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Nissan Maxima Electrical Issues



  • I have a 2000 maxima. I disconnected the battery to replace the head light bulbs, I replaced them both. A day later, I went to work and when I turned off the ignition switch, the idiot lights stayed on. Even with the key removed from the switch. After removing the negative cable, then replacing it, the lights went off. But when I turn the switch on again and turn it off, the lights stay on. Anyone have any thoughts?
  • This morning, the starter wouldn't engage to turn over the engine. I checked ground and connections, but no go. I disconnected the battery for 5-7 minutes and reconnected. Upon reconnection and turning the key, the car immediately started. Does anyone know what car system would keep the starter from engaging, but once reset by disconnecting the battery, would clear?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • My fuel guage began to fail intermittantly 3 weeks ago. Two weeks ago the temp guage began to fail intermittantly with the fuel guage. One week ago the blower fan failed and has not worked since. This is happening to my 2000 Maxima. Anybody got any ideas?
  • This is for pep59. Did you get your seat to work. I have the same problem with an 02 GLE . The Nissan dealer wanted over $400 to replace the motor.
  • I’ll let everyone know up front that I am not good with cars. I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima; with aver 132,000 miles. One day, I put the key in the ignition and the car went dead. When I got it started, the rear defroster and power locks didn’t work. Furthermore, the doors roll down when the car is off and no key in the ignition and when I leave the key in the ignition and door is open there is no alarm. I had the fuses checked out and they are ok. The mechanic said it is an electrical problem. What kind will it be and how much will it cost to fix. Would it even be worth to fix?
  • kingroadkingroad Posts: 1
    Driving lights went out, where should I start my search for trouble fuses or Relays? I checked fuses couldnt find a fuse marked as such.
  • I have a 1990 nissan maxima, car runs great, only two issues, the heater/AC display will be very dim at times, good wack on the side of the dash usually fixes that, and the digital dash only comes on after the car has warmed up, but then will come on the rest of the day. I've replaced all relays next to the fuse block ( Blue and Brown) no chance, I checked and cleaned electrical connections behind the change. does anyone know where the relay is that controls dash illimunation is? it acts like a relay that is sticking. thanks..Johnny
    You can e-mail me direct at :confuse:
  • baxter111baxter111 Posts: 1
    I have a 1992 Nissan Maxima. My battery kept dying, so I replaced it. I then replaced the alternator, because the battery still kept dying. Now, the radio if coming off and on, the windows are rolling down by themselves, and the clock won't keep the time. I am assuming electrical, but can't afford to continue guessing. Please give me some ideas!!!
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
  • sgarciakssgarciaks Posts: 1
    My 2000 Maxima is doing the exact same thing with the exact same electrical components doing what your car is doing. One mechanic said it may be one of 4 CPU's in the car (computers that controller electrical) and only Nissan can diagnose it with their software. Have you gotten anywhere with yours?
  • bfournierbfournier Posts: 1
    I just replaced my starter it works well but sometimes it wont engage tried the ground but all looked well and clean if i cross the starter manually for a second to give it a jolt it works fine again for awhile then repeats its problem with the no engage thing sounds like you had the same issue and was wondering if you found the sollution?
  • I have a 2001 nissan maxima. Recently both the 12-volt power outlets have went out in the vehicle. all other electical systems are working fine. any suggestions on what the issue may be?
  • I am the owner of a 2004 max.I keep having the issue of engine misfire. replace 4 coil packs, Brand new Ngk spark plugs,Right side Catalytic converter, and Ecu.Lets say I replace a coil, the car will run fine for a day and half. The check engine light will start to flash and the car will begin to shake and stutter. The car has 60K on it,I have taken it to the dealer which said was the ecu, and wanted 3k, to fix,and a private shop and they still cant get it right.Does anyone know what might cause this? Im running out of options.This is my fourth max(89,92,95)I love these cars but the 04, is starting me to lose the love.If you have any advise please get back at me

  • The fuse for the power windows is blowing (also affects seat adjustment power). I have measured a hard ground (0 ohms) on the load side of the fuse block. I disconnected all of the connectors (one at a time) for the seat adjutments and still got the ground.Any hints? How easy/hard is it to access power window motors?
  • mdwwmdww Posts: 2
    Did you solve the problem?
    Try cleaning up up the negative battery ground on the engine block.
    Had the same problem, that helped
  • mdwwmdww Posts: 2
    Had the same problem. First thing to do before you spend anymore money
    Try cleaning up the battery negative ground on the engine block.
    That solved the problem on my 1995 Max SE
  • check recalls. I thought I read something about a rattle in the engine on the 2001 maxima recall list.
  • HELP! About a year ago, I started having problems starting my car. It happened about once every three weeks, but when I started the car, I heard a clicking sound and the engine did not start. I would keep trying to start the car and then five or ten minutes later, it would start up without a problem.
    I took it to mechanic #1 and he replaced the battery. The problem continued and then we replaced the alternator. The problem continued for 6 more months and then started happening more frequently.
    Then, my brother took it to the VW dealership where he works and we replaced and oxygen sensor and a nocs sensor (not sure of spelling).
    I got the car back and the problem persisted, so I took it to another mechanic #3 and we replaced the relay to the ignition, the electric parts of the ignition switch, and I put in another alternator.
    It has been 16 months since the problem started and I have put thousands of dollars into this car. The only explanation has been, "there must be a short somewhere." Any suggestions to find the root of the problem.
  • andy100andy100 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem right now: can not start after driving through two stops and while car is hot or weather is hot. I just wonder if you have solved your problem yet. If you have solved the problem, what is the solution? All I do now is wait for 6 hours and then start it or use it.
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