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Acura TL Buying Pre-owned



  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,167
    The mileage isn't particularly scary, if the car has been well maintained and driven with reasonable care. A TL that meets those criteria should easily go 200,000 miles, or more. However, I wouldn't buy an auction car from a dealer, because I want to know the history of a used car; that is, maintenance and how it was driven.
  • Looking at a 2006 TL with Nav and BT for 21K. Mileage is 20k miles. Havent seen the car in person yet but pulling down a carfax.

    Thoughts on price? KBB/ Edmunds/ Nada are all above it but im having Black book value pulled.

    Thanks in advance for feedback
  • I found an auto broker in Chicago that will sell me a 2006 TL with 25k miles for 21000 and new tires. He has others with Nav. If you want to see them go to
  • I just pulled the trigger in SOCAL on the one I mentioned previously. The Black Book wholesale on the 2006 TL with Nav with 19500 miles was 22K and I paid 21K.

    The car has a bunch of surface scratches and a chipped winshield - all getting cleaned up for 250 bucks. I also spent about 15 bucks for some detailing supplies and spitshined the car over the weekend.

    So 21300 for my 06.

    To answer your post - 21k with new tires sounds like a good deal. I hope that includes their broker fees.
  • There were no fees.
  • Someone made a call out in a different forum about perforated leather maybe not being a good match with kids. I hadn't even though of that..but now as I look at the used TL/TSX...i'm wondering if it is not a great idea. Kids do have a way of spilling fluids..bodily and otherwise. What is the purpose of the perforated leather and is a bad match with kids?
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