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Mercedes-Benz E320 Issues



  • sunlandsunland Posts: 1
    I had a Mercedes 2004 E320S wagon with 100000 miles on it that caught on fire and burned.The car was maintained by the dealer from day one. The insurance adjuster said it was either a fuel injector or fuel line fire. Is this a problem with this model?
  • captacapta Posts: 1
    My '00 MB won't start!! 3wks ago, the ignition key would not turn...after moving the steering wheel, directional/light levers, etc. it 'clicked', the key turned, engine started...No malfunction lights came on...everything had morning, same problem...I waited til that evening to try again...boosted the battery, called Road Assistance, luck...waited til my husband came home...started all over & finally after a few hours, they key turned, engine started.
    Bought a new battery for the car and for the key. Had a MB mechanic check the car w/ the malfunction codes appeared.
    Last week, same problem. But now, nothing seems to work. And the new battery when checked, shows there are defective positive plates. Will exchange the battery,but...what could this be?? Any thoughts. Can't get to a MB mechanic/dealership any time soon...thanks, ama
  • cleporeclepore Posts: 1
    i cant get my trunk open on my 94 mb e320. when i bought it all i had to do is unlock the passengers side door and it would unlock the whole car including the trunk, but not anymore.what do i do. can someone please help me out?

    also the key doesnt open the trunk from the key slot on the actual trunk is this normal.? does the key usualy open the trunk ?
  • i own a 97 benz e320 and the brake lights aren't working. the light bulbs are good. the fuse is good. i replaced the brake switch and still the lights won't work. does anyone have any suggestions?????????? :confuse:
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Two things, you need a test light or a multimeter to verify 12vdc is getting to the bulb when you press the brake. If it is, keep in mind that the ground must also be intact to complete the circuit. So, could be a broken wire in either the ground or hot, a bad switch, or a corroded connector.
  • jannisjannis Posts: 1
    My daughter is moving to LA to finish school and needs something safe to drive.
    We were considering a 2006 Cadillac CTS when we saw a 2001 E230 on the dealers website.
    Is it practical to buy such an old car? The price is affordable.
    Is this a car that is difficult to maintain?
    Is there much reliability difference between a 4 year old Cadillac and a 9 year old Mercedes?

  • Based on my experience I would NOT buy the Mercedes. "Routine" maintance ends up anything but routine. The minute you drive into the service center you can expect them to hit the $200.00 key. What should be a simple $25.00 repair to the instrument panel is estimated to cost $1,100.00. Mercedes must have used defective or inferior parts or poor enginering decisions when they built the 2001. I've tried "working" with Mercedes' national and local reps but there is no effort to resolve the issues. The '06 Caddy CTS would be a better investment. Good luck.
  • Finally replacing a much loved 98 Toyota 4Runner, 5 speed, with 292K miles. ( Still running great but will have first rust work ever this month.) Checked out a 2004 E320 4 X 4 wagon certified, 32K easy miles, bells and whistles! 25K. Rides like a dream. Any comments, suggestions, pitfalls etc? Warranty to 100K, option to buy two more years warranty to 100K miles
  • Good luck with your Mercedes Benz. There is a reason ConsummerReports gives the ratings they do the vehicles they review. Warranty or not, there is nothing inexpensive about a Mercedes Benz. You may be wishing you had another Toyota when the maintance bills arrive. Sounds like a good price for the unit. Will you be happy with a wagon after having a 4Runner?
  • I have a 2001 E320. I absolutely love it. I have had it for a year and a half. Am I ever glad that I purchased a warranty with this car. If I had not, I would not have been able to afford to keep it. My warranty runs out in September. I doubt I will keep it much longer than that. To date I have replaced the steering rack, brake light switch, ABS/BAS/ESP module, slip ring in steering column, brake booster sensor, vacuum kit for rear headrests, and had a repair done to the A/C. I hope this will be all for a while. I purchased the car with 68K and currently it has 83K. I would have never dreamed I would have this many repairs on a car of that status under 100K. Make certain you get the warranty.
  • i bought my 2001 e320 new and still have it. it is a great car. change the oil every 10,000 miles, brakes as needed etc. but, nothing out of the ordinary in taking care of this car. after warranty do not go to mercedes dealer for service because dealers are expensive in maintaining any MB. there should be no poblem getting 200,000 miles on it...
  • mcbassmcbass Posts: 1
    my car has me locked out after changing battery,alrm want let it start ,anyone have clue what 2 do?
  • 2200-2700 for the navigation and at 45k services on a Mercedes will run about 1200-1500 brakes are 200-400 and usually there is a transmission sensor that needs to be replaced the part is 20-30 but labor will kill you. I have owned several MB and they are very reliable with proper services however you do pay for it.
  • twiniitwinii Posts: 3
    I took my car to the dealer because the car would not start sometimes it started and other times it would not.

    I went to a privately owned auto shop and was told that it is the ignition switch. I wasn't sure if I should believe the person or not so I took it to the dealer.

    On Tuesday, 5/22 I left it at the dealer. On Wednesday, 5/23 I was told that it was the computer engine and it would cost $1800 to fix. I said are you sure it is not the ignition switch he said, no its the computer engine. I then called the mechanic I previosuly saw and he said, he knows for a fact it is not the computer engine, its the ignition switch. I told the dealership to do the work.

    On Thursday, 5/24 I received a call from the dealership that the computer engine did not start the car something else is wrong with the car still. So I was told to keep the rental for the holiday weekend. On Tuesday, 5/29, I received a phone call from the dealership, the service tech tells me that they replaced the ignition switch and the car started but get this they are not going to charge me for the ignition switch. The ignition switch alone cost $500-600, the computer engine is $1400-$1500.

    I am so upset I can't stop crying. What are your thoughts? How would you handle something like this? Is it fair for me to tell them that I am not paying for the computer engine? I am a young female and I took the car in myself, they probably think I am a spoiled brat and my parents are going to pay for the car. But that is not the case... Why wouldn't they charge me for both parts? Please I really need some help with this.
  • Was there ever a Mercedes Benz E320 gasoline engine in 2007?
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