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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • It's definitely firmer, but the larger wheels make it look better. It's worth the upgrade to me.
  • how do you like the sport seat? is it not enough cushion? I heard ppl said it's a bit uncomfortable.(I know this might be a subjective matter, but I just want to hear what ppl said about it). I do a long drive, so I just dont want hurt my back with uncomfortable seat :-)
  • The disadvantage of using the CF slot exclusively is that a CF card will hold far less music than the hard drive.

    Yes, you can buy a CF card and manage your music on it. I've seen 1 and 2 GB cards, and maybe 4 GB as well. Not sure about capacities greater than that - maybe there's an 8 GB card out there, which would approach the hard drive's 9.5 GB.

    The CF slot only reads WMA and MP3 file formats - no AAC.
  • I have only test driven the cars. The seats felt comfortable to me, but a long trip in another matter. I own an 05 with the sport option and I'm weighing in the see if I want to trade it in for an 07.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    I just went on a 600 mile road trip (my lease is wincing) and the seats where very comfortable. I have the AWD version and I think the sport version seats are a bit different so I can't comment on the sport version. The car was great on the highway with no wind noise and very little road noise.
  • It's good to hear about the wind noise. In my 05, I get some wind noise around 80.
  • I drove my new G35 07 sport from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, La. on Friday for the holidays. The sport seats are not one that I found you could sit in comfortably for the long haul (not at least for the 7 hr. drive I took). Every hour or so I'd shift my body to try and get comfortable-I raised, lowered, went back, went forward, etc. most of the time trying to find that sweet comfortable spot that eluded me. The front end of the seat, even with that "extender" (sorry, don't know the ergonomic terms here), didn't provide enough cushion I suppose to make it comforting. To describe this, it was like a consistent pressure at the underthigh.
  • Thanks for all the feedback on Journey seats vs sport seats. Very helpful for me.

    I am currently deciding between sport vs Journey G35 07. I will test drive the sport G35 this weekend and hopefully get some idea on what I want.
  • I purchased 2007 Infiniti G35 Journey and experiencing the worst city MPG. I am only getting 13.9 miles with very conservative driving. The sales man explained to me it is normal during the break in because of dual exhausts pipes and it will get much better after the break in.
    I would like to believe it, but very disappointed.
    Does anyone experiencing similar mileage in City?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    I can think of three things that may be at work here, all of which will reduce your fuel mileage from the EPA in-town number. The EPA test is run with a completely warmed-up and (probably) broken-in engine at some standard ambient air temperature (T2) that's probably at or above 59 deg F (15 deg C). The airplane engine business uses 59 degF, but the car business very likely uses something higher, possibly significantly higher. But I digress (as usual).

    So, here's your situation:

    1) New, tight engine -- in 10 - 20K miles it'll get noticeably better.

    2) It's winter, with low ambient temperatures that do two things: a) make it take significantly longer for the oil to get to temperature & b) allows the engine to make more power, at the expense of fuel mileage -- cold dense air means richer mixtures

    3) A large percentage of your driving may be with the engine still cold. Do you drive 2- or 3-mile segments, or 20-30 miles at a stretch? If it's mostly short trips, that'll be a huge part of your problem, particularly at this time of the year.

    So, if you live in Minneapolis or Burlington & take 2-mile trips, I'd say you're doing just fine. Not so much if you live in SoCal & commute 30 miles to work on city streets, though.

    Good luck.

    This, by the way, is why the G is lower on my list than some other entry-level LPS cars that offer significantly better published & actual fuel mileage numbers.
  • The Journey and the Sports model has the same suspension except for the larger wheel and tires on the sports. I bought a journey model with larger wheels because I found the less agressive tires on the journey are way under size for the 300hp of the car. I have test driven the journey model 3 times and every time I got wheel spins when I pushed the car a bit. Didn't have that problem when I test drove the sports model. You can feel the road more with the thinner tires but I think it's a good compromise.

    On both models, the cabin is so quiet that it's very hard to hear the cars outside even at freeway speed.
  • If you do the side by side comparison the wheels are larger on the M, the seats adjust more that also are ventilated (not available on the G), outside mirrors tilt in reverse, more memorized driver settings, headlight sensers, and pre-collision safety system. You can also get rear headsets on the M with the video system and of course the 14 speaker surround system. As for as interior size, the M has a little more than 3 inches more leg room in the back seat. That 3 inches doesn't sound like much, but it is.
  • Anybody own a G35 AWD and driven it in the snow? That will be a big factor if we purchase one or not. Any help would be great!
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    Hello. I have driven the AWD in the snow. We got hit with a blizzard the day after we picked it up from the dealership. It did a great job in the snow. The traction control was great and made it nearly impossible to spin out or fishtale on turns. The biggest thing I noticed and liked about the AWD in Snow Mode is that it cuts the throttle response way down. The car has a lot of power and I have a hard time not getting on it during normal conditions so the 1/2 throttle response in snowy conditions was great. I think you will be pleased with this car in snowy conditions.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    I'm curious.

    Having given you what I consider a reasonable explanation for your MPG woes, I'm curious as to your actual situation.

    Are you in SoCal doing 50-mile commutes or in North Dakota going two miles at a time?

    The thing about the Internet is that it's supposed to be interactive, not a vacuum.
  • zeongzeong Posts: 31
    Is the MPG that bad? I'm considering between the G35 ane the Lexus IS250. Both cars are going for about the same price and the IS has very good milage but with 100hp less. Tough choice.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    I've been driving the AWD version for a little more than a month now and with 1800 miles I have averaged 19mpg overall (and that is with quite a bit of hard driving from time to time becuase it is a very fun drive). I also went on a 600 mile highway trip and averaged about 23mpg on that trip which included some city driving. So, my experience has been better than what I've read here. One other note, the car calls for Premium gas, but the dealer told me I don't need to use it. I have been using Premium since the owner's manual, gas cap, etc. all say Premium but who knows if it is necessary.
  • zeongzeong Posts: 31
    Thanks. Premium gas isn't a problem for me as I'm feeding my current TSX with it as well. How's the reliability issue on infiniti in general?
  • I am in Dallas Texas and driving 45 miles commute with 40% of highway driving. This time of the year in Dallas Texas, the temperature ranges from upper 30s to high 60s. So far, I am only getting 14.1 MPG with 521 total miles.
  • Your MPG is right around the EPA MPG range. Unfortunately, mine is far less than what they are claiming. I am using the Premium Gas and still getting 14 MPG. Have you experienced different MPG driving the first 1000 miles so called break-in period.
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