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Mazda CX-7 iPod, Stereo, Sirius, AUX



  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Audio, Stereo questions on the Mazda CX-7 (iPod, Speakers, AUX, etc.)
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Your comment about the speakers having their own amp...

    Pardon this dumb question, but I'm not much of a stereo expert: If each speaker has an amp, then why is there a separate amp in the trunk, mounted next to the tire jack?

  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    If that's an amp, it would have to be the funkiest looking amp around!

    I called the dealer and asked the parts dept. what the number on the top was listed to, he couldn't tell either. {No part lookup info yet} My guess is its NOT part of the audio system, since its not slapped with BOSE all over it, highly unlikely Bose made it. :confuse:
    The heat sinks all over it tells me it needs circulation for the heat dispersment, but its stuck UNDER the rear cargo area, so who knows what the heck it could be!
    If anyone needs the part number to throw at a Mazda rep, here it goes EG25669B0.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    I emailed Mazda and asked about Ipod integration, it took less than a day for Heather toreply. Here is the response:
    Hi Winston!

    Thanks for contacting Mazda.

    Currently there is no iPod integration installed on the Mazda CX-7 and
    there is no modification planned at this time.

    Consumer feedback is always very important to Mazda. Certainly, we
    want to offer exciting vehicles, and comments such as yours help us to
    achieve that goal.

    Rest assured I have documented your suggestion for our corporate
    record. These records are continuously being reviewed by our Product
    Planning Department in an effort to provide only the highest quality
    products to our customers.

    Again, thank you for contacting Mazda. It has been my pleasure to
    assist you. Please feel free to reply to this message with any further
    questions or comments.


    Heather B.
    Specialist, Customer Assistance E-Business

    If you haven't contacted Mazda about Ipod or MP3 portable payers, maybe you should! It couldn't hurt. ;)
  • thom_ythom_y Posts: 6
    Calling out to all iPod worshippers !

    HAS ANYONE found an aftermarket solution to integrate your iPod to your CX-7. I don't want to consider FM modulation of any type.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    There was a post a few weeks back with a link to a site that sells integrataion for the Mazda/ Bose setup, it involves taking the unit apart and changing out one of the boards inside... I don't know how well the "upgrade" would work, but I'm pretty confident it would void the warranty for the headunit.

    Hopefully something will come through eventually... :(
  • almcg2almcg2 Posts: 14
    did you get a cx-7 yet? just picked one up today. fantastic car. love it. i'm also leasing it. i'm in the bay area can get a fully loaded cx-7 for about $30,700before tax, reg, etc. mine was $32,700 with tech package (GT), tax, and all other expenses, including a full tank of gas. (mica red copper and sand leather).
  • bob226bob226 Posts: 4
    I heard on NPR this morning that Apple is partnering with Mazda (and another mfg) to offer iPod connections for their vehicles. I called the Mazda Customer Assistance Center and the person confirmed that Mazda will have an iPod accessory that hooks the player to the CX-7 head unit and allows the player to be controlled by the head unit and steering wheel controls, plus displays some information on the center stack, and charges the iPod battery. They said the unit is coming this fall and more info will be available later. Cool.
  • jessterjesster Posts: 5
    Has anyone tried to use SIRIUS without the tech package touch screen? Have a GT with the CD/Speaker upgrade and am looking at adding SIRIUS but wondering how easy it is to use with the manual controls.
  • sasairsasair Posts: 2
    Mazda has an iPod adapter listed as an accessory for the CX-7. No pricing listed so it may not be available yet, but obviously it will be sometime... 1&selectedMajorCategoryId=12252&vehicleCode=CX7#12258

  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    "Mazda has an iPod adapter listed as an accessory for the CX-7." Sweet!

    I couldn't get the link to work, but I can see it when I'm logged in to Mazda as an owner: Part No. C236-79-CFZ.
    "Taking your iPod along for the ride just became a lot easier. The iPod Adapter integrates your iPod to your Mazda with crystal clear sound and built in battery charger. Works with all 30-pin, dock connector equipped iPods."

    They also have a picture of the DVD entertainment system I had been interested in (it apparently had "delayed availability"), but it looks pretty low-rent IMHO...
  • I contacted Mazda and here's the Info I got back from them.
    There is iPod integration coming to the Mazda CX-7 and other 2007
    models. This item is going to be an accessory that you can purchase
    from an authorized Mazda dealership and they would need to install it
    for you. Unfortunately, pricing has not been announced yet, but I have
    listed below all the information we have so far on this topic.

    "iPod Connectivity: Mazda will be launching an iPod Integration Module
    for the CX-7 and other ?07 models this fall. This module will connect
    the iPod (placed in the glove box) to the audio head unit.

    This module will

    (a) Transfer iPod controls to the radio controls or to the steering
    wheel controls

    (b) Provide limited display of music info on the information center of
    the dash

    (c) Charge the battery of the iPod

    Customers will be able to purchase the module and have it installed at
    their Mazda dealership.

    More info will be available closer to launch."

    Hope this helps ya!
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    OK, all you smarties out there, I need your help. How do you make the CD info show up on the screen, e.g., name of the CD, name of the track, artist's name? I managed to get one CD's info to show up, after accidently selecting the Centerpoint option. However, none of the other 5 CD's are showing the info. What am I doing wrong, or neglecting to do? Also, oddly, when I ejected the one CD whose data did show up, and put in a different CD in its place, no data showed up either. Is it possible that it's something off with all my CD's? :confuse:
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    What you're inquiring about is a feature called CD Text. Not all commercial music CDs have the data encoded. Look on the lable - that'll reveal if the CD is encoded with text. For more info, goto:

  • Does anyone know the Tech. Package come w/ bluetooth feature??
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    It doesn't.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    I put this out on an earlier post, but I can pop it here again. ;)

    You can create your own CD text discs from your computer if you have a CD burner. Go to and download their media player, {its a freebie} the instructions are easy to handle, after you've selected your songs to be burned, click on the EDIT OPTIONS tab where you can add cd text and name the disc your way!

    Check it out for yourself! :shades:
  • I have made 3 mp3 discs on Imation cd-r's and none of them will play :mad: ... When inserted, the player counts seconds as if track #1 is being played, but no sound comes out. If i try to advance the track, it starts over counting on track #1 again.

    Yes-I read the car manual. Here is what I have tried. Please let me know if you know what I am doing wrong. Also, please let me know what I am missing if you have gotten it to work.

    1st try: iTunes (Mac OS X). mp3 cd.
    2nd try: Roxio Toast Titanium. data disc: ISO 9660.
    3rd try: Roxio Toast Titanium. audio disc: mp3 disc.

    please help!!! thank you.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Hmmm, that doesn't seem right. So, let's try some good ol' troubleshooting techniques. What follows may irk you, but you have to start at the beginning, so bear with me.

    1. Those 3 discs - do they play in other players, in other decks, other vehicles? In your computer? Not a conclusive test, but it may yield clues. If those 3 discs don't play in other players, then it's most likely the discs.

    2. Have you tried playing other MP3 discs, perhaps from a friend, in the CX7 deck?

    3. Does the CX7 deck player play regular CDs, i.e. ones you've bought commercially?

    4. Does the CX7 deck player play standard audio (non-MP3 encoded) discs you've recorded?

    5. As a test, you might try re-recording one of those discs, using a different brand of disc. You MIGHT just have a bad batch of discs.

    6. You didn't mention what MP3 software you're using. It might be an older version. I've the Real Player 10.5 (the premium version), that allows me to record either standard audio (with text) or MP3 with all of the options. The premium version was only $20 downloaded. It's a fabulous piece of software and I've always had luck with it. So, as an additional test, use someone else's computer and their MP3 software, to encode a disc. Will THAT play in the CX7?

    If your troubleshooting reveals that your discs and encoding software work well in other players and the CX7 doesn't seem to play properly, then visit your Mazda dealer for service.

  • Maybe more importantly, does your CD changer have an "MP3" logo off on the left side? Not all the Bose changers play MP3s.

    I have a GT w/o Tech, but with the Bose/sunroof option, and I was disappointed to find that it will not play MP3s. No one ever promised me it would play them, but since the manual has to cover all flavors of CX-7, it could make a person assume they have capabilities they don't... Good luck.
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