pin stripe which to my mind was not very attractive because the stripe was too far down due to the front fender vent. My opinion is to leave the striping off of this model.
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