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Ford Escape Audiophile Radio & MP3



  • I finally took a look at a 2004 vs a 2005 fuse map in the different years owners manuals and found that there are seveal differences between them. I see the fuse that is #27 in the 2004 and their is no similar fuse with those same functions in the 2005. The term GEM module is not used either. Every fuse I have pulled and looked at and tested has been okay. I bought a new radio, installed it, and still have the same functions; power to the screen, changes CD's, radio stations, etc - still no audio. The battery has been unhooked and reconnected before, but may try it again.
  • Did you ever get this issue fixed? I'm having exactly the same problem with my 2002 Escape XLS.
  • NO!
    Tried everything suggested. Checked all fuses. Unhooked battery. Had transmission linkage work done at dealership and asked them to check it out - they recommended a new radio. I bought a salvage radio and still have the same result. The lights showing that the radio, cd, etc are on all work but no SOUND.
  • What are the chances that my problem is the amplifier? Which is accessed in the right rear luggage area - behind a large piece of plastic - a local tech shop suggested this might be the problem - how do I check it. I have 250,000 miles on the car I do not want to put in a new sound system.
  • That sounds like the amp is fried or the fuse to the amp is. I'm not sure where its located but there is usually a fuse right on the amp its self.
  • I have read earlier post where others have had radio, door lock and interior lights not working after replacing the battery. I just had the same problem and just in case it happens to someone else here is fix: My Escape is a 2003, it has two fuse panels, one under the hood and one under the dash on the left kick panel. That is where I found a fuse called the "room" it is a 10 amp and is at the bottom right side (looking at the fuses) It is next to a relay, very hard to see but its there. I replaced this fuse, fixed the problem. Thanks to other post on this web site.
    Good luck!
  • jaydee10jaydee10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 ford esacpe with q audiophile cd 6 changer am/fm system. I have no display on the screen. Has anyone experienced this problem before
  • has anyone tried to improve reception of FM / AM by installing a booster..we live 45 miles north of Spokane and reception is patchy of the main Spokane stations
  • This problem is still there and I have talked to Ford and a couple of stereo installation shops and they don't know what is causing this issue. anyone else have any ideas?
  • dunk20001dunk20001 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Limited with the same problem. If I tap the display sharply, in comes on for for a while then shuts down again.

    I just finished pulling the radio and taking taking the front off. Once the lens is off, you can see the digital display unit. It would appear that there is a loose connection in the top right corner of the display. There is a silvery mark on the inside of the glass similar to what you see on a blown fuse.

    I found your complaint while googling the code number on the P.C. board, with no luck.

    May somebody knows if a new board is available, otherwise I guess we'll both be on e-bay looking for new radios.
  • The 6 CD exchanger did not work when I bought the truck. I've tried fixing it, but it doesn't work. How do I find a single CD player that will work with the radio?
  • dunzungdunzung Posts: 1
    I know this is a year old issue. But I just saw this. There is probably a moisture settlement on the SJB and you MAY have to replace the sJB. After replacing the SJB you will have to to a GEM self test which requires a code scanner. You should then fix and reset the problems suggested by the code. This should help.
  • molly_dogmolly_dog Posts: 1
    I just bought a used '06 Escape XLT (3.0L Auto 4WD). It's a one-owner with 43K miles and I'm completely mystified by the stock audio system.

    I have literally studied the sections of the owner manual related to the sound system. The features I have been able to activate/deactivate do not in any way, shape or form, match up with any listed systems.

    • Has in-dash 6-disc changer but will not play (Or even recognize discs with) .mp3 files

    • Has "Text Scroll" button but cannot activate RDS

    • Manual states to " and hold 'Menu' button until appears then..." but nothing ever appears

    Every web site I've visited that lists standard features lists RDS and ,mp3 compatibility yet no dice on this car.

    In my 20s-30s I used to design, sell, install and tune competition car audio systems (not the rattling-trunk-lid-louder-than-radio crap we all despise, especially at 3 am) and, as I said, I'm mystified. The only thing I haven't done is to disconnect the battery overnight or pull the radio to see if the unit will reset if left with no power.

    The thing really does not sound too bad but I'd like to be able to burn .mp3 discs to save some cash IYKWIM.

    Thanks for your considered assistance!!
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