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Chevy Tracker Starting and Stalling Problems



  • ihatemytrackerihatemytracker Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    hello to any and all mechanical experts!

    i absolutely am in desperate need to fix my ****** tracker as it brings me to and from work (i travel across ontario, so you see how important my pos is)

    i have read millions of threads on here about cam sensors overheating and have the same problem. i have already replaced this sensor, as well as fixed the fuel filter, changed the spark plugs and have spoken to a mechanic at a shop. there have been no solutions so far. right now, my boyfriend has my windshield washer resevoir hose ziptied to the top of my camshaft sensor so when it starts to act up in traffic (or anywhere for that matter) i can quickly stop it from dying on me. i know this is not the "mechanically proper way" of fixing this issue, and i cant keep leaving pee stains everywhere i go. PLEASE HELP. someone, anyone, give me some ideas. WHY IS MY CAMSHAFT SENSOR OVERHEATING?! ??!?!?!?!?!

    i am ready to pull my hair out, and my boyfriend is losing hair as i type. :lemon: I HATE THIS PROBLEM AND IT NEEDS TO STOP FOR GOOD. any suggestions????
  • :lemon: i should also tell you that the computer is reading


    WTF???????? there is no such thing in a tracker.
  • oceangirloceangirl Posts: 9
    I replaced my sensor, thats all. But if you do have a problem with your timing you might need to get it fixed. I didnt have to do anything put put in the new sensor, but the first one was defective so I had to do it twice. Over a year ago and so far so good.
  • oceangirloceangirl Posts: 9
    my first replacement was bad also, working fine over a year now did it myself.
  • oceangirloceangirl Posts: 9
    If I turn on A/C or step on brake and slow down, it will stall if I dont step on the gas. Was running fine, turned car off, Tried to start about 15 min. later, battery weak. Got a jump. Bought new battery. After I put in new battery, the rough idle and stalling started. Cleaned terminal ends thoroughly. Power good, lights, dash, horn ect.
  • oceangirloceangirl Posts: 9
    to check if its your cam sensor pour water on the sensor while its hot the immediately try to start your car. If it starts prob the sensor. behind the valve cover and cost me $80 bucks, but first replacement was bad and had to do again.
  • oceangirloceangirl Posts: 9
    Where is the O2 sensor located on a 2002 tracker 4 cyl. I cant find a repair manual anyone got any ideas? Hayne or Chilton dont have 2002.
  • masonbm1masonbm1 Posts: 2
    What sensor did you replace? all i did was turn my accelerator cable so it idles faster now, are you talking about the mass air flow sensor or the idle air control sensor?
  • Here is my problem, when we are driving the tracker in normal traffic, ( i.e. normal flow, traffic lights, stop signs, etc.) the vehicle drives about as good as a tracker can. However, when it sits in traffic idleing or at a store idleing in park for about 10 minutes, the car won't drive. The engine bucks and heaves and coughs and is very sporadic. When you push on the gas pedal, it just won't go without bucking itself and the occupants all over the place. And when we park it after it has started doing this, the engine will shut off before we can put it in park. When we try to start it, it heaves, bucks and won't start. After about 10 minutes of letting it rest with the engine off, it starts up fine and runs normal.
    The mechanic we took it to put it on the diagnostic and and he couldn't find anything wrong with the car. The check engine light does not come on and the temperature gauge does not rise. He changed the fuel filter and we hoped that that would solve the problem. Unfortunately it did not. Five days later, after no problems, the car started doing it again. It happens regardless the time of day, as it has done this in the morning, middle of the day and in the late afternoon/early evening. It has also done this with the AC being on and off. What the hell is going on here ?? My wife had a '97 GEO tracker that was stick with a 4 cylinder engine and it NEVER did this, EVER !! Now, the '02 she's driving started doing this about a couple weeks ago. It's frustrating to say the least. The one thing we don't want to do is start replacing parts frivolously in order to chase this problem down. Does ANYONE out there have a solution for us or at least a similar story that can be shared that has gotten the problem fixed ?? Thanks in advance for the information, my wife and I both certainly appreciate it.
    P.S. - I've read people referencing the Cam shaft sensor and another sensor, but could it possibly be a bad or going bad catalytic converter ??
  • patriciadpatriciad Posts: 2
    they flushed the injectors through rail, whatever that means; anyway, since then car running verrrrry smoothly. $150.00+/- Good Luckl!
  • thanks patriciad, I'll give that a try.....couldn't hurt either way.
  • hkymumhkymum Posts: 1
    This seems to be a common problem - my 2003 tracker started doing this in April when the weather got warm. Starts fine after sitting for a few hours but if I stop anywhere for a few minutes (even the gas station) - it won't start. Sounds like it's trying but just not firing / igniting? Mechanic can't find anything wrong. Had catalitic converter replaced in April (needed to) and a new fuel line put in at same time - still same problem. Hitting the gas doesn't always work - almost flooded the engine one day. Since I don't know cars - what does the Camshaft sensor do and how would it fix this problem?
  • Hey I'm having the same issue with my 2000 Tracker it is the Camshaft Position sensor when the car runs for a while and gets hot the sensor over heats and once it cools down will start again it is especially bad when it dies after sitting in park idling for about 10-15mins :lemon: overall it's a good car just a pain in the butt to fix when it has an issue!!!
  • It is the cam-shaft daughter had a similar problem....put a new one in by a mechanic and NO MORE stopping and waiting to start again. This is the answer....please do not read the other posts and pour water on a running engine....Thanks
  • Help needed; after removing and replacing the battery, my 2000 Tracker with 2L engine, manual Trannny, will not crank. The battery is good and there are no dimming lights when the key is turned to crank, just a single relay clic and no sound of the fuel pump.
  • I drove the car to work ... had a windshield replacement done ... left man to lock up car & ret'd to work. After work, the car started fine, but right away the car's Service Engine light came on in parking lot and then it started to stall whenever I slowed down. The radio won't work either. The wires to the mirror lights were left unattached by the window replacement man, so I tried to attach them hoping that some electrical current needed contact. The car will start, but won't stay running, unless I get it on the road and if I don't hit any lights or slow down it's okay, I think. This just happened yesterday. The battery is brand new. I was very low on oil, but that won't cause this problem, would it? A couple of months ago, someone found that I had a "wire"? that had come unconnected to the starter?? in the engine somewhere?? I don't know where this wire is, but he connected it and the car ran good. Is it possible this "wire" came off again? Thanks! Lorraine
  • I have a 2000 chevy tracker 2.0 4 cyl. 85000 miles on it. Drove home one night parked it when I got up the next morning wouldn't start. sounds like its out of time, pulled covers checked timing chains they are fine and in time it is getting gas and spark, has good compression. dumb founded as to what could be causing this. checked all fuses, did wiggle test on every connection I could. still won't start anyone have any idea what next step could be...
  • sueo1sueo1 Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 tracker 2.0 L engine with 80,000 miles. i had the same issue with the engine failing to start. i checked this message board, and others, and tried the water spray on the camshaft sensor and it did the trick. after performing the troubleshooting steps and confirming the sensor was bad, replaced it. runs like a champ now. there was never a check engine light nor trouble code.
  • TRUST...Camshaft Sensor is the answer.....
  • my 99 tracker 2.0 has that ck eng lite and yes it does work.has a sputter at idle and when i am on gas pedal less than 1/4.if i drive it like i am trying to blow the engine it runs fine .i swapped out the cps butt not the machinacal part that the cps bolts to.i guess its the synchronizer that bolts to back of head and cps bolts to it.does that go bad and get hot and cause problems?
    i hooked my snap on scanner mt2500 up and my timing is siting at 12* but wen the engine sputters the timing will jump to 20* and then go rite back to 12*
    plugs are good,fuel is good,all the routine stuff is good
    it kinda acts like i am flipping the key off and back on real quick within a half sec
    wud i be correct in assuming the ckps only monitors for cyl misfire and does not give a signal for spark or injecter pulse?
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