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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    If this Caddy CTS Coupe really is a concept then they will most likely br tweaking it before production. While an in person inspection might change my thinking, I would suggest moving the C pillar in about an inch and a half and run an edge from the taillight to the beginning of the C pillar where it meets the side window thus creating a small fender area rather than a solid line from the roof down. There are so many pluses to this car that I'd be more than happy to take it as is. The fact that they only cut off 2 inches makes it a truly full size coupe rather than a miniature of the sedan. Also the 2+2 design of the interior is a real pleasant surprise. My guess would be that the production model will have a more sedate and luxurious interior and the sharp edged design of the rear will be muted. somewhat.
  • When pricing out the 2008 CTS on trying to figure out the "True-Value", it says that AWD is not available with the Premium Luxury Collection. Any ideas why not? Seems like pricing those options individually is almost twice as expensive. :mad:
  • DOES allow you to select the premium luxury collection and AWD. Edmunds is not always current with their selections. They were about three weeks late on the price increase.
  • My 2008 CTS has been in the shop over 9 days in less than 3 months of ownership and Cadillac expects me to pay user fees/taxes on the loaner car I am driving while they are trying to fix mine. Ride and sound system great. Cheapskates at GM don't make a rear view camera available (Accord has one) nor are fog lights without paying thousands extra. BOO GM. I wany my money back.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    So why has it been in the shop for 9 days. Did you back into something and now blamming GM for not putting in a backup camera. Did someone twist your arm and force you to buy that CTS. Why didn't you just buy the Accord with the backup camera and you would hav saved yourself a lot of money. As Paul Harvey says, I'd like to hear the rest of the story. :P
  • I have the garmin 660 unit. I use the "beanbag" mount that sits on the dash, It is very stable, easy to remove and foils the BMW (Break my Windshield ) people.
  • Awesome news. Thanks for the reply.

  • A point of interest with those who have the sunroof. My last 04 CTS had a flood with the rear port being clogged and water entered the trunk big time. This 08 had a clog on the front left drain. I seen a few drops of water under the parking brake. The problem was corrected before it became bigger. But how after 5 years do we still have this happening???????????????????????
  • "When pricing out the 2008 CTS on trying to figure out the "True-Value", it says that AWD is not available with the Premium Luxury Collection."

    I tried a couple of minutes ago, & gave me a price on the 3.6 DI with Premium Luxury and AWD.
  • Yeah... it prices it out. What threw me for a loop was the description of the AWD option says it's not available with the Premium Luxury Collection:

    MX7 All Wheel Drive
    NOT AVAILABLE with PDQ, Y41, Y43.

    "PDQ" being the Premium Luxury Collection.
  • I experienced identical water dripping in the same location on my '08 CTS,
    i.e., left front driver's compartment, falling on my left shin/ankle and floor beneath.
    Not an excessive amount, but more than a few drops--perhaps as much
    as a cup. My dealer's service dept. was familiar with this problem, which has
    apparently presented itself over the past few years, and was able to repair the
    problem without difficulty. It was explained that cracks and separation of the
    drain channels in the corners, as well as possible clogging, might occur.
  • I sat in all the luxury cars at the auto show, except the Bentley. (You had to be wearing Armani or better to get inside the ropes) The only interior as comfortable (for me) and as well appointed as the CTS was the LS460. Caddy has arrived.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Any suggestions between these two vehicles? A few friends have owned Nissan's in the past and they swear that the fit and finsh is terrible with squeeks and rattles. I was thnkin about a TL but a 4th Generation is allegedly in the works for 09. The G35 is a tad cheaper in price though. The CTS is a new Generation (rattles and problems?) and is more expensive to a comparably equipped G35.Anyone compared the two while shopping???
  • I have a new 2008 CTS that has an interior smell. The odor began after the first 400 plus miles..It is awful..Quite noxious I must say..Gives you a headache and makes you nauseas..Noone can sit in the rear seat at all..The smell begins as it warms up and most noticable when you come to a stop or drive slowly.. The car only has 1050 miles on it..I brought it in to my selling dealer who is blowing me off..At first I figured it had something to do with the catalyst converter, and it may..Or perhaps it is something leaking on the exhaust..Nothing like paying 45000.00 for a car you can't stomach to drive. Also night driving is trecherous to make turns..I do not have the adaptable forward lighting so there is no light from the sides..The car should have no other option but to have the headlights with the adaptable foward lighting ,it's unsafe. I have contacted Cadillac on these issues and are awiting the solution.. My seller dealer is totally useless. Way to go! Motor Trend Car of the Year 2008!! I believe sales will be slowing down..Also since this has begun I have noticed a dratic drop in the MPG. Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    That omission is a case of design ignoring the real world.... You'll find side trim strips on the Vogue Tyre website so they're probably available elsewhere as well. Not sure if was here on the 2008 CTS forum, or on that someone bought aftermarket side moldings, color matched, and had their dealer install them and was quite satisfied. You might do a search.
  • I did some extensive car shopping over the course of a year, and had all but settled on a G35 or G37. I test drove the G35, and it was beautiful car, with all the features I wanted. It was a tad snug inside the cockpit for me, (6'1, 215), and I found its outside a tad boring. But, I was all ready to buy one anyway, or perhaps a slightly used M35.

    THEN, I actually SAW a 2008 CTS, and there was no comparison for me. The curb appeal, and stunning visual image of the CTS made it by far the car for me. Bigger inside where it needs to be, and regular unleaded gas to boot! I've owned mine since OCT 07, and I STILL have to stop and just look at it when I am approaching or departing the car. I just love it! :)
  • I just got back from the 2008 Auto Show, and I am very happy to say that even after looking at all the new models coming out...I would STILL buy my 08 CTS all over again!

    And the new MKZ, the supposed CTS killer?? :P
  • 08cts408cts4 Posts: 1
    I'm averaging 22-24 on the highway at 75 mph (cruise control on) in the winter. I'm at 10,000 on the 08 cts 4. The best average I got was 26 mpg in the fall.
  • Which engine? Which transmission?
  • I also looked extensively at the G35 vs 328 vx CTS.

    The G35 is quicker and costs less. The G35 also had higher levels of noise, vibration, and harshness.

    My CTS (only 500 miles to date) has higher levels of available equipment (I had to have cooled seats). The CTS has the best interior design in this class of vehicle, along with very strong curb appeal. The CTS has slightly better fuel economy, and does so on lower octane fuel than the G35.

    I'm biased, of course. Buy what you like.
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