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Acura MDX vs BMW X5



  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    love2driveinct, Bluetooth is available in the 06 and newer XC90's but only as a dealer add-on. A very large and unattractive button is installed along with the communications module. I would rather have a system integrated into the vehicle from the factory. In my opinion, this feature was an afterthought.

    When we leased our Volvo, summer 2006, the m.f. was .00001 with a good residual. Our payment is $500 per month. The only $$$ required was first and the $650 acq fee. This was for a fully loaded (minus Nav) XC90 V8. I believe the MSRP was $52.6k. There was an incentive on the V8 models, which was the model that we wanted. Leasing can be attractive if the right combination of m.f. and residual is available. When looking at the lease deals from Audi and BMW, I found the financing interest rate to be better.

    I am also a BMW enthusiast but I just can not justify spending the extra $$$ for the X5. Perhaps after test driving the MDX I might have a different opinion. Stay tuned!

  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    bimmerguy288, I am also a fan of the BMW brand and like you I am a BMW Club member. I remember reading the article comparing the MDX vs. X5 3.0si. I believe they also compared the RDX and X3 in the same publication. They did rave about the MDX and didn't like the RDX. Their argument is the same as mine now, why should I spend the extra $$$ if I get the same or similar performance (not the 4.8 model).

    If I was to nit pick the MDX, I would want real wood instead of the (very) shiny plastic trim. The center stack could/should be simplified. For the price tag I would want Smart Key Access ($1k adder in BMW) and AFS lights. But none of these are deal breakers. I have all of the options in my current car and while nice to have, I can live without.

    I must confess, if my wife and I like the MDX. I would be able to sell or trade-in my car for a 08 BMW 335Ci (convertible). Plus being a BMW CCA member, I could use the rebate for my car instead of hers. This is my hope. We'll see what happens.

  • NHman, I had a 2004 BMW 330 convertible and almost bought the new 335i convertible when it came out last spring but ended up with a 750i, an entirely different animal.

    In my opinion, in the entire Acura lineup, the MDX is the only one that comes close or equal to a BMW in the same class in terms of balance of comfort and driving dynamics. The MDX's 3rd row seat is also more "spacious" than the X5's. I agree, I am still not warming up to the front design of the MDX but nothing is perfect.
  • NHman, that is frustrating about the bluetooth, what is wrong with Volvo? Reminds me of the add-on CD changers with the little gizmos that you velcroed to your dashboard, lol... I can't believe that Volvo would totally overlook such an important feature, especially when it's not just a convenience but a safety matter, at least IMHO, lol...

    Sounds like you got a good deal in summer 06. When we looked at the pretty-well-loaded V6 (leather, ent sys, 3rd row seat) in winter 06, I think the payment was around $720! Needless to say, when compared to $610 for the Ody and $588 for the MDX, it wasn't even in the running when you factored in the features we'd be giving up (bluetooth, for one).

    Alas, we will likely not end up with an X5, and probably not an XC90, either. But we may find that the MDX's are out of our league as well, if there aren't any good incentives at that time. Then we'll be forced to look at the Acadia and some others that we hadn't previously considered. We would look at the Pilot, but I think my hubby will be trading in his 05 Pilot for an 08 Pilot soon -- they are leasing locally at $361 a month for 36m/12K/$500 down. It was weird deciding to have both a Pilot and an MDX, but having two Pilots would be just a little TOO weird... lol

    PS: My Dad was also a member of the BMW club, and enjoyed the one time he got to show off his 2002 540 at a local show in Mass. My Mom still has this vehicle sitting in her garage, but is just about ready to part with it and list it for sale (he passed away a year ago). He put so much time and energy into his vehicles, something that I think only BMW people can appreciate. :)
  • love2driveinct, the new Buick Enclave is very nice inside out with a decent 3rd row. I think Buick is pretty good in terms of reliability these days. I am not one of those who automatically rule out a domestic make. But the Enclave is too big for our needs (two kids) and underpowered for its weight.

    I am getting the MDX with tech/entertainment package. For our needs, it's not too big, not too small. It has comfortable ride & handling, good resale value, nice navigation/stereo. It's replacing our 2005 Toyota Sienna and the 2004 Lexus RX330. I can't find anything better for the price. But there is still a list of features/improvements I wish the MDX had...

    For those who really need the space, practicality and utilty, nothing beats a minivan. I really don't mind being seen driving a minivan and I am a GUY.
  • I know, I know, a minivan is always the practical choice! My hubby really liked driving our Ody, too... :)

    But now that I've gone from minivan to suv, I can't imagine ever going back.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    love2driveinct, for a fully loaded MDX I would expect the price point to be (roughly) $44.4k. This is based on a few hundred dollars above invoice. If leasing remember to negotiate the buy price first and check to be sure the dealer doesn't markup the m.f.. Honda Financial is offering a good financing interest rate, 2.9 up to 3 years adn 4.9 up to 5 years.

    You may want to look at the Mazda CX9 in addition to the Acadia. While I haven't looked at it, it seems to be a similar vehicle to the MDX. I know there is another topic comparing the two.

    If your Dad had an 03 540i Sport, I would be very interested. BMW made enough changes in the last year model that made it an attractive alternative to the M5.

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    You may want to look at the Mazda CX9 in addition to the Acadia.

    I'll ditto that. The CX9 has style, utility, and good performance. Personally, I'd rather have the MDX, but that Mazda is a fine machine.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    NHman, I had a 2004 BMW 330 convertible and almost bought the new 335i convertible when it came out last spring but ended up with a 750i, an entirely different animal.

    I think the 750i is 1of the most comfortable car and very safe is that the reason u got the 750i? I went to check out the 5 series for a friend few months back checked out the other bmw's 7seri was great and the x5 is my favo car after checking it out the very first time,very nice driving position and great interior. dont know much abt the volvo or the mdx but strange to compare the q7 with the x5, q7 is sooo big and the back is really not nice. dont really consider the x5 such a big car its only a little bigger in length than the 5 series.
  • Sorry to be off the topic. To answer bmlexus' question, here is a bit history: up until April last year, I had a 04 BMW 330cic convertible (my toy), wife had (still has) a 04 Lexus RX330, we also had a 05 Sienna Ltd for car pooling, Home Depot trips, long trips and stuff. Whenever we went out to dinner, mall, we either drove the Lexus RX or the Sienna because the two-door BMW was not comfortable for four. When the new BMW 335 hardtop vert came out last spring I almost ordered one.

    I test drove a 750i for fun and fell in love with it. I knew the controversal styling and the infamous iDrive stuff, but the thing is quiet, smooth, comfortable, has excellent balance of ride and handling for its size, solid as a tank, last but not the least, the V8 engine is Sooooooooooooo smooth and powerful, it just pulls and pulls. I was sold. Now I have something nice to drive when I take my family out.

    We sold the Sienna recently since it sat on the driveway most of the time. We do want to get something a bit bigger than the wife's Lexus RX and that something needs to have 3rd row seats for occasional use. We looked at the MB GL450, MB R350, Mazda CX-9, BMW X5, Buick Enclave, and the Acura MDX. The MDX is far from perfect but it meets most of our needs, has nice ride/handling balance, priced reasonally for what it is. We ordered a MDX with tech/entertainment package ( the only reason we want the entertainment package is the power rear hatch, we don't need the DVD player, our two teenage kids have other forms of entertainment). It has silver exterior, and taupe interior, black interior is too depressing for our taste. BTW, I really regret getting my 750i in black color (exterior), it looks real classy when it's just washed but a few days and some rain later, it looks like cr#p. Dark color also hides the curves of the car. Unless you enjoy washing cars, avoid black.
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    You and I have similar garages. I have a 2001 330Cic, I just got a 2008 MDX Sport for my wife to replace her 2003 MDX, the new one is terrific, we shopped everything and it was the best. I am also thinking about a 750 to replace my A8 lease. Do you drive the 750 in snow? I am worried about that as the Audi has been gtreat in snow and ice.
  • "You and I have similar garages. I have a 2001 330Cic, I just got a 2008 MDX Sport for my wife to replace her 2003 MDX, the new one is terrific, we shopped everything and it was the best. I am also thinking about a 750 to replace my A8 lease. Do you drive the 750 in snow? I am worried about that as the Audi has been gtreat in snow and ice. "

    Interesting. I had a 2002 MDX until late 2004 when we bought the Sienna. The MDX was too small for our needs then, car pooling, scouting, biking... It was a pain to get to the 3rd row too so we bought the minivan. We passed that stage now and I think getting a MDX to replace both the Sienna and the Lexus RX is a good compromise.

    I drove the 750i only once in very very light snow. It was fine. We haven't had much snow (but lots of rain) in our part of Maryland. If there is more than one inch of snow on the ground and the streets haven't been plowed, I would not take the 750i out. Being RWD, it WILL have trouble going up the incline near my house. I have "all season performance tires" on it. BTW, the next generation of the 7 will come out maybe in a year.
  • mdx2008mdx2008 Posts: 13
    Just bought my wife a 2008 MDX Tech/Ent and we love it. I have owned BMW's over the past 12 years including my current 2003 M3 convertible BLK/RED interior and I truly think that the MDX drives like a European car/suv. It is indeed a fair comparison to the X5, we bought the MDX b/c of price and repairs down the road. And the fact that the cargo space is far superior to the X5. Plus it drives just as well or better than a BMW, I don't know how they did it? Yes it does not have the BMW badge but with age (i;m now 36 years old) this is becoming a little less important to me.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    My wife and I took the MDX Sport on a test drive this weekend. As stated in earlier posts, we are looking for a replacement to our leased 06 Volvo XC90 V8. As a whole, I really liked the MDX. My short list dislikes or areas of improvements would include the following.

    • The plastic wood trim is reflects a lot of sun light back to the driver. I would rather pay a bit more for real wood.

    • The trim pieces on the center console and door areas appear to be prone to chipping and scratches. The one on the showroom floor had a lot of wear on the door handles.

    • The engine, while powerful for a V6, requires a lot of pedal travel to make good speed. While unfair to compare it to a V8, I do like the feel of torque being built up at a lower rpm.

    • The two rear windows should be one touch up/down.

    • Add Smart Key Access

    • Add power lift gate and AFS lighting on technology option. The power lift gate should not be part of the Sport pkg.

    • Ventilated seats on the Sport model would be nice.

    • A slightly more aggressive suspension setup on the Sport model. I can see this one issue varying from driver to driver. My wife liked the Comfort setup.

    • If backup sensors are going to be a dealer add-on, a grid on the backup camera showing a distance up to 5 feet from the rear bumper would be helpful.

    • Clean-up the center console. A lot of buttons for my liking. Yes, voice control can help but it is not my preferred method.

    I’m sure there are other items as well but this was the bulk of it. I realize that buying a car while maintaining a certain budget I will need to comprise on features. The question for me is at (roughly) $44k, does the MDX offer enough for wife and me to be happy for the next 5-6 years. Perhaps, only time will tell. A decision will be made by the end of this week.

  • NHman, your wish list mirrors mine. For me, the X5's deal breakers are the min. cargo space, 3rd rows seats that are only big enough for my puppy, and the run flat tires if you order 3rd row seat. I am not getting the sports package in the MDX, I think the base suspension in more than good enough for my wife (coming from a Lexus RX330). I don't see her playing around with the "sport" and "comfort" bottoms. We will likely keep the MDX for 3 or 4 years, then trade it for the next generation of the Lexus RX (rumor has it that it will have a long wheel-based version with 3rd row seats), or the next generation of the Caddy SRX. Caddy has some interesting offerings these days.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    bimmerguy288, while I can notice a difference between the comfort and sport settings, my wife believe it is a waste of $$$. I like it for the additional items like the auto leveling xenon lights, perforated seats and rims. So this is more my addition and request. Aside from dealer add-ons (rails, cross bar and side moldings), color combination is the only remaining choice. It is down to black or nimbus grey.

    I was at the Lexus dealership last week and the salesperson showed me a picture of the next RX. It is going to have 3 row seating. However the slope of rear might make for very limited cargo and/or passenger space. Hard to stay without looking at actual vehicle but it looks like design is the key factor vs. functionality.

    The X5 would still be my top choice but again a 10k difference is a bit much. I even looked at a 2007 CPO with 7-15k miles. There are a few choices in the area; however the asking price ranges from $53-56k for the 3.0 liter version. I would rather buy a new MDX for $9k less.

  • NHman, the Lexus salesperson showed you a picture of the next generation of the RX? Was it an official picture or just one of those spy shots from the internet? I took the RX330 to the dealership for service about 10 days ago and they gave me the brochure for the 2009 RX350, which changes little from the 2008 model. The next generation is expected to be 2010 MY. I think we will just get the MDX for now.

    Good luck with your search.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    bimmerguy288, the picture was for the upcoming MY2010. It was from a Lexus publication but I do not remember which one.

    I have asked the dealer to submit to me their sell price for the MDX Sport/Ent. Hopefully I can complete this deal within the next few days. If not, I will move on.

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I probably shouldn't waste time replying to your response to one of my very old posts, but here goes....

    1) The V-6 MDX doesn't beat a V-8 BMW.

    2) I questioned whether it's worth a $10,000 premium to buy the V-8 X5 needed to out perform a 300 hp V-6 japanese or american suv.

    3) Since you asked, I live the county with the highest median household income in the nation, so the MDX is the mini-van of this area and I just don't identify with the soccer mom image of the MDX.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I'm very partial to BMW, but I have to admit that the MDX is an extremely competitive vehicle, especially when cost is factored into the equation. If you look only at the numbers, it's probably a superior vehicle and I certainly understand why someone would choose an MDX over an X5.

    I have always been willing to pay the BMW premium to get superior performance and BMW's particular brand of ride and handling dynamics. But BMW's performance lead is closing and I'm seriously questioning my continued loyalty to BMW when a fully loaded 535xi station wagon now costs over $70,000, a fully loaded X5 is approaching $80,000 and the new X6 will have a sticker of well over $80,000 fully loaded with the twin turbo V-8. I probably couldn't actually go through with switching to another manufacturer, but I recognize that several other vehicles are closing the performance gap and the BMW premium is getting more expensive by the day.
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