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Suzuki SX4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    If you don't have much wind noise, I assume you are speaking of road noise. The sedan has very little tire and road noise. I have Dunlop tires. I wonder if that could be the cause of your noise. It would seem the crossover and sedans have about the same insulation. The engine is a little loud at speed, but not bad, about what I would expect from a four banger.
  • kmaxine04kmaxine04 Posts: 18
    I have an 07 SX4 crossover, base model the conv. package/sport pack wasnt avail. when i got my car (sept 06) I live in WV I have about 41,000 miles now and the engine is A LOT louder then when I first purchased it. There is way to much car for such a small engine almost 4000 puunds on a 4 cly. I am also having issues with my transmission, it slips alot now. If you haven't had any problems with yours yet be prepared.. more miles the more issues..hopefully the 08-09 models have the kinks out of them. My sensors are messing up, i had to have the AC replaced (one day My floor just started flooding haha) where the front bumper conects with the finder It comes apart about a 2 in gap same with the back. Has anyone had problems with the doors? my back door panel falls off and they are warped up but i cant seem to get my dealership to get them replaced.. i went in at 3000 miles about it and several time.. they claim i have taken my doors off.. not true one fell off but ihavent taken any off haha well thats off the subject of noise.. :P
    I think i might have got a :lemon:
    one other thing i agree your tires might have something to do with louder road noise.. the stock tires lasted about 15000 miles so i went to Sams and bought goodyear i belive i have about 25000 on them still brand new, and saved me about 250.00 when i got all 4.. might want to change up the tires
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Part of it is the engine noise. You can buy any number of 4 cylinders today where you don't hear the engine when cruising between 50-60 mph. In the SX4, that sound is always there unttil you get to 65 or so and the road noise drowns it out.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Yoyu got a lemon. Sorry. BTW, the engine at 143 hp and 2 liters is way more than adequate for a 2800 lb car (if yours weighs 4,000, you are hauling too much stuff around).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    Yeah... don't confuse curb weight with GVWR..

    GVWR isn't what your car weighs...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • irvlirvl Posts: 2
    This may have been covered in another post - but here it is anyway.
    I have a 4 lease in Quebec that's up in a couple of days with Cite Nissan in Montreal and I was planning on exercising the buyback. The dealer wants to charge me an additional $399 for "admin fees". Except for a charge of $100, there is not mention anywhere in my lease contract of this amount.
    Is this standard, worth fighting, etc.
  • jbrew7jbrew7 Posts: 17
    I have a 07 Suzuki SX4 Sport with only 22,000 miles on it and I'm currently having starter issues. It seems a bit too soon to have starting issues. The battery turns on, but all I ever here is click, click, click. Anyone else having these problems? Is this under warranty?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    If all you hear is a clicking noise, it sure sounds like the battery to me. I had a Verona before my SX4 and the batteries last about 22 months. I had it for almost 4 years and you can count on it going bad in almost exactly by the 22cnd month. My SX4 idles at about 12.7 volts, which is a little on the low side I think. Also it doesn't spin over really fast when starting (since new). I suspect it wont even last as long the Verona's.
  • 2008 SX4 Sport Conv. AT MSRP $17324. I paid $14,499.63 then got another $2,500 in rebates. So that's about $11,999.63 I traded in a Nissan Titan and I'm loving this car. It's not as fun as my last three cars (350Z, Sentra SE-R SpecV, and VW GLI Turbo), but I'm a bit older now and don't need to rip around everywhere. I'm lovin' the handling though. Just like with my motorcycle riding, I enjoy quick turns over speed.
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    2008 SX4 power accessory outlet stopped working, I don't see the fuse box under the driver's side dash as the owner's manual shows. Do I have to remove the lower dash cover to replace the fuse. Anybody else have the cell phone charger blow the fuse?
  • kmaxine04kmaxine04 Posts: 18
    I have an 07, and my stereo went out.. I had to pretty much lay upside down in the front seat my head in the floor board and my feet in the air (im only 5 foot) its a very small box and it takes the mini fuses like the suzuki motorcycles. The box is there i think its up higher than the book and it doesn't look like a normal fuse box (comparing it w/ my ford contour and mits mirage) I can't remember but i dont think a fuse puller is in the box either like my other cars.
  • Any idea on availability of 2010 Suzuki SX4?
    Any major changes that you forsee in new model?
    When did the 2009 became available?
  • I honestly don't know anything about cars beside I wanted an AWD vehicle with the lowest price and best gas mileage possible. I have been following Edmunds tips on buying and negotiating. All said and done I purchased a new '09 AWD SX4A Hatchback-Technology Package for 17,400 in addition to a far trade and $1250 suzuki rebate. I felt like I was negotiating forever and was exhausted by the end of it.

    Did I get a good deal?

    Could it have been possible to get a better deal had I been more patient?

    Also, I paid a bunch of additional fees in addition to the ones on the invoice. How do I know which ones are legit/unavoidable and which are bogus? :blush:
  • Avoid Irondequoit Suzuki Rochester NY

    The sales people do not want to show cars or be with you on a test drive (must sign demo contract). Sales people do not show up on the day for delivery( Salesperson, said "I not want to be here"). Mangers are liars about credit history, interest rates, terms and product. Mangers are liars about returning deposit. Finance people liars about best possible rate. No wants to ask questions about the car. Dealership not want to warranty option installed at dealership. Service department does not follow warranty agreement. Every person there very disorganize and unprofessional. No ones knows how to take a message or return a phone call. New cars have many miles on them. Interior of vehicles are very dirty and exteriors very dirty. Stay away from dealership.
  • terryg2terryg2 Posts: 1
    This past Sat. my wife and I bought a 2009 SX4 Crossover AWD manual transmission w/touring package. We paid $18700.00 out the door. Good buy? I don't know, but we sure are happy with the car. We drove it 80 miles one way home from the dealership after we took delivery Monday afternoon.

    After much research and trying out other vehicles, we decided that this Suzuki would perhaps be the best vehicle for our money to pull behind our motorhome. We needed a vehicle that was light in weight, manual transmission, and was stated towable by the factory, so as not to void the warranty. The SX4 was right on. We also wanted 4WD or AWD for our future trips to Alaska and other places where it might be needed.

    My first tank of gas we averaged 27.3 mpg. Very happy with that figure. After 400 miles, I am so impressed with this vivid red SX4 Crossover. This is a beautiful car, more so in my opinion than the all red mini cooper I once owned. More pep, more room, more storage, around the same mpg, and AWD, and less money.

    We are happy.

  • I negotiated a deal for my girlfriend, and after driving her car for a few days, I decided to get one for me. It took a little longer negotiating, but I got it for $17,157 -- out the door. I think my purchase price was $16,000 .... 09, sx4 wagon AWD, 5 speed, Grand Touring package ... floor mats and skid plate were the options, but they didn't matter to me. The dealer seems nice, but there are one or two issues with the car yet, but I think they will be resolved satisfactory to me. Ray Price Suzuki, Mt Pocono, PA.
  • treeyetreeye Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    I'm in the market for the 2012 Suzuki SX4 premium AWD, MSRP is $18875( plus $745 shipping, $125 floor mat, and $130 for color). The Edmund invoice is $19132. The true invoice I calculated after rebate and hold back is $17566. The target price I calculated off the formula is $17845.

    One local dealer's quote is $19093 (total price including tax and tag) with 2.84 APR, the other dealer 100miles away is $16586 (total price, same model,include tax and tags, verified)

    just wondering why the other dealer offer the car for $980 cheaper than the true invoice, isn't the true invoice what they paid for the car?
  • ods2010ods2010 Posts: 11
    Did you buy ? How is the 2012 SX4 AWD ? what is real road milage you are getting ?
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    edited March 2012 has 2012 SX-4 crossovers AWD manual 6-speeds for $15.8K - which includes destination charge.

    I bought my 2011 AWD Crossover from them and would buy another. I have a long commute of 55 miles each way and it is nearly all rural highway at 55 to 60 mpg, so I'm usually in 5th gear, occasionally upshifting into 6th at 60mph when traffic allows. My last 4 fill-ups yielded calculated mpg of 32.7, 32.4, 30.6, 32.1 using FWD only. I coast and rarely use the brakes. I always exceed EPA estimates - even with lousy E10 fuel. My worst fuel economy was a calculated 29.2 in snow using AWD. I have gotten as high as 35.7 on long interstate trips using ethanol-free gas (see:

    After 9K miles, I like the car, although the manual trans is not the most crisp in the world.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,958
    “I don't think it's a big surprise given their lackluster sales performance of recent years. They have have low margin, low-priced cars with small volume. That's far from the ideal combination,” said Jessica Caldwell, an analyst with auto information company

    The good news:

    "Suzuki said it will continue to honor warranties and will provide automobile parts and service through its parts and service dealer network."

    American Suzuki to file for bankruptcy, end U.S. auto sales (LA Times)

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