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Mazda MPV Transmission Problems



  • Yes, my transmission did this quite badly before the failure.

    I don't know what the "official" line from Mazda is. The service manager at the Mazda dealership that replaced my tranny said that mine was the sixth he replaced for the same problem.

    Get yours looked at. Fast.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    can you give us a update on yours issues? bad coils or transmission?
  • So it turns out I had to replace 3 ignition coils, the 3 that are in the rear of the engine, which requires the shop to remove the manifold on top of the engine (which takes forever).

    They replaced all 3 due to the long labor involved in removing the manifold. One had a crack in it.

    Since then, the engine has been running well, but I do seem to get a consistent forward-jerk in the mornings when going from 1st-2nd (after things warm up it doesn't do that).
  • Well, now that I have had my transmission replaced, the coils are starting to go, I replaced one already, almost $300. I will talk to the dealer about replacing the rest.

    To the person who asked how I got mazda to help, it was the dealer who negotiated with mazda and the transmission maker. I ended up paying $700.

    I still do not understand why mazda is making its customers jump through hoops on this issue. Although they paid for most of my transmission, I spent too many hours on the phone arguing for it.

    Uggh, next car is a honda.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    I bought a 2002 mpv I brought it in to 2 different dealers 2 times (total 4) after 18,500 miles my transmission needed to be replaced (on a Friday evening) Manhattan Mazda was the closest dealer, they kept the car for 3 weeks, they authorized a free rental car. 2 months later the rental car company billed my credit card $600, I contacted Manhattan Mazda, I was reassured it would be taken care of. It never happened. I contacted Mazda North America; their response was it is up to the dealer to issue a rent a car.
    I have the paper work to prove it.
    Mazda lost me as customer, as well as 5 friends of mine who on my recommendations did not even look at a Mazda. I will continue to tell my story.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    I can see why you'd never set foot in Manhattan Mazda again, but why shun the entire brand because of the actions of one dealer? It was up to the dealer to take care of the rental car that they promised you, and they didn't do it. How far up the chain did you take this matter with the dealer? To the owner? To the BBB (the dealer is probably a member of it)? Did you challenge the charge with your credit card company? If you tell them the charge is unjustified, they will take it up with the dealer on your behalf.

    I had a totally opposite experience with my local dealer, Walser Mazda in Burnsville, MN. I brought my 2002 MPV in to have the fuel sender replaced. It was covered under extended warranty (not a Mazda warranty) and the service rep told me that the warranty company would pay for the rental car (1 day). When I dropped off the rental car, the service rep said that the warranty company reneged on paying for the rental, because the repair was not supposed to take very long. But he said that since he promised that the rental would be reimbursed, the dealership would pay for it. Needless to say, I will take my MPV there again for service.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    well lets see 11.5 mpg city, 15-17 hwy, air bag replaced, front suspension arms replaced, car died on hwy,
    yes i denied the credit charge, but they said i singed to cover if they renege

    Mazda North America will tell you if the car is in the shop for a defect they will give you a loaner or a rent a car. then they will change their minds and say it is up to the dealers.
    I stand by my statement.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    I found that Mazda service departments are very generous with the rental car due to warranty services.
    For my last three warranty works done by the dealer, they called the rental car company (Enterprise R.A.C.) and the gas were all that I needed to pay for. As a matter of fact, the agent in the rental car company told me that Mazda is the most generous client comparing to Toyota, Nissan, and Hondo. They would pay for the rental even for a half a day warranty work. The cost of rental actually are paid by Mazda, not the dealer.
    I am sorry to hear about you tranny problem. I have a 04 and it has been shifting a bit rough all the time. I need to try another MPV to see if it is the same for all.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    can you imagine if they told you "take a car for 3 weeks we would pay for it" 2 months later enterprise charges your card $600. Mazda says "sorry it up to the dealer".
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    each time I checked out the rental, enterprise took my card for the $50 deposit. They told me that Mazda were going to pay for it.
    Wait a minute steinpr, you have a 2002, was it still under warranty for the tranny replacement? The Mazda EPP includes rental.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    yes it was under warranty, but according to Mazda North America it is up to the dealer to honer it, not Mazda the company. Trust me i spent many hours on the phone, to bring the dealer and Mazda corp to court for $600 is not worth it.
    it just sucks to be a mazda owner.
    ps the Mazda dealer in Brooklyn did give me a rental for 1 day when they had my car but Manhattan Mazda screwed me and Mazda Corp. did nothing.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    If you have the Mazda EPP, the rental cost is not on Mazda, but the underwriter of the EPP, the third party that you paid for the EPP. I guess the dealer as the middleman, still needs to bill EPP company for the rental cost. Mazda pays when it is warranty work of the 4 years/50K miles BTB coverage. Your 2002 is obviously under the EPP domain. If you look under the on MEPP, Mazda corp has no direct role in it. I guess you should go after the company that underwrite the EPP. Do you have any document on the EPP when you purchase it?
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    we have a misunderstanding, this happened when my car was 1.5 years old- 18500 miles. I just found this site.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    The rental is paid by Mazda if the work is covered by warranty. why should the dealer care about saving Mazda some money on the rental? I believe the dealer who replaced your tranny messed up.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    or maybe the dealer charged Mazda and then screwed me, either way I'm out $600 and Mazda did nothing!
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    You milage is too low for sure. That means you get about 200 miles per fill-up. I believe mine has a 19-22 average for the past 4 years. I get 300-340 miles per fill-up and I normally wait till the warning light comes on.

    I did find out every Mazda service department are different from each other. I guess the skilled people would rather works for big dealer of big brand. But I found that Mazda is modernizing and expending their existing dealerships in US, instead of adding new dealers.

    Can you tell us the story on the front suspension arms replacement?
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    Sure, I heard a rattling in the right front wheel, at the same time the airbag light went on, I brought it into Mazda, they replaced the air bag for free (safety warranty) but they would not cover the control arms, thank god i have Geico, they offer the extended warranty ($250 deductible) they also covered new rotors all in all I paid 2 $250 deductible $500 total and Geico covered the other $1800.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    When you said that Mazda would not cover the control arms, I guess that they did not called that it was a defect. Otherwise, it should be covered by the BTB warranty. The Geico warranty has to be purchased when the car is less than a one years old (under 15K miles), right? I don't believe other insurance companies have the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. Meanwhile Geico could have called the rotors as wear and tear item.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    I guess so, but for some reason they said the brake pads are wear and tear, but also I had replaced the rotors 1 month before.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    When the control arms were bad, did the front end vibrate besides rattling sound from the suspension? did it rattles on rough or smooth road surface? I don't normal keep the windows down, could you hear the front end rattles when the windows were up?
    I'd been trying to identify the cause of a mild front end vibration from the front. If taking the tires or aligment out the the equation, it has to be the suspension such as the control arms, structs...
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