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GMC Jimmy Chevy Envoy Fuel Gauge Problem



  • I am having the same problem as everyone else what do I do after the problem is diagnosised? What is GM offering to fix the problem?
  • I found the part on ebay (Fuel Level Sensor) part # Sk1158 and lone and behold for $35US and dropping the tank it is fixed!!!!!!!! It took my husband 2 hours and 4 jacks and it is done and it works. I am so excited. There hasn't really been anything else that has gone wrong excep for stabilitrak light comes on when you drive agressively and the tire pressure light comes on but my mechanic told me it read on the computer that it is because of low battery. I hope this can help someone elses problem!!!!
  • Is there any way to get any assistance with my 2005 Envoy? When I come to a complete stop the speedometer is stuck at 55 MPH. It only goes up from there. The Envoy just turned 50k miles and is pretty much like new. I called the dealer and they said there is no recall on the Envoy, only the full sized trucks. I have never had any speedometer issues with any of my vehicles and don't think I should have to pay $600 to fix this. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
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    Keep searching the'll find your solution sooner or later. And it won't cost you wasted time wiff GM Customer Service red tape or in your case, you mentioned calling a Dealership.
    I have found every problem I've ever had on the internet. This site is great as well as others. You just have to keep looking and you WILL find it eventually

    Keep searching!!!!!
    More sites:
  • Thanks. I did go through the Red tape with GM customer service and they were no service at all. The GM dealer wants $420 to fix the speedometer. I'm pretty pissed now. If I do get it fixed I will probably take it to the Ford dealer. GM isn't getting any more of my money because they used shoddy parts. I'll keep searching.
  • I'm having the same issue. I filled my car up and the fuel guage never went to full. Started driving and it went up to full. Then I stopped it went down to empty. This is after I just had my main switch on my driver door fixed ($400). Then my driver power seat just went out...again. This is the 2nd motor. GMC won't cover it because its out of warranty ($800 fix). So my car is now at a local mechanic that I was recommended to, to fix the seat, fix the fuel guage and now the engine light is on. My 2007 Envoy has over 75,000 miles so I know things will start to break but all at once and just after I had it at the dealer. I am a true believer of supporting the American car dealers but I've had every brand and they are always in the shop. Never had an issue with my foreign cars. I will still buy an American car because we need to support the US manufacturer's but something needs to be done to get the quality up.
  • Ok I will try this again as my last post didn't post. Go onto ebay buy a Fuel Level sensor part # sk1158 I believe. Make sure it has a level unit on it not just wiring, for $34.99US. Buy the part, drop the tank, put the part in and in a hour and a half, some regular tools, and maybe a couple buddies helping you, you shouldn't have those 2 problems again. The problem is that Envoys can't have less than a half tank of gas in them. The level sensor gets too low and then when the tank gets filled the sensor snaps up to full and the little clip on the sensor gets weaker every time this happens, till it breaks off and you have to pay $650 for a mechanic to fix it. My husband did mine 6 months ago and it works perfect. Dealer may say you need a new fuel pump but most cases you don't.
  • I recently bought an older, (2000) Envoy, the car is in very good shape, looks clean with no damage to body, paint finish is near perfect.

    The only problem that I have come across so far is, the erratic fuel guage. As you are well aware by now, this is an issue that deserves the attention of the "Powers to be" at GM/GMC.

    I'am sure that if the problem has happened to any of those folks, it didn't cost them anywhere near the money that we poor, hard working consumers have to pay.
  • dick_kdick_k Posts: 1
    My GMC Envoy XL has now had a 2nd Gas tank fuel gauge fail. During normal maintenance at the dealer, rep stated that Ethanol Gas is corroding the internal gas tank fuel guage. He also stated that this dealership has seen a lot of these occur of late. My last one was replaced in 2007. If GM knows Ethanol gas is being added to almost all gasoline service stations, and if the reps explanation is true, why is there no recall fix for this problem
  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    edited March 2011
    A 2nd? Was the 2nd one OEM?
    I changed my wife's ONCE, with an after market ( ?) @ $67 or 68? for the part. They probably cost more now as there is a demand, not to mention inflation. I did the labor myself.
    I think Stealerships charge $182.00??? And another $600-$700 labor??
    I haven't had a problem since (knock wood), that was 5 or 6? years ago??
    I think if ethanol is killing the OEM one's, then it should be replace at no charge. Or the d(st)ealer is just a flat out LIAR and using ethanol as the scapegoat!!!
    If you read this ENTIRE thread, you'll see that GM knows about this but never recalled it. If you paid for one OEM, that's unacceptable. If you paid for the 2nd, that's outrageous. If you pay for a 3rd, then you are just another unfortunate soul being taken advantage by the BIG Auto corps.!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello dick_k,

    Could you e-mail me your information, mileage and VIN and I will look into your situation for you.


    GM Customer Service
  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    Lemmee know how Jeff in GM Customer Service helps you out ,eh?
    We had another GM Customer Service Rep. here awhile previous posts.
    I don't think she helped anyone out oN this issue either. She asked the same generic question to satisfy you and get your hopes up. BEWARE!
    If they pay 1/2, I'll buy another GMC!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    jonnyring ,
    My job here is to speak with customers experiencing problems, evaluate their situation, and pass the information along to GM through our Customer Assistance cases. As every company we have standard operating procedures and gathering this information is one of the first things I need to do. This allows me to look into information on your vehicle, as well as set up a case with customer assistance. I understand that seeing many posts on the same concerns on this forum makes it seem apparent that there is a wide spread problem with this; unfortunately GM does not see this forum. This is why I am here. I am here looking through your posts and working on getting customers with these issues heard by GM. Recalls and widespread concerns come to light and are formed through cases to Customer Assistance. So, if you are experiencing any issues and care to send me some generic information I would be happy to set up a case for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    A reporter is looking to interview anyone with a GM vehicle that doesn't seem to accurately read fuel levels.

    Please email Friday, April 29, 2011 to share your story.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    WOW! Finally, maybe, something will be done @ GM? If so, I'm afraid it's a little too late, unless customers who replaced their senders will be reimbursed?
    Unfortunately, GM will probably require "proof" and I, like many others, no longer have the original NEW fuel sender receipt, nor a "repair shop" receipt as we had the misfortune of lying on our backs and doing the job ourselves!!
    If I find my receipt for the NEW fuel sender, will GM pay me $90/hour to perform the swap I painstakingly did MYSELF? I doubt it!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    "#88 of 88 more on gauges by steve_ HOST
    May 06, 2011 (4:25 pm)
    Feds Investigate 865,000 GM SUVs for Defective Fuel Gauges (Inside Line) "

    "......865,000 GM SUVs for Defective Fuel Gauges"

    "...668 complaints..."
    "Of the 668 complaints, 58 incidents were alleged to result in a vehicle stall,..."
    "One complaint alleged a vehicle crash after the vehicle stalled while exiting the interstate, became disabled and was struck from behind."

    I said it on Nov 17, 2006 (4:19 pm) HERE IN THIS THREAD!!:
    jonnyring, "GMC Jimmy Chevy Envoy Fuel Gauge Problem" #1, 24 Sep 2006 5:58 am

    GM knows...there was a TSB but not a recall 'cause it was NOT a "safety issue".
    I STRONLY DISAGREE!!! When my wife is stranded on the interstate up against a "Jersey Barrier" (in the fast lane)during rush hour traffic it IS a "SAFETY ISSUE"!!!
    >8-( "

    THAT WAS 4 1/2 YEARS AGO!!!

    This is GM and the others in the "BIG 3"...."wait 'til someone is KILLED, and a lawsuit is filed before we do something about it!"

    Lesson learned? I doubt out the lawsuit to the DEAD VICTIM'S FAMILY from the billions in profit's.
    What ever happened to being "PROACTIVE", rather than "REACTIVE"??

    I hope all these "Service Reps." can sleep at night? I know I have difficulty as I have a conscience about "doing the right thing" and cannot sleep with the way politicians, lawyers and HUGE Corporation's act and react!!!

    I'm feeling ill, I think I'm gonna go image now?
  • Hi, steve
    I just found yours message.
    I have Envoy 2007 SLT and have a problem with the fuel gauge. It happened when i just passed the factory warranty (37500 mi).
    I contacted the dealer, but the answer was - 'pay and we will replace' .The amount is about $675.
    I sent the letter to the NTSB last june ,but have not yet received a response.
    Now I have over 50000 mi and I always monitor the milege because fuel gauge is not working. Too many people reported the same problem. GMC must do something to keep the reputation intact.
  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    edited May 2011
    thefisherman1 wrote:
    "GMC must do something to keep the reputation intact."

    This minor problem will do nothing to their reputation. Look at the statistics...
    1)865,000 GM SUVs for Defective Fuel Gauges have been "recognized"
    2)668:There have ONLY been 668 complaints (of the 865,000).
    3)58: only 58 incidents (of the 668) were alleged to result in a vehicle stall,..."
    4)1 complaint (of the 668) alleged a vehicle CRASH.

    These numbers are small potatos to a large corp.
    Now if the fuel tanks were located in the rear...people had stalled...then been rearended...and the cars EXPLODED (like the ol' Ford Pinto's) then and only then would something be done.

    In my opinion, the ONLY way to get anything done is for ME to print this entire thread out along with as many other articles I can find on the internet (this can't be the ONLY discussion on this issue out there?) and hand deliver it to the GM Corporate Headquarters and the NTSB.
    This would be "proactive" and being proactive can get you thrown in jail as the GM Corp. heads would call SECURITY and have me escorted to the door as being "proactive" is synonymous with "activist", which has a negative connotation attached to it. would think with all the GM Service Reps. that have chimed in here in this thread, (3 total?) something would move faster? No, they are only here to pacify us and keep our hopes up if we give them our info., so they can "look into it" for us. It keeps them busy and it looks like they are doing a job that is needed. They don't give a flying **** about our problems. They are just glad to be a job that does NOTHING to help us, the consumers. Their jobs remind me of how Gov't has gotten so/too big, yet the problems still exist and we are still in a deficit/recession.
  • avalogavalog Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 GMC Envoy Denali...a very expensive vehicle!! The fuel gauge has not worked since about 60,000 miles. Depite my warranty, the GMC dealer wanted to charge me $700 plus to fix it.. We have not been happy with GMC and their response to our concerns. I do a lot of traveling with my young children and I am always worried I miscalculated the mileage and will run out of gas somewhere. The dealership made it sound like this was a very unusual thing to happen.
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