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Mazda5 Tires & Wheels



  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785

    Try posting on the forum "Tires, Tires, Tires"

    But I should warn you, there are some fairly knowledgeable folks that post there, so you better have your act together.
  • dr_whodr_who Posts: 8
    I think the 50 series tires on the Mazda5 are silly (and expensive!). Has anyone tried a set of 15" rims with something like 205 65 15 tires? Should be roughly the same diameter, but tire life is likely to be longer, and tire cost is likely to be much less.
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    Anything smaller than a 16" rim will not clear the brake mechanism. Sorry..
  • raceymomraceymom Posts: 18
    I have a 2006 Mazda 5 and the tires are WORN and need replacing at just 17,000 miles. I did have a recall on both the front and back suspension and had it all replaced so I think the premature tire wear on the TOYOs are due to this. In any event, Mazda is replacing my tires on warranty and they should. Good luck! :P
  • I just had to replace all 4 tires at 29,000 miles they are the 205/50R/17 and they are expensive, the cheapest I could find are BF Goodrich at 141.00 per tire if you want the expensive ones just try Good Year Eagles almost 200.00 per tire, these tires are high speed rated tires, who the hell is going to drive around at 140 + in a little mini van? There needs to be an alternate tire that at least gives good tread wear!!
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 44
    Have you try discount tire direct? It has Yokohama YK520, for $109. Mileage warranty is 60K miles.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    You should try it, it's fun!

  • My sister has a 2007 Mazda 5, it has 3000 miles on it. It hit a pothole and blew out the whole side of a tire. Is this covered under warranty? And exactly what size tire did this model come with? What is the least expensive replacement tire on the market?

    Thx in advance!

  • :(

    The stock tires are Toyos A18 205/15 R17 (US, it is marked on the tire side). I'm afraid to say that that issue may not be part of the warranty as is not a tire defect.

    With so few miles I would look for the same Toyo to replace it. Now, worst case scenario, if its really pricy or you don't find the same Toyo, I would at least get a couple of a different brand tires and replace them in the same axis (front or back) so they wear uniformly, otherwise only one different brand tire may make the car feel weird or not very stable.

    Anyway, here is a good site:
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    Well I must admit..I'm in the U.S. and I bought my 2006 Mazda5 used (22k miles) and it had new tires. I wondered why in the world a car with only 22k miles needed new tires. I had a talk with my father about that issue and told him I was weary of buying a car that I would have to buy $200/each tires for every 20k miles but he explained to me that the type of tires on the Mazda5, how the Mazda5 drives/handles, etc. CAN wear them down quick (and bad) if you do not keep an eye on the pressure. I'm thinking of getting them filled with Nitrogen......
  • Nitrogen? Interesting...

    I've read from some other owners as well and here are some of the comments:

    a) Toyo are the original equipment from the manufacturer and they are not the best for this type of tire anyway. There are better and cheaper tires in the market. Regardless, some owners have driven 30K+ miles on them with no issues.

    b) I agree with your father, for this type of tires (low profile) keep a close eye on the air pressure whenever possible and rotate every time you service the car. Yes, my other car is a Honda and I was spoiled somehow. As a matter of fact, on that car I changed tires not because of wear, but because of crazy weather conditions plus I was traveling a lot so the mileage was very low compared to the model year (I had no garage) so the rubber just went awry and became unsafe.

    Now, to me the Mazda5 tires make a huge difference (looks and drive) so they are worth the extra care.
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    Yes, nitrogen. I can't remember where I read it (probably on here somewhere, actually) but nitrogen helps prolong tire life and keep the same amount (or very darn close) amount of pressure in them.

    This morning I freaked out almost to the point of crying because I got in my car to take my son to school and my tires started shaking. My father and I had JUST checked the pressure and put exactly 34 in all tires THREE DAYS EARLIER.
    What had happened was, was the day before, it was 95 degrees outside, very dry, but last night it dropped down to around 50 degrees and even frosted a little, was very HUMID. Just that caused my tire pressure to go wonky!
    By the way, nitrogen is not expensive.. I think you can have it done at a car place for no more than $10/tire.
    I don't know the exact price though because my dad races motorcycles and already has nitrous and nitrogen tanks in the garage.......
  • Kumho makes a really nice tire. The Ecsta ASX. I had them on my Impala SS which the Mazda replaced. Very grippy tire and extremely quiet. I believe the fitment for the Mazda5 is priced around $95 dollars. Just got my 5 so can't swap the toyos yet, but the ASX is a wonderful tire.
  • Ihave 2006 mazda5,having same problem rear tires are gone,so I talk to mazda people and ofcourse they are blaming me oh you did not rotate the tire thats why it happend,then they blame toyo tire I called toyo tire company they said there is problem with mazda5 even if you change your tire it will be the same problem there is no guarantee for the tires,why dont we all write to mazda car and ask them to rectify the problem.I also have nissan quest for last 8years no problem there and this brnd new car giving so much problem
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    they're BIG tires on a pretty heavy car that accelerates and stops pretty good. You HAVE to keep tabs on the pressure, tires like that have pressure that go ALL OVER the place and if you drive them while the pressure is off (especially on the highway), they're going to be ruined. Think about it.. $8 for a tire pressure gauge, free air at the gas station, $40 for nitrogen in your tires compared to oh... $150 a tire every 25k miles..Pretty self explanatory here.
    If you have searched Mazda5 owner forums you will see that MANY people who just kept tabs on the pressure and/or put nitrogen in their tired ended up very happy in the end.
  • wegot2wegot2 Posts: 2
    I just replaced the original Toyos on my 06 Mazda5 (with TPMS) at 50K; alignment problems early on had caused feathering. I put on 4 of the Kumho Ecsta ASX, filled with nitrogen ($30 extra), and what an improvement in the ride quality! I have Kumhos on my 02 Protege5 (after 2 sets of Dunlops), and have been happy with them there as well.
  • mozammozam Posts: 1
    I've gotten different feedback from dealers on putting 16" snow tires on my 2007 Mazda5. The current tires are 205/50/R17.

    Anyone have any experience going outside of the dealer (e.g.

  • I replaced my 205/50 17 all season tires with 205/55 16 snow tires. No problems.
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    Same for me: 205/55 R16 winter tires
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I bought a set of Dunlop Wintersport 3Ds mounted on steelies from Great place and easy to deal with. 205/55 16s mount and run just fine!

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