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Saturn Aura Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • I_thought_Saturn_doesn't_haggle?
  • sidvsidv Posts: 63
    Saturn may not haggle, but that doesn't mean some loser dealers won't try and screw people on new cars by charging markups or bundling bogus dealer installed options at inflated prices. Also, with a new model the supply situation is interesting.

    As someone contemplating an Aura by year's end I'd like to hear about these things.
  • Galpin Saturn of Santa Clarita already packs their "hot selling" Saturns with "performance" stuff. What that means is they slap trim detailing, huge chrome wheels, tinted glass and other useless junk on their Skys and other hot selling products, jacking prices up anywhere from $5K to $10K per car.
    Guess who gets to pay for that? :sick:
  • I bought an Aura XE over the weekend. I paid MSRP minus $930 through the GM Supplier Discount, obtained from a neighbor who is a retired GM employee. My GM Card earnings were not redeemable at Saturn.
  • That's it? Only $930 dollars off? I'm not as enthused about going to look at it now. Some of my co-workers have been getting killer deals on the SUV's & pick-ups. I guess that was because of gas prices though...
  • I have yet to see one Aura on the road. I checked them out in late Sept and thought they were a bit overpriced, and since "Saturn wont deal" I decided not to bother. Maybe if I still dont see one soon they will relax the stupid no haggle rule. It's retarded anyway because pretty much if you just pay the price on the window every car dealer regardless of make is a "no haggle" shop, but Saturn is turning off those of us who like to shop price as well as drive. I like the Aura a lot but if I can spin a loaded Milan with a V6 for 4k less and Saturn wont dicker, guess what I will do.
  • my quote for xr,premium trim package, xm radio, and enhanced convience package was $399/mo., nothing down, 48 month lease, 12K/year..msrp 26,800..does this seem in the ballpark, and can I get the dealer to throw in splash guards and/or rubber floor mats?
  • Eddie, depends on the residual percentage. Leasing as a general rule is not a great thing, but that deal does not sound like the worst. Find out what the residual is and then the imputed interest rate on the funds - it should be clear in the documentation. I just assumed a 50% residual on that (which is good, but it should be low mileage given your input) and came to an imputed approx. 7% interest rate - all in all not really shabby in the current market. If the residual value is less than 50%, your interest rate will go down, but if it is higher they may be screwing you. Make sure it is a closed end lease, too. Most states require closed ends, but maybe your area does not.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    If you own a Saturn Aura, a reporter would like to talk with you. Please respond to by Monday, November 13, 2006 with your daytime phone number, a few words about your Aura ownership experience so far and a quick summary of any accessories with which you have equipped it.

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  • I just leased a new Aura XR for 24 months @12K/year. I liked the car quite a bit and was considering buying it outright at the 4.9% GMAC subsidized interest rate. The problem with this scheme is the (to date) higher than Accord, Camry, Nissan depreciation that Saturns are burdened with. I was afraid that 2-3 years into my purchase I might get bored and want to trade it in for a newer make/model. That relatively higher Saturn depreciation would then have left me at a disadvantage in trade-in time.

    But lo and behold, GM and GMAC came to the rescue! In order to help launch the new Aura GM is foregoing (on Auras) the upcoming January price increase and also offering some attractive lease terms. The 24 months/12K lease is being offered with a residual of 0.68 (Camry/Accord are typically 0.68 to 0.72), and with "lease or money factor" that is equivalent to 5.25% APR. They high residual means the monthly depreciation, which you retire with your lease payments, is much, much better than the 0.50-0.55 that commercial leasing companies are offering on the Aura. The nice part of this for me is that I can walk away unencumbered in 24 months, and without having to worry about Saturn depreciation trends. Love the car, but don't like the Saturn depreciation track record. I hope this will improve over time as Saturn turns out more desirable and better products.

    P.S. The new 100K miles warranty should also help.
  • so how did your monthly payment shake out? I'm trying to compare apples to apples, as my quote was for zero down. i would prefer a 24 or 27 month lease..
  • I don't have the paperwork in front of me but I recall the MSRP being $27,019 less supplier discount yielding ~$25,700. Then add a $595 lease acquisition fee plus registration/plates fees to the capitalized costs. In my case it was $23.50 down/cap cost reduction (don't ask me to explain) that yielded a payment of approximately $353 covering monthly depreciation and the leasing fee. In Pennsylvania they also collect 6% for sales tax on the amount depreciated plus a 3% tax on car leases. The lease residual in slightly over $18,000; good luck to GM on reselling a two year old Saturn for this high an amount, but hey, that's their problem not mine.
  • Hi. Can you tell me where you found this new 24 deal? I would not get the supplier discount on the price but still would like to lease this car (XR). When I go to or to GMAC, all I see is the 39 month lease which is not a good value. Other cars I am looking at are:
    Ford Fusion/Milan; Mazda 6; Suburu Legacy; I prefer 24month leasing so I can stay in warranty. Let me know how you got this lease. Thanks,
  • Pleased to help. Just go the website and select the personal finance, automobile, leasing, and then payment calculator tool. Enter your zip code, select the year, make, model and trim and the calculator will first respond with the default capitalized cost and 36 month/15K lease term. You can then modify these to the price your have in mind, and a various lease durations and miles per year.

    In any event your dealer can work this out with in a few minutes with their online connection to GMAC. Also keep in mind that although the MSRP for Saturn's are fixed (excepting employee/supplier discounts, of course) the dealers ARE FLEXIBLE in adding supplemental inducements to by the car at their dealership. These perquisites are exempt from GM pricing rules; in my case I got the following thrown into the deal: 1) annual state safety and emission inspections for as long as own the car, 2) free standard maintenance for 3/yr 36/K miles, and 3) and a full tank of gas. GM already includes 3 months of paid XM radio and 1 year paid OnStar service + 130 calling minutes good for one year for just $18 bucks.

    Here is the GMAC link: link title
  • One more thing I forgot in my prior reply. The lease quote I got from sitting down with the Saturn dealer finance guy was about $60/month lower than what the GMACFS online calculator shows. He explained this as a consequence of regional differences in what is/can be included in the capitalized costs and up-to-the-minute changes in the residuals and cost of money. I was pleasantly surprised to find my actual lease was less expensive that what the planner indicated.
  • Thanks for the info. This explains why the GMAC calculator gave me a higher rate. When I worked up the lease I wanted similar to yours, it came up at over 550.00 per month. Whoa. So, I will take this to Saturn and see what they can offer. I have gone to the local Saturn dealer here in Jacksonville FL and they were not what I recalled from my experience years ago. I will try it. Thank you
  • Hello trauppius. Thanks for the data. One thing, I did not ask you about and that was what money down you had on this deal. I heard back from my local Saturn dealer and they are quoting me the following: MSRP $26,195.; fee of 159.50; tax 31.53; 641.51 down, and a montly payment of 481.98. How does this look to you? I can put more down as most other leases I am looking at(such as Mazda 6 and Subaru Legacy) require approx. 2500. down. What do you think? Car man, feel free to add your comments as well. Anyone for that matter. Thank you all.
  • Oh, just to confirm, this is a 24 month lease 12,500 miles/yr. I will most likely add miles but I can account for that difference.
  • This does not seem like as good a deal as I got. I paid out $615 when I picked the car up and the breakdown was $404 for the 1st month lease payment (which includes the 9% Pennsylvania sales and lease taxes), plus $110 for DMV fees and title registration, plus a few dealership back-office fees related to registration and title conveyance. Just the remaining $23.50 of my $615 was applied as a down payment (i.e. capitalized cost reduction). No security deposit and a lease acquisition fee of $595 that was rolled-up into the capitalized cost.

    I have tier one credit and qualify for the most favorable terms, this ia potential area of difference. Also, I was never quite able to figure how they arrived at a 24/12K residual $18,322 that seems to work out(18322/(595+25700) to 0.70 (70%) rather than the .68 (which is still good) in the GMAC online estimator.

    Bottom line is that my total cap cost (25700+595), with just $23.50 down, has yielded an all up monthly lease of $404, including taxes. It always seems like it is hard to shop and compare leases, but based on your info I would keep asking questions and probing for a better financing package; or at the very least a complete disclosure.

    Good luck and keep in mind that it is a very nice car.
  • Price Paid:
    I leased my Aura XE on 2/21/07. The sticker was $21,770 (Premium and Convenience Packages plus Premium Floor Mats). I am GMS eligible so I paid $19, 963. The lease is 39 months/15k miles annually. I added an extended warranty to carry the bumper-to-bumper coverage to the end of the lease. My payment is $326.17 per month and I paid $495.20 (first payment, state fees, license plate) to get out of there.

    Buying Experience:
    Perfect. I am now a believer in the Saturn way. From test drive to F&I, the experience was a pleasure and I will recommend them to anyone who will listen. I am thinking of taking my wife's car in and trading it for an Outlook.

    BTW- Saturn doesn't discount cars but if you ask around you can probably find a GM employee/retiree that will you the Friends discount like one of the posters above. The fact that Saturn doesn't negotiate or discount shouldn't deter you from you shopping them. It's not a reflection on greedy dealers but rather a philosophy that the buying is a relationship. They set a reasonable price up front and you avoid the negotiating. Think of it more as a long term relationship where both parties feel good rather than a one-time exchange where you hope to steal the car the and the dealer hopes to empty your pocket of every dollar they can.
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