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Chrysler 300/300C/300C SRT-8 Electrical/Lighting



  • I have a 2008 Chrysler 300. I purchased it used about 2 months ago. I recently had a problem with my wipers not shutting off. Even with the car off, the wipers will run. I have had to remove the fuse to shut them off. Since we have experienced the turn signals not working, intermittently as well as the radio. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a problem with the computer?
  • How do I repair the dash light for the heater /ac control?
  • fra1fra1 Posts: 3
    2005 300C with dead speedometer. Suddenly my 300 C's speedometer went dead while driving. An ideas? 17,000 miles clocked on odometer which is working..
  • Hi, I have a 2006 Chrsler 300. When I turn the cruise "ON" the dash screen says "Cruise ON" but when I try to st the cruise nothing happens. Any idea what my problem may be? Thanks!
  • "Cruise On" means the cruise control is activated. When you reach your desired speed, you have to flick the lever down to "set" the cruise control. Check your manual if you have one- if not, write back and we'll get it straightened out.
  • Did you ever find out the problem? I have the same trouble with my 05 Chrysler 300. I have to charge my battery every time I leave my car off for over an hour. Also when it is charged, nothing works, including everything on the dashboard, my headlights stay on at all times while running, and they sometimes flicker.
  • Thank you for the information, Im going to take my car to an auto electrician & see what they say. I will let you know if they find anything out okay.
  • amroachamroach Posts: 1
    I had a problem with my 300C. When it reached 30,000 miles all of the dash gauges would turn off for about 3 seconds. Enough to scare me. For the next 20,000 miles I would take it back to the dealer every month, and maybe twice a month. The entire car started turning off, and I would have to put in neuteral and start it back up. As you know could not duplicate. Finally the service man said he called the extented warranty company, and they told him to check the battery. The battery was running on 275 amps, and was suppose to be at 730. The warranty company told him they had that problem before. New battery and have had no problem for 2 months now. I drive it every day.
  • pnelson1pnelson1 Posts: 6
    Any luck with the electrician? My car is back at the dealer. Waiting to verify the problem. I'm wondering if the battery amp issue posted recently is our problem.
  • if u havent got your cruise fix try checking the brake switch on the actual pedal it could be bad not not letting u set the cruise
  • My 300c is doing the same. Did your dealer hook it up to the computer for troublehooting? Our dealer told us that they have traced the problem to the wiring harness but no a specific unit. I'd be interested to compare the code reading on yours to ours. Thanks.
  • pnelson1pnelson1 Posts: 6
    Interesting. The dealer had my car for over a month and found no problems. Did they say what needed to be done with the wiring harness to fix the problem?
  • They can't pin it down to the exact component. It is a stored code F202. Until they can check it when it is active they won't touch it. I've been to Chrysler for relief, they told me until the dealer can pin point the problem, I'm out of luck. So, will have to wait until the dash is going wacko and bring it in. As, you know, you can't predict when it will happen or where. If you turn the ignition off, the codes go to stored and not in an active mode. They want to fix it but can't find the cause. I'll keep you posted. We're taking it on a road trip this weekend, so will see what happens.
  • sort of an electrical question: on the Mopar RAK OEM radio (am/fm/6-disc/cassette) I keep reading that it has an audio-in jack, for among other things, connecting an mp3 player.

    I looked at numerous pics of this head-unit and don't see any such input.

    Can someone please confirm for me whether or not this is true? Tell me where this input is located?

    Thanks. Thinking about purchasing a 2006 300 Limited AWD...
  • randy709randy709 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing problems with the power outlets. Besides the normal fuses blowing, they seem to not be usable although they do light the indicators on cell phone cords, the phones do not charge. The dash around the heat/AC seems to be getting very hot when this problem occurs.
  • stevenwstevenw Posts: 18
    FYI: I just had my EGR valve replaced at 40K miles after the "Service Engine Soon" light came on and the error code read out as the EGR valve. This is a 2005 300 Limited and about 3 minutes after I pulled away from the dealership, the "Service Engine Soon" light came back on again! I also noticed that night that the crusie control was all goofed up. It would come on (light lit in the wand) but then go off as soon as you tried to "set" it. After that it would not come back on for a few minutes. Rather than going back to the dealer, I decided to try on ald trick I learned years ago. I disconnected the battery cables and let the car sit for 20 minutes, then I hooked them back up. Two days later - no "Service Engine Soon" lighrt and the crusie is fully operational.

    This is just an FYI for anyone that may have similar issues in the future.
  • ivanbroivanbro Posts: 4
    I have an '06 300 Touring that doe the same thing. Activation of the left turn signal shuts off the left running light. Did you find a fix for it?
  • I have a 2006 300c. The battery dies every few days if the car is not driven. Also, rear windows work intermittently. Dealer stumped. Went to an independant and they tested for parasitic load with no luck. Anyone have any solutions/suggestions?
  • ivanbroivanbro Posts: 4
    I would think they checked this, but could it be a bad alternator?
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