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Toyota FJ Cruiser or Hummer H3



  • bschatzbschatz Posts: 1
    I test drove the H3 and the FJ and found the FJ to be jerky on the small bumps that I encountered. I found the the H3(with out the adventure pac) to ride better in everyday type driving. I felt the FJ, with is styling outside and plastic toy like inside to be more for a younger person than myself. The inside of the H3 was more to my taste. I live in Colorado(over 7,000 feet you lose 25% of your power)and am in the mountains quite a bit. So I felt both would serve me well in the snow, mud, hilly as well as city conditions that I encounter. The H3 seemed a bit under powered for all the weight it carry's Not so the FJ. I went with the H3 however, I put a Vortic supercharger and a better exhaust system. Costly but for my situation it has been very good.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    Please tell us how does the H3 behave on the highway. We drove one briefly in city traffic and I felt a very slight vibration through the chassis - it wasn't the tire balance type vibration. We didn't have enough time to determine if it was the road or something with the vehicle. Otherwise I loved it, I've never been in a more solid car/truck in my 59 years.
  • Still bored and lazy but just this last minute read this post. Very interested in the vortec upgrade and exhaust. Also don't believe in K&N from ford experience and a filter test link from a gentleman at lost. GM paper filter, nano no oil filter, curious. No mods intended soon. Would've liked a push rod long stroke inline 6 at the least. Did pushing more fuel/air in the mountains destroy your mileage?
  • Test drive more of them and if you don't buy the adventure package try for replacement of the "goodyears". Their st's on the crd are junk (even at the bottom of goodyears own list when I looked almost two years ago)and have read of puncture problems with the base h3 goodyears.
  • i have had my h3 for 9 months now and have had no trouble........ but i have had alot of pleasure it gets looks everywhere i go even from fj owners lol also the h3 is very solidly built and has no inner fender cracking like the fj's.
  • If you head over to and compare the 2008 H3 (5 cylinder) and 2008 FJ - they're a heckuva lot similar than you would think. In fact, the H3 has near-equivalent 2008-rated gas mileage (city is worse) and cargo room (seats up) while its rear seat room, regular fuel requirement (vs premium), 4 doors, and superior bhp all seem to be clear advantages. Even the depreciation costs appear near-equal. Seems like this is one case where Toyota imitated GM, and not the other way around. If you add the V8 of the alpha model to the mix, I think the H3 is pretty dominant. All it lacks is a bare-bones, off-road only model. Don't forget that you can also get a navigation system and sunroof on the H3 too.
  • Blue_Beauty has passed her first year anniversary, 14k miles, and one dealer trip to replace one of the plastic push pins that hold the leather seat cover on.
  • FJ is a really wierd looking vehicle, tail lights, windows look strange.

    does nothing for me.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    i recently purchased a h3 alpha and am very pleased. detroit rules. 300hp and 325 ft. lbs. of torque make this suv both capable and fun to drive. it has a 5 star crash rating and 60-40 all wheel drive. americian made you bet ya. :P
  • Second anniversary, that one plastic push pin, the best oil in the engine, a new not needed air filter, and of course the bill stines (cheaper installed by me than struts and alignment for the bu at a repair shop).

    Just came from the active h club forum and its' pages of front solid axle swap thread. Blue_Beauty will stay a street machine. Almost wanted to pick up a cheap new '08 and consider a gear change out for highway mileage. hummer no hummer dealers dropping out and now they are delivering the h3t. Is hummer alive or not?

    Considering an unlimited jk - even though burned on three chrysler products. And then those wrangler commercials hit tv (kudos to their marketing agents if not an in house commercial). Did not read 20K+ posts at edmunds wrangler forum but nice banter between the old timers and steve and tidester. Even they are worried about the quality issue on newer models. Keep making leaking roofs for years-reminds me of the old subaru posts here with owners wanting to know if they would fix known issues. Want a non leaking roof properly engineered and built. Does wrangler have a decent tranny and torque converter.

    Then I remember an old post about how we became a society spending way too much on transportation in stead of enjoying the quality parts of life. Then I look at our street, our vehicles stay in the garage, and I see what looks like a used car lot with too much inventory and decide not to buy any vehicle ever again(that won't last long).
  • Was going to respond to an old post by "rdhollem" but decided to post these thoughts.

    Just missed the chance for employee pricing (extended to supplier pricing) on the jk. Short garage so couldn't follow all the advice to buy a give-away-price for a full sized truck. Options included cuv suv etc. Tired old back sometimes struggles to get down into the bu. The jk is old tech-grew up on recirculating ball, it has sfa, body on frame, coil springs separate from the shocks, tires with a sidewall on a rim that isn't afraid of a little hole in the road, doesn't have a mechanical fan though, design leans to open roof idea but it does have roll bar, and just saw a link to the release where cerberus is building electric jeeps with a motor for each wheel something alluded to much earlier with a five motor post-surprised to see it come from them (good luck and hope the ability to sync all the wheels has been completed). Jeep reliability like gm? get a peach or a lemon?
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    I owned an Xterra and a few other SUV's but at todays fuel costs I cringed at every fill up and so traded in the X for a little more fuel efficiency. If the economy did not slow, the gas prices would have continued climbing, and so;
    Do any of you think that at some point the cost of fuel would keep you from either the FJ or H3? If so what would the cost of gas have to be?
  • I now live in Bend OR but several years ago I lived in Yreka CA. Bought a 2003-04 Murano new. It spent most of the first month in the dealership with ukn problems-dealer couldn't figure out what was happening/wrong. Fast forward 2 years and 40,000 miles. Local Bend dealership knew my first name and cell number. They couldn't keep it running and I gave up and traded in for an FJ. No regrets, only go in for oil change and tire rotation. Have a K&M air filter which improved power and gas mileage with OR 10% gasohol- RIP OFF. Better angle of approach vs. Murano for fishing off back roads and don't have to worry going over rocks on questionable trails. It's short and not as wide as Hummer so i goes into garage and easier to negotiate on narrow dirt roads. Steering radius not nearly as good as Jeep Wrangler but better power and mileage on open road. Steelhead poles are a tight fit fully assembled inside the vehicle.
  • Better_half doesn't like me using "Blue Beauty" to reference the JK on order. She suggested "Blue Rubi". Things happened and couldn't get to our dealer. Want to "thank" the people from KY and NM who came to TX to beat us to the punch. Maybe someday we'll be rich enough to turn the keys over to leapin lizards.
  • screamin lizard not leapin lizards-gettin more tired every day.
  • Blue Beauty woke up beside Bu and but spent the night with Blue Rubi
  • both, I think, didn't think it through. Blue Beauty is a great daily driver with full time 4wd and Onstar for Better_Half. Should've been two H3's. One with highway gears and smaller tires and one with part time 4wd and a strong front end for the jeeper. Toyota's design and execution are what they are. Less than a week with Blue Rubi and every day the satisfaction and enjoyment goes up. Did not notice any drive line hum like the H3 had even quieter than the redline lubed H3. Blue Rubi is quiet and still feels like a jeep. The H3 should've had the A pillars like the JK has. Surprised by the how much better the minivan motor is purring since the 6 on the odometer is approaching 300. Drove in the rain this weekend, BFG mudders were great, to Dallas for the Jeepfest and saw three Screamin Lizards, it was nice to know their history. The go pedal is hard to restrain and follow the advice of Arthur St. Antoine in Motor Trend " ... Wrangler: Go slow with pride." .
  • Ten days and 600 miles later still loving the rubicon. Gassed up Blue Beauty and it feels like a country cadillac, better_half sure has a nice daily driver. No a/c windowns down redline in everything and had to hit the go pedal to avoid them. Where did that burst of power come from that 3.5 motor. Got back and gassed up the rubi, saw a miata column all numbered up (rally) from Gaylord Texan. Then the idea that the base rubicon was like a sports car 4x4. We are lucky to have two great American products.
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