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Jetta Transmission Problems and Questions



  • slomoshnslomoshn Posts: 12
    I have been dealing with a situation very similar to this since Dec. I have a 2000 1.8T. You cannot change the transmission fluid so easily, as it is a sealed case. Is the "check engine" light on? Mine comes on and goes out. Sometimes it shifts perfectly, sometimes it gets stuck. The last time, the mechanic said the "coding"was not set properly. He set it and it drove fine for about two days, then it got stuck in 2nd on the freeway (thank God for rush hour traffic)- no one noticed. After about a mile, it corrected itself. I was told that if the "coding" wasn't the problem then I probably needed to replace the transmission. :sick:
  • 01tdi01tdi Posts: 16
    Changing the transmission fluid and filter can help but chances are the transmission is already starting to fail. 1999.5 to 2005 automatic transmissions are notorious for failing. Mostly because of volkswagen saying that they have "lifetime" fluid in them and that it does not need to be changed. Biggest load of bs I have ever heard. These things are not cheap either, volkswagen does not sell rebuilt transmissions, only new ones with a few numbers stamped on the serial code to tell you that it has been replaced. My car has the same problem because the previous owner put the wrong fluid in it. It would not move unles i let it idle for about a half hour. If i tried to move it it would stall itself out and whne in reverse it would shake like a wet dog. once the fluid and filter was properly changed I have not had any of these problems except the occasional miss shift going from a complete stop to speed while on a steep incline. The check engine light goes on and off but for the most part it shifts fine. I baby it too, just want it to last a year or two longer then I am goig to get a new car.

    You can have the transmission serviced but not everyone will do it and the dealer charges around 500 bucks for this around here. However a new transmission is 5000 so its not so bad if it works. I would say if your check engine light is off it would be a good thing to try.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the price varies, but it is expensive mainly due to the expensive synthetic transmission fluid, I think. I guess the alternative would be what the previous owner did yours, put the wrong (cheap) fluid in and ruin the transmission that way.
  • thaks for replay my e-mail...ok like u said..sometimes the check engine light turns on and stay like 1 or 2 days , after this time dissapears, i been taken my car to vw dealer and for some reason nobody detects any kind of issues on my car.talking with another tecnichal said that might have a special chip inside of transmission ( i dont know if is true ) otherwise i need to buy a new one. And i am really desesperate cause whenever i go , anytime, any place..i need to let'em warm it on for an hour to drive and get home, and every day is the same thing.


    Mr Ramos :confuse:
  • I have a 1996 vw jetta trek 5speed 4cyl one day clutch dropped to floor so I pulled the trany to see if the clutch broke it was fine. so I pulled the back cap of trany off and clutch release arm was broke so I replaced it and sealed trany back up the problem was the same clutch pedal stays to floor checked cable no problems
    What could the problem be? its frustrating cause I just put it back together with same problem as result could it be a pressure thing where there isn't enough fluid in trany or some thing? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 01tdi01tdi Posts: 16
    Yeah I know the price varies I was just giving you guys a ball park of what it will cost. It is a pain because it has to be special transmission fluid with a very very low viscosity compared to conventional trans fluids. But like I was saying the wrong fluid makes the car act like it has a failing transmission, stalling and shuddering when it is not warmed up enough. This sounds to be the problem that is being discussed but it could be a trashed sensor like this forum discusses
    The TDI club is a very knowledgeable and helpful forum for any VW owner. Good luck
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Understood and I mentioned the price varying as my dealer's website indicates VW trans fluid change is "only" about $250 or $265 for DSG. It does say "Prices start at the amount displayed, your vehicle may differ", but it is specific to VW.
  • 01tdi01tdi Posts: 16
    well that price is the entire trans service. which just includes new fluid and a new trans filter.Which if your are going to get the fluid changed, you might as well get the filter changed to. I would always get the filter changed with the fluid if you don't they might just hook the vacume machine up to the and that can knock loose particles in the transmission causing problems later
  • scoop9scoop9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Jetta GLS. Since I bought it 18 months ago the automatic transmission clunks when it goes from 2nd to 3rd. I've brought it to the dealership and one service guy told me it's the computer communication, not the tranny but I'm concerned that it can't be good for the tranny to keep clunking like that.
    Have you heard of this before and do you have any ideas on how I can approach the dealership for action to be taken. So far they haven't been too helpful.
    I have a few months left on the powertrain warranty.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,083
    edited April 2010
    OWCHIE! nearly $300 for a "xmission service". How often does this have to happen? No thanks....I will stick with manual xmissions.

    VW manal xmissions are known the world-over for being some of the very finest examples of German Engineering. I have cumulative nearly a million miles on VW manual xmissions and never EVER had an issue. Even though VW says the xmission oil can last the life of the vehicle.... I usually change mine at 150,000 miles just for my own sanity. (mebbie $20 worth of oil every 150,000 miles is not too bad.)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Theoretically it happens never, there is no trans fluid change in the maintenance schedule. Dealer says unless there is a problem, there is no need to change.

    I've not decided what I'll do, but assuming we do not have any problems, I don't plan to do anything prior to at least 75,000 miles, which would be about 10 years for us. So I am not real worried about the cost for something we might do, at most, once in the life of the vehicle.
  • did u ever fix ur jetta i also have same problem. i have an 05 GLI, thank you....
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    VW MT's may be among the best in the world, but they are getting harder to obtain, e.g. not available on Passat Station Wagon.
  • jetta7jetta7 Posts: 17
    What I mean by shudder is, when climbing hills, still in overdrive, and at 1800 to 2000 rpm, the dashboard will shudder, and I can tell that its coming from the front end.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,683
    Well if you feel it in the steering wheel, you'd have to check motor/transmission mounts, axle CV joints, and of course wheel balance, wheel hubs, etc.
  • jetta7jetta7 Posts: 17
    OK, I'll do some further inspection. Thanks for the info..
  • adrian09adrian09 Posts: 1
    was the problem the TCM?
    cause i have the same problem.
  • wkprjwkprj Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2005 1/2 New Jetta, I got it the day before they were shown on the TV.

    I have had some of the issues that others have had.

    1. Peeling in on the interior handles. And the silver thing by the gear shifter
    2. Cracked radio knobs
    3. Broken vent knobs
    4. Brakes --- Oh boy hope this part helps some people.
    a. A rock got in the back rotor, the dealer replaced this because there was no way this should have happened. The brakes were replaced
    b. The brakes needed to be replaced in the rear after about
    12k , miles I believe. When I took it in I almost fell for the its time to replace them line BUT.. A friend is a care nut and sd there is no way this could be and they needed to fix them. After much discussion they replaced them only to have them go out again after a short period of time.
    Sooo back to the dealer and again with the standard line.. I told them no way. Fix it. This time they changed the kind of brakes they put on.
    Here is what they did. The ones that are set for this Jetta is too soft they had to put a harder pad brake on. Since them I've been lucky and have not had to take them back. Sorry don't have what kind they used at this time.. Paperwork is hiding.

    When I first took the car off the showroom floor I loved it for 2 weeks and then it was in the shop for 1 month at least with a spider wire in the engine being defective. It was a new model just out so it took a while. They replaced the wire and the work under warranty. No problems with that again. I still love my car btw.

    I do have a reoccurring problem that I have not seen as of yet and want to know if anyone has had this happen.

    In 8-08 my valve body was replaced because the gear shift selector on the dash was highlighting all the gears and getting stuck on one gear. The gear was shifting but could not see what gear I was in on the dash controls.
    The problem was fault 00260 Solenoid Valve 2-
    N89 , it was a short that caused this. It was under warranty. Now it is doing it again and at first they were not able to see a fault. I drove in today and they came out hooked up the computer and I have the fault again, same thing. This time its not under warranty and will cost around 450.00 just to check it out and if its the valve about 1200.00 to replace it.

    Is anyone having this problem and what did they do about it.

    Thanks looking forward to suggestions.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    In 8-08 my valve body was replaced because the gear shift selector on the dash was highlighting all the gears and getting stuck on one gear.

    We have a 2005 new Jetta also. We got ours a few months later than you, at the end of May 2005. During the first year the transmission started shifting roughly and early, especially 1-2 and especially when going uphill. They replaced the valve body under warranty. I assume the solenoid you refer to is a part of the valve body? I do not know any details regarding ours.
  • jetta7jetta7 Posts: 17
    I wonder if this solenoid valve could be causing my transmission shudder, when in overdrive @ 1800 to 2000 rpm, cliimbing a grade.
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