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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 94
    The universal home remote a.k.a. garage door opener is part of the Comfort and Convenience package. Did you order that? If not, you didn't buy a garage door opener.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    For the price you are paying most of those options should not be options. My 2002 minivan ($35,000 cdn, $28,000 us) had the homelink (with garage door opener) as stardard. Maybe you can add it later, in case you forgot.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    so since your minivan also came with 3 rows of seating I suppose you are also mad that the CTS don't either. :P
  • I too have a fully loaded CTS with AWD. With a little under 700 miles on the odometer and mostly city driving, I have been averaging 16.8 MPG. As a comparison, I also drive a MB CLS with a 304 HP V8 that averages 19.8 MPG in mostly city driving. For what it's worth. I do love the CTS though as does my wife.
  • jharoldjharold Posts: 11
    On November 28th I requested the Cadillac dealer to order me the DI, white diamond, performance collection package, luxury level one package, wood trims, spare tire and chrome wheels. The dealer called on December 26th and said the car would be delivered within a week. I asked him for the vin number so I could verify the order. When I went on line and checked the vin, I found that the dealer had added the performance luxury package which included the luxury level 2 package that I didn’t want and had left off the chrome wheels which I did want. I called the dealer and asked him about the order and he said "wait until the car is delivered and see what’s not correct". I did not want to wait. The next day I went to the dealer with a copy of the window summary showing what would be on the car. The dealer tried to convince me that the only way to get the luxury level package was to take the performance luxury package. After I showed them one of their own brochures with luxury level one as a stand alone option they dropped that argument. I told them I wanted to reorder the car. The dealer responded “they were too busy and I would have to come back next week to reorder”. I said no thanks and left. The next day, December 28th, I went to another dealer across town and ordered another CTS. I'm hoping this time they get it right!!!
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    Are you walking away from your deposit ?
  • jharoldjharold Posts: 11
    No, got my deposit back...
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The sales brochure lists the Universal home remote as part of the Luxury Level II package, which is also a part of the Premium Luxury Collection. If your car contains either of those options the remote should have been included. If not, you might try to purchase the necessary parts from your dealers parts department and have it installed by an independent auto electrician.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Does anyone know what is behind that little square on the passenger side of the front bumper?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,210
    It's there because GM evidently plans to market the car in Europe, where it's required that all cars have a solid towing point available through the bumper. It shows the location where an eye bolt can be screwed into the chassis so the car can be safely pulled when it's wrecked or stuck. Once you start looking, you'll see there's something similar on all European cars.
  • I picked up my CTS on November 13 2007.It has AWD,DI,performance brakes,18" wheels,Crystal Red,spoiler,mesh grille,It now has 2000 miles on it,both highway and NYC driving.I cannot find anything wrong.everything works as it should.I did have to put after market trim on the sides(should have came with the car standard).the car is without a doubt the best I have ever owned.the quality is top notch.Its quiet and powerful,and gets an average 16.8 mpg on regular gas.the moon roof and shade seem fine to me,I know it was a concern to some.I agree Cadillac has come up with the Car of the year,well done
  • Hello Waco-

    Congrats on your car- I love mine too!

    Just want to ask mention a "mesh grille". What do you mean? Like the kind on the CTS-V? Was that standard for you, or did you put it on? And what kind of trim on the sides? Got any pics?
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I have about 600 miles on my car . I noticed from day one a rattle from the passenger side of the car . Anyone notice this , or any other types of rattles . I have the sport suspension .
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    Arby 1, I've test driven a fully loaded CTS in September with DI/auto, panoramic sunroof and all season 18" tires. When my son was driving it, I was in the back seat and I felt and heard rattle in the back, I didn't feel it or hear it while I was driving. I thought that was my son pushing the power too hard.
  • My neighbor (who by the way couldn't resist the urge to park one of these babies in his garage after seeing mine) had some rattle issues. He has the AWD regular engine but the rattles were limited to the sunroof (fixed) and currently in the rear near the speaker area - nothing external.
    I have subtle vibrations coming from the window control panel of both doors when the audio bass is vibrating a certain way - and with my music choices, it should not be an issue. I do have the 5:1 surround that pushes the bass up front.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I don't have a sunroof or AWD . I first thought that it was the loose buckle of the seatbelt hitting the door , but I heard it even after buckling it in . I am thinking that it is located in the B pillar which houses the seatbelt retraction mechanism . I also noticed a vibration today , for the first time , which I guess did come from the radio bass . I don't have the surround sound .
    I will have someone drive me around so that I can be a passenger and pinpoint the rattle . Thanks for the two posts .
  • I also have the sport suspension and at times with the harder ride with the low profile tires, you can get that jolt to create a rattle. I found mine to be on the passenger side doors. Try some lube on the rubber gaskets on both doors. Mine went away. I did have to stick the tech in the back seat as i was driving, but together we did find the problem. Good luck
  • cosmo13cosmo13 Posts: 31
    Was the mesh grille standard?
  • More than likely a dealer-installed thing. Well, at least that's better than the vinyl roof I saw on a '08 CTS last month. :cry:
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