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Mazda5 Tires & Wheels



  • hatemazda5hatemazda5 Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    It only had 10000 miles on my 2nd set of tires ($150 ea) on my Mazda 5 and it starting uneven wearing out again( you can put your palm and feel the bumpy surface at the inner wall) It starting shakeing while it hit 60 mile per hour. I just wrote a complaint letter to Mazda USA hope they can dead serious address these common issues which none of the dealer willing to admit there was a problem on the car structure design. If you have the similar problem please try to wrote them a letter and post it on these discussion board once you did it. Once we collect enough voice, I believe Mazda will address these issues seriously!! They should learn the lessons from the Toyota!!!!

    Please give me your voice!
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    edited May 2010
    Are you rotating your tires every 5,000 miles?

    Shaking may be caused by your tires going out of balance, not related to wear.
  • hatemazda5hatemazda5 Posts: 3
    ha..that even made me frustrated which I tried to rotate and balance every 3000 miles and even try to do the alignment many times. The tire shop people told me don't waste the money and this kind of bumpy inner wall wearing is not caused by the out of balance and is due to the defected suspension. A problem suspension causing the tires jumping up and down on the road surface while it driving. Which cause the uneven wearing. I've been many tire shop and all those people told me go to the local dealership to have them to fix it. Guess what I've been two different locations for four time before and even after my warranty expired.... and they have the same answer..."Nothing Wrong'
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I seem to remember that when they first came out that this occurred at about the same speed and turned out to be an issue with the engine mounts. Not saying this is the case but it does sound very similar.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Man, really! Try cahnging the shocks with good quality gas shocks. Try Monroe. The cost may be lower then replacing a lot of tires.
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    2008 Mazda 5, 35,000 miles.
    The problems with the Mazda 5 are the tires and wheels combination. :lemon:
    The OME wheels do not have any support on the inner side. The smallest pothole deforms the wheel on the inside. All of you who witness vibrations while driving, have the wheels checked and you’ll find out that at least one or two of them are not a perfect circle anymore. The tires are as crappy as they come. :sick: I made mine last 30,000 miles. When it was time to change them, I decided to try a 16inch steely with a 225/50R-16. I ordered 4 of them from The ones suggested were General Altimax X. They cost $685 delivered. I put them on as soon as I got them and, let me tell you, the car has never been as quiet. There is no more pavement noise and no more vibrations. It now runs better than the day I first took it out of the dealership.
    When the time comes that I have to put new ones on because of wear, I won’t have to fork $150 per wheel.
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I have a 08 mazda 5 as well. I like the car, but I am experiencing the same problems that you mentoned. Mine has about 26,000 miles. We are noticing noisy ride and bumpy ride. I am thinking buying a set of smaller rims and larger tires that go on them to try to fix the problem. I don't understand why Mazda put such crappy tires on the car when new. Part of the problem I think is the low profile tire type. The car is a minivan not a sports car! If you could post some additional information about the rims and tires you bought and if you are still happy with them that would be great!
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    The only smaller rims that would fit are 16". I am with you on the low profile subject, see one of my first posts back in 2008

    nahag1, "Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers" #241, 6 Mar 2008 2:11 pm

    The vibrations I was experiencing were at low speed (about 15000 RPM) and at around 65 MPH. When I took it back to the dealer, the mechanic test drove it, got it on the lift than called me to show me that the inner rim of 2 of the wheels was bent ever so slightly, you almost couldn't see it. He said " that is your problem ". Of course I didn't believe him, I was convinced that it was something with the engine or at least the mounts, but having seen the bent rims, I could only prove him wrong when I come back with perfect circular rims. It costs a lot of money to fix the OME rims and even more to buy new ones. Since I do not mind the look of the steelees, ( I actually think that they give the car some character ) I decided that the cost of the rims plus the tires would still keep me under $700, I would not have to deal with the Mazda rims, and the bonus, the new tire size would always be cheaper than the OME size.
    The new wheels have been on the car for 5000 miles now. I couldn't go back to the dealer and prove him wrong because the vibrations disappeared, the pavement noise disappeared and the car became a pleasure to drive in the suburbs, on the highway and in town. It made a huge difference.
    Mazda should wake up an realize that low profile tires are a curse on this car.
  • samacsamac Posts: 4
    If its the engine mounts. What is the solution to get rid of them.
  • samacsamac Posts: 4
    What is the recommended tires for M5 with the default rims. Has anyone tried Dunlop signature ? It has 60k miles rating.

    Appreciate your help.
  • ananasananas Posts: 1
    Had the same problem with my 07 after they rotated and balanced my tires. Went back couple of times where they balanced them again but this never fixed the problem. Uneven wear was mentioned but I only had 14000 miles on the car. Went to a private shop, they said there was nothing wrong with the tires. They found a bulletin that suggested engine mounts was the solution for the vibration. Went to the dealership with it and they said they never have seen one or have anyone had that problem. They put in the engine mounts which didn't take care of the vibration only changed it up a little bit after they played with the tires - again! The master technician said if I keep on being unhappy with the fix he'll be in trouble as of not being able to fix it. That was a surprising comment. I've lived with the vibration since cause I got tired of running to the dealership for nothing. Now my warranty has expired and issues w suspension are climbing up so I guess my only rescue is to try to get rid of my car eventually. Too bad...without all these challenges it would be a nice car. :sick:
  • gnuguygnuguy Posts: 9
    As so many people have pointed out already, the original Mazda 5 tires are garbage. Our fronts were done in just over 18k miles on our '06. I've been replacing the Toyos with Kuohmos without any real improvement. There is no way any vehicle should be using tires that fast. In terms of the eco-system, this is a horrible design. Not to mention that we've got to pay for new tires every 20k.

    I've been trying to find a solution ever since I paid for the first replacement tires. The dealership told me that there were no smaller rim options to be had. I can't wait to correct him on that.

    My question is does tire wear improve with the smaller rims? If so, how much?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Guess what, I did throw away the original rims and all the crappy tires and brought a whole new set of rims and tires from After drove about 10K the same problem happening again. So I wrote a complaint letter to MazdaUSA and they did responded my letter in 3 days...and they told me they will sent me to the local dealership and they should taking care of me....they sounds pretty promising. Even this was my 5th times to look into the same problem since the 1st year I brought it in 07. But I thought they got enough complaints and know how to fix me this time. When I did shown up at the dealership but they made me to paid $100 for disgnosis fee but I told the service guy this was my 5th time to look at the same problem and I was send by MazdaUSA . I end it up agree to pay for the fee and hope for the best this time. Guess what, it took them almost a whole day and end up told me the stories that they couldn't find anything wrong. I felt so stupid why I would trust MazdaUSA and even paid $100 to the stupid dealership. Trust me I'm looking to get rid of it and will tell all my friends not to BUY MAZDA 'coz it SUCK!!!
  • melaniemelanie Posts: 2
    We are sorry to hear about your experience with your Dealer not being able to help you. We do have a Dealer Ratings and Reviews section if you would like to post a review of this dealer. I have provided a link for you.
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    Well we bought new tires about two weeks ago for our 08 mazda 5. We got Goodyear comfort tred touring tires. $$$$$ :cry: almost $800! But all of our vibration and tire noise is gone!!!! :) I hope it stays that way! Very happy with the new tires so far except for the price, but I guess that's the price I pay for low profile tires. (which I don't really want)
  • jarek67jarek67 Posts: 2
    I own a Mazda 5 for 6 months and I have had to replace shocks twice now. The car also has a noise in the back. After inspecting the shocks I found one was leaking. When I took it to the dealer they told me the shocks looks good. After I insisted that they look with me they agreed to replace the shock under warranty. I was made to feel like they were doing me a favor. The noise stiil exists and they are blaming the tires. The tires are worn off unevenly. 35000 miles on the car
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    WOW! How do you get 35k in 6 mo? Anyway,
    I've been saying for some time that the shocks the factory puts on the 5 are up to the challenge. I would recommend anybody that likes the car and intends to keep it to go and get some top of the line shocks. I bought the car fully aware of the issue.
    The tires quality has been blamed many times on this forum for a lot of things and there are reports that new tires from a different manufacturer took care of the problems. At 35k it's time for new rubber. It is irrelevant now if the shocks killed your tires, or the tires were cheap to begin with.
    I have my 5 for 16 mo now and it has 15k. The tires are at 50%. We drive it hard (when we do), loaded up and fast, so I'm not complaining, again, I anticipated the problem.
    Sorry for the dealer experience. I've found the same attitude with other brands, too. It's a systemic problem.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    edited March 2011
    yup. Like I've reported here, too, aftermarket shocks and good tires fix these problems. Having the dealership replace under warranty only guarantees the problem will return.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • jarek67jarek67 Posts: 2
    I am sorry that I didn't mention that I bought the car used with 26000 miles. Could you tell me the brand and where you got the shocks? I wonder if you know if I can change the tires to a different size? Do the rims need to be changed with new size tires? Thanks.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    You can change tire size slightly without changing the wheels. I know from experience, however, that there is very little room to play with. At one point, I put a set of 225/55 tires I had leftover from another vehicle and they rubbed. So I don't suggest pushing it past 215/50.

    I had managed to come across a good deal on a new set of Kumho KH25s on Ebay. 205/50/17 for, I believe, around $265. This was back in the Fall.

    For the shocks, I picked up a set of Monroe (part number 5607). They don't show as being compatible with anything past 2008, but I can assure you they work. The suspension did not change between '08 and '09 or even 2010.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

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